BebasAnwar901: If You Are DS Hishamuddin, What Will You Do?

“Menteri Amaran” or “Warning Minister” has been one of the nicknames given to DS Hishamuddin since he hold the post as Home Affairs minister. With his soft appearance, and soft approach and very much warnings issued before, I can’t help to ask the above question, if you are in his shoes.

Before making any simple suggestions or just simply talk without thinking any implications, please consider the below scenario you are about to face:

  1. Anwaristas/Anwarinas are those who already 200% sure DS Anwar is innocent. Anything other than the verdict showing DS Anwar is innocent, court is not fair and as a symbol of injustice;
  2. Anyone stopping them are considered as enemy, and if persistent, they will be considered as UMNO/BN’s dog or paid/bribed to stop them;
  3. Any physical contact will be considered as violence and play acting will be expected from them. In which, afterwards, somehow or rather, current government and police will be accused of commit violant conduct;
  4. Roadblocks will be considered as government and police are afraid of them and acted just on government own interest, not the people;
  5. Any arrest made will be considered as an act against human rights as they will claim they have the right to assemble and their right has been violated;
  6. Any arrest also will be played as there’s minimum human rights and this is a police country

As a Minister of Home Affairs and about to face the above conditions, what will you do?

As you are reading this, they have been preparing. If you follow any of Pakatan Rakyat’s twitters closely, they have indicated some preparation along the way.

Twits, BBM messages and also e-mails also I believed already flying around to make 9th January another date to be remembered, and surely not a good one.

Again, if you are Minister of Home Affairs, what will you do?

Question on the street: Riot and demonstration are their way.. how to stop them?


6 thoughts on “BebasAnwar901: If You Are DS Hishamuddin, What Will You Do?

  1. Salam Dear Old Friend …

    Apa ke bingai nak defend Anwar di jalanan … Anwar Ibrahim sendiri tak cuba bela diri di mahkamah … setakat buat statement di kandang tertuduh … dan saksi alibi yg Pudin Tiong kata lebih drp 5 orang … tak der sekor yg datang … dan Majlis Peguam hanya mampu duduk diam … apa la punya bangang!!!

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