Pre GE13: Psywar & Cy-war… Is Really BN & UMNO Having The Upper Hand???

I have meant to write this ever since the first time I’ve read that pro UMNO/BN bloggers are dominating top 50, top 30, top 10 blogs being visited and being read. I know this may sound unpreferable to pro UMNO/BN bloggers, twitters and faebookers, but I beg readers to read, ponder and think to what I am going to say and write.

I know the research of ranking is done based on some sites that track the page hits received and how many have come in to read the blogs and articles. Yes, without any doubt, it is a convincing number stating you have certain amount of readers day in day out. Yes, with the numbers, we can take those readers are there to visit and read the articles and messages.

That is in blogsphere, where currently looks like pro BN cybertroopers are up ahead. It was said that 8 out of 10 top 10 are pro UMNO/BN bloggers. To that extend, I congratulate to those guys, but I also wish to address my concern.

Isn’t it look weird as if pro PR is not doing anything much in blogsphere? Yes, their hits seems to be lesser and cannot be compared to the numbers of pro UMNO/BN bloggers have and the page hits they receive.

However, in other areas of cyber, their messages is sent across through other medium – e-mails, e-groups, BBM groups twits that come from an individuals who doesn’t look like to do this full time. The content? The articles can be from the pro PR blogs, or stupid looking pro BN blogs, copy and pasted in e-mails, and sent to their circle of friends. Technically, the blogs may not get big hits, but the article itself getting hits from emails sent across the nation without going to the blog.

I myself are getting more articles from PR blogs from emails and facebook rather than being passed with pro BN or neutral thinking articles. So do some of my friends, especially those age between 20-35 years old. The best examples are the emails and status updates in twitter and facebook during AGM of UMNO or PAU. The updates against UMNO and BN are way much more rather than those pro UMNO and BN, by different individuals, and not by the same very person repeating it!!!

So, is really UMNO/BN having the upper hand in this psywar or cyber-warfare?

In my own personal view.. the alternative media still in the power of Pakatan Rakyat.. their strategy and implementation on alternative media currently is better than pro UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

My message to those pro UMNO/BN who think they have the upper hand, think again before bragging unnecessarily.

Question on cyberworld: Who is better and preferable to be read? Or politics is out of your reading dictionary and bookmarks?


3 thoughts on “Pre GE13: Psywar & Cy-war… Is Really BN & UMNO Having The Upper Hand???

  1. Dear On Da Street.
    Good Evening Sir. I agree with you, the alternative media still in the power of Pakatan Rakyat. But, after 2008, pro Umno’s bloggers have learned very well from PR’s blogger. Maybe pro Umno’s bloggers still lack on the attack part, but on the defend and counter part, they did very well. For this past 3 years, I have observed through blog and facebook, they being so aggressive whether they move by individual or in a team. Yes, pro Umno’s still lack on the “chain email” part but they can be aware after this. The level of Malaysian mind still like to read the pro PR’S blog, but it doesnt mean we have to do nothing. Slowly, but surely. I believe in politics, politician should also educate people, not just making lip service.
    But I am interested about the ranking part that you mentioned above. For me, if can be bought by Pak Syeikh, not impossible he will buy the Alexa too 🙂

    1. Dear Suzane,
      Yes, without any doubt, pro UMNO/BN bloggers are better by numbers, but I doubt the quality and the most important, how many and well the messages being delivered and understood.

      My view is based on what my friends and I get from our surrounding, the sentiments and the vibe that we get.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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