My Malaysia: Harimau Muda Is More “Radioactive” Than Lynas

Last week was a hectic one for me. I supposed by now, I received more insults and personal attacks from Anti-Lynas goons rather than healthy discussions.

And yes, currently, Harimau Muda is more “radioactive” than Lynas. “Radioactive” in terms of they are rocking most of Malaysians, especially pure sports fans. So, for anti-Lynas fans, this posting is about our football team, not about Lynas.. as Lynas, in my honest opinion, is a yesterday’s news that still “hot” because anti-Lynas is trying the best to add more accusations and allegations. Unless you can come with credible info and arguments, let just say you guys are telling some stories, but not telling the whole story.

In a week, Harimau Muda lights up our nights with their performance. Be it win or lose, I am pretty sure many were in front of the TV to watch them play.

After tonight, for some, Harimau Muda is turning from hero to zero. They won the gold medal last week, and they lose out to Syria and Bahrain for Olympic qualifier.

In my honest opinion, Harimau Muda has performed what they can do for the moment. Perhaps, with recent success, we are hoping too much from the boys. Yes, we were leading Bahrain 2-0, and in 6 minutes’ time, we down by 3-2 and that’s football. Even at a higher standard of the game, that can happen. If not, Bayern Munich would be the one celebrating victory in Champions League final if not for Ole Gunnar’s and Teddy’ goals. If not, Liverpool would be the one crying instead of AC Milan when the KOPs able to get three goals to drag the match till penalty shoot out and won.

In conclusion, Harimau Muda is still young and have the time to improve. In my eyes, they are very much better than the squad that was battered during Asian Cup when we were the host.

As for Harimau Muda, please keep on improving.

And without us realizing, for the past few days, Malaysians are more united and cast aside political differences. Most Malaysians were in joy, sad, anger if not for Harimau Muda’s performance and achievement. In other simple words, Harimau Muda has rocked our nights and can be “radioactive” and “hazardous” to some fans (as they gave us some heart stopping moments).

To Harimau Muda, keep on improving. All the best!!

Question on the street: Are we putting too much pressure on the boys?

p/s: I am off to watch Liverpool vs Manchester City.


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