Lynas: What Standards To Be Used If IAEA’s Not Good Enough For All Plants?

This time around, it’s going to be short, simple and direct as I am getting personal attacks but not answering my questions. This is your chance to turn all my Lynas related articles to anti-Lynas.

Please help YB Fuziah and the gang on these questions:

  1. Since Malaysia is FORCED to use IAEA standards (according to YB Fuziah and friends), what standards to be used and applicable to ALL plants including Lynas in relation to radiation?
  2. Why ONLY Lynas is being blasted and IAEA standard is not applicable to them? What about ALL other plants that involves radiation? Are they exempted?

These are my key questions, and yet to be answered satisfactorily. All I get is answers using referral and link on NUCLEAR plants. These answers are not good answers. If in any exam, this is considered not relevant. Lynas is not making NUCLEAR plant. So, please stick to the topic and questions posted.

These questions are not that so technical so that normal people that really do not study radiation can understand.

As I twitted, IF the answer is GOOD, these articles AUTOMATICALLY be anti-Lynas articles.

Now, it is in your hands. You can call me cheap, paid blogger, unethical, spinning, twisting or what ever you can.. but your answer determine the outcome.

Thank you

Question from OnDaStreet: If I am said to be paid, please tell me, who want to pay me if at any point of time I might fire back? Will Lynas pay if all these articles came out to be anti-Lynas based on your answers?


6 thoughts on “Lynas: What Standards To Be Used If IAEA’s Not Good Enough For All Plants?

  1. ODS,

    1. It is not about paid or not paid, it is about answering simple questions thats all and it is not even technical hehehe.

    2. I’ve watch ur articles about LYNAS, for quite some time, and I noticed the anti LYNAS commentators and even YB Fuziah unable to provide answers to your simple questions.

    3. U want to know why YB Fuziah CANT ANSWER ur simple questions? Because she was LYING, thats all. She just created this LYNAS mumbo jumbo to boost her career, she tought everyone is stupid that could be easy prey for her mumbo jumbo but she was wrong….

    Best Regards.

  2. ODS,

    1. When you (YB Fuziah) cant answer a very simple straight forward question, it means she (YB Fuziah) is lying. These questions that ODS posted doesn’t even need court ruling, detailed research or whatever, it is simple.

    2. This situation can be easily related to George Bush situation about the lies of WMD in Iraq. The question is very simple, do Iraq have WMD or not? and George Bush failed to answer it, therefore he lied about the Iraq Wars. Same situation with YB Fuziah inability to answer simple questions.

  3. Ondastreet, here is some more facts. The Oil and Gas industry also has radioactive thorium wastes in their Plants. My question is how come Fuziah just target Lynas? How come she didnt protest against Petronas? How comes she didnt protest against oil and gas petrochemical refineries around the industrial Gebeng area? Please read the link below: and Gas Production Scale and Sludge

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