BebasAnwar901: Countdown To Celebration or Riot???

Just few hours to go before a large group (Pakatan Rakyat target for 100,000 participants) gather for BebasAnwar901. As for ongoing event at Kampung Pandan, it is understood to be attended by thousands of people.

What has caught my attention is not of the numbers attended (considering the campaign they had planned and done for months and weeks), but the matters involved in permission and conditions pre set for BebasAnwar901.

Please find below a few pictures captured by PDRM to show acknowledgement done by AMK (available in PDRM facebook page):

No wonder PDRM is disappointed with Azmin and Pakatan Rakyat with their rethorics. With the letters shown above, clearly Pakatan Rakyat is playing politics even with a non-political organization. Wise move? For Pakatan Rakyat, I am not that sure.. but it is certainly a good move by PDRM to reveal to public the evidance they have to avoid them to be part of political theatre staged by Pakatan Rakyat.

How about their request for no conditions to be imposed on BebasAnwar901? Should there be no conditions? If there should be no condition imposed, who are to be held responsible for potential damage? Just look at any assembly done or orchastrate by Pakatan Rakyat, which event that did not involve any damage? So, if you are one of those having interest or stake in terms of assets or businesses around the area, should you let them have no condition to be imposed?

Back to the title of this article. Will it be a celebration or riot? If DS Anwar is not adjudge to sodomised Saiful, a celebration it would be, but will it involved damages or celebration turn into riot due to “over-expression”?

As one of my twit suggested, I have a hunch that DS Anwar might get away due to technical grounds. Considering the numbers of the session has been postponed and the duration of times taken for the hearing to be done for a case, I am looking at possible technical errors along the way.

However, that does not mean I am saying DS Anwar did not sodomise Saiful Bukhari. Whether really that action happened, only Allah and both individuals knows it. If any of them being wrongly adjudged, Allah’s court will be waiting.

To all my fellow Malaysians, I wish for your safety especially to those working in nearby areas.


Question on the street: For muslims, we have been taught for tawakal and prayers after efforts done… since the real fight and effort is in the court, does this rally include as part of effort, or should all those in favour of DS Anwar pray, instead of rally and doing peaceful demonstration?



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