36 thoughts on “Lynas: YB Fuziah’s Twist & Turn in Twitter

  1. “On Da Street”, you are a damn cheap blogger! Your earlier tweets to YB Fuziah were trap to help your cooking up another half-baked Pro-Lynas blog article with twisted stories to discredit YB Fuziah and the Stop Lynas groups. How much do you get? Hard to make a living nowadays and blogger like you need to resort to spins and lies like the notorious UMNO blogger Semut Hitam?

    1. Joyce Lee,
      I am only “paid” with your YB’s answers. My questions are not trap questions. My questions also not so technical so that laymen can understand.

      What’s wrong with that? If you and your YB can answer me with good answers, I don’t mind publishing it.

      Maybe, in your eyes, everything against you is paid.. perhaps, can I ask you, how much are you paid doing all these? YB Fuziah has stopped twitting but you still persevere (but still do not answer my questions and more accusations).

      Please answer the questions.

      Thank you

      1. “On Da Street”, you don’t even bother to read the short article about low level radiation and the role of IAEA, let alone to research on other aspects related to the hazardous Lynas LAMP. Why ask a few 140 words stupid questions on Twitter openly to YB Fuziah by writing Pro-Lynas articles, when you are not even equip with the basic knowledge? Malaysian is not born yesterday, I don’t want to label you, let you label yourself if you still have conscience.

          1. BraVo OnDaStreet..anti-FAKTA macam Joyce Lee 2 mmg xka terima fakta walau kita panggil genius dunia sekali pun…sebb otak n setting de dah set sampai situ je otak de boleh berpk…feel sorry for her…Once again, Tahniah…FYI pd yg berkenaa…I bukan penyokong PKR or UMNO sbb kedua2 parti politik ni mmg berpikiran busuk n kotor…Especially UMNO

  2. Good site and good comment . Interesting read. I am also at first anti lynas . All becos YB fuziah managed to convinced me Lynas is fukushima . I have also been active in Stop Lynas FB page . Now that the facts are out all my previous actions seems so silly. It seems we are all being used for her political benefits only . YB never sincerely cared for the safety of kuantan ppl .

    Joyce us my former friend . She told me she needed this to get back into PKR . She is quite desperate as she has no where to go . Homeless politically . Hence the name calling and such . Have a bit of pity on her. She is old and lonely .

    Have a good day . Thanks for showing what a character this YB is . I hope more of kuantan chinese will realize this sooner.


  3. Another half baked article written by a lazy ass. IAEA this, IAEA that. Let’s compare what IAEA says about the Chenobyl nuclear fallout with other organizations:

    Torch Report – 30,000 to 60,000 deaths

    Greenpeace – 270,000 cancer cases, 93,000 of it fatal (possibly 200,000 extra deaths between 1990 to 2004)

    IPPNW – 10,000 thyroid cancer, another 50,000 expected, 10,000 birth defects, 5,000 infant death, tens of thousand who works on the site already dead.

    New York Academy of Science – 985,000 deaths between 1986 to 2004

    And the IAEA? – 4,000 deaths, go figure.

    You expect us to believe that the IAEA assessment is absolutely correct? Tok all you want, it ain’t in your backyard. If it is, you’ll probably do a lot more homework than tokking kok in your blog.

    1. That is why this blogger ask “What is the better standard than IAEA if YB Fuziah said Malaysia is FORCED to follow IAEA standard?”

      but did the YB answer???

      how do YOU we expect WE to understand if YOU cannot justified that!!!

    2. Dear friend,
      I think you also must be careful of what you write.

      You wrote:

      Let’s compare what IAEA says about the Chenobyl nuclear fallout with other organizations…

      You are referring to a NUCLEAR plant. What is Lynas? Nuclear plant?

      And yes, as per my twit and my artcle, what is the better standard than IAEA? What standard you want all (including Lynas) to follow better than IAEA?

      Thank you

  4. well, well well, myego is so inflated by my importance to the point that some here went to the extent of attempting to impersonate me….

    Grow up and try something more creative and constructive OK? Do it for your self, for your family and your country, not for the rotten system which has dragged our country down the mud with corrupt practices, stupid and risky decisions and the toxic Lynas project to top it ALL!!!

    Enough is enough!

    Don’t forget to go and get a life! Then you may appreciate what we are all fighting for after all.

    The real Jade Lee

  5. im an avid reader of ondastreet blog.

    blog ni cukup terbuka untuk pro dan kontra.
    aku rasa kalau pun aku tak bersetuju dengan onda dlm byk issue sebelum ni
    tak pernah pulak aku discredit onda dgn terms mcm “cheap paid blogger”
    because i am believed he is not.
    kalau parpukari tu lain la (jangan marah na parpu hehehe)

    for once aku rasa kekaguman dengan MP’s Pakatan,tapi steam nya ilang di
    tengah jalan,

    sekarang kekaguman aku,aku dedikasikan utk rakyat biasa, bukan pada ahlul politik sempit,yang tau bagi ceramah and makan gaji buta tak kira la BN mau pun PR.

      1. malaysia ni bertuah ada orang orang jujur (like u n lots others) yang participate and engage dengan issues concerning ourselves.

        keep on writing bro.
        and perbanyakkan artikel mcm ni.


  6. Hai ODS,
    First of all, this is my first time giving comment here.
    Cool posting and i am amused with the commentators here, especially Jade Lee and Joyce Lee 🙂
    and to you ODS, keep rockin’ writin’ ya!

  7. PKR YBs must spin issues until they themselves got spinned with their own actions. This is one of the KPIs to be selected for next elections.

    Fuziah is one of the unmoral, low life PKR YBs. Sorry to publish this kind of words in this comments.

    Just like you said bro… it is politically radioactive…

  8. First and foremost, Good Day to ODS and other commentators here. The reality of this blog is ODS manage to catch YB Fuziah “LYING” while she was doing “Damage Control” when she was caught lying previously about LYNAS. Allow me to give a few points/chronology regarding this blog and Fiasco.

    1. First Fuziah came up with a “story” that LYNAS is dangerous bla bla, with hope to gather popularity/votes from people within PR and other voters to recognize her. A title a Malaysian Environmental Crusader, that would be appropriate hehehe. It would be nice shortcut to boost her political career.

    2. Well things doesn’t happen as Fuziah planned and she got caught “LYING” by her own comrade the PAS nuclear scientist and worse Karam Singh Walia dig so deep till Australia to prove she is a LIAR. All the plans to boost her career through LYNAS mumbo jumbo are shattered.

    3. As per item 2, whereby all her dream shattered, she tried to salvage whats left by doing “Damage Control” by LYING again and then ODS came along asking 3 simple questions and she got cornered AGAIN. Kudos to ODS.

    4. And now what she hope, this article didnt spread to Kuantan Grass Roots voters. If it spreads on the ground, she can say good bye Kuantan and plan to fight elsewhere. Cause she no longer needed in Kuantan, why?. First she got caught lying 3 TIMES!! and then as an MP she didnt contribute anything.

    5. Conclusion : I would say it is curtains for Fuziah.

    6. Lesson Learned : Theres no short cut to achieve success in any field including politics. So STOP LYING in order to create quick results, just execute the work at hand. In Fuziah context, she should have focus her time on her job as MP not creating mumbo jumbo stories abt LYNAS.

    Best Regards.

    1. Thank you Joe.

      Well, for me, I don’t necessarily say she is lying. More like being telling some part, and not telling the other part. So, it is entirely up to her to present the good answers or not. 🙂

      Have a nice day!

  9. ODS,

    1. She LIED all about the LYNAS fiasco, during that time theres FUKUSHIMA crisis and she just trying to find a way to relate it and capitalize it for her career, simple as that.

    2. Your question is so simple, doesn’t need a nuclear/rocket scientists to answer. This is your question and it is a simple one too – “What makes other chemical companies not being blasted? Why ONLY Lynas?”

    3. If she unable to answer that simple question, that means shes LYING everything about LYNAS…

  10. ODS,

    1. No intention to brag, i just wrote based on my personal experience, basically I am trained to spot the person genuine or not. Not to say I am an expert or human lie detector, but that part of my job scope to ensure and protect the company interest in executing a profitable and legit deals/agreements. Example if we deal with a Con Man, the company will lose money and time, therefore we have to study the person first.

    2. And as usual, we “test” a person ingenuity with “simple” “right” questions first. Fail to answer only means one thing, the person is not genuine and a Con Man. Simple as that. And YB Fuziah just fit that description cause you pose to her a very simple question and she FAILED to answer till to date.

    3. Bare in mind, this is not the first time YB Fuziah got caught LYING about LYNAS.

    Best Regards..

  11. ODS,

    1. Yes you are “testing” her story genuine or not. Maybe u didn’t notice it, but you just did that by posting that question. It is no harm and it is natural as human, you got curious of the ingenuity and the “INTENTION” of her story and you post the question to fill your curiosity thirst that’s all. And it is a simple question too.

    2. I noticed your curiosity about her story ingenuity and “INTENTION” which you wrote yourself on the last paragraph of your blog – “I do think that Lynas issue is politically radioactive more than the radioactive content of the material used by Lynas…. what say you?”

    3. So do her answer “Yb Fuziah” answer your curiosity? Hehehe the way I look it didn’t hehehe.

    4. As for me, her answer already satisfied my curiosity – SHES LYING!! hehehe.

    Best Regards.

  12. ODS,

    1. Reality, I already knew YB Fuziah were LYING on the first day she brought up the LYNAS story. Where she categorized LYNAS are similar with typical Nuclear Power Plant operations. For me I have seen how Nuclear Power Plant looks like, the structures and the major components and its WAAAAY DIFFERENT with LYNAS structures and components, from there I already knew shes LYING to her teeth.

    2. The reason I still tag along with LYNAS fiasco because it entertains me hehehe. You see, some BN politicians do lie but when they caught, they quiet and correct it. But for PR politicians, when they get caught lying, they keep continue on lying to cover up their “compromised lies” earlier until they got cornered. I found it very funny and entertaining.

    3. And then PR supporters who wanted to back her up suddenly become a NUCLEAR EXPERTS posting with mumbo jumbo stories hahaha. I was laughing my heart out when I read Soo Jin Hou, Joyce Lee, and Jade Lee comments. That makes my day. And what you are doing ODS by pestering Yb Fuziah on her twit put a smile on my face hehehe. Its funny to see how Yb Fuziah tried to damage control her compromised CON.

  13. i gone through the comments. i strongly agree and entertained also as what Joe Kamarn said. i also agree that some BN politicians do lie but when they caught, they quiet and correct it but not PR politicians as they keep continue lying to cover up their “compromised lies”. maybe this is what people say “error upon error”

  14. Hi Ondastreet I decided to do my own research and i noticed Fuziah seem to be making contradicting statements. If you go to her personal twitter page she made the following twitter comment dated 22nd of November:

    “Initially Lynas claims that it’s non radioactive. They use China standards to justify. But later when IAEA came in, they had to use Intrnational standards. That’s why have to ammend the license. RT @ondstreet: @fuziah99 let me understand. R u saying the materials changed from non to radioactive during the xfer, n int’l bodies r too blind to see?”

    And yet on the she wrote a reply letter to Nick Curtis CEO of Lynas stating:
    “. There are other statements in your letter where you claimed that my statement regarding Lynas using Chinese Standards is untrue. I assure you that I will not speak unless I haveevidence and facts. But let’s discuss the matter during our open meeting. ”

    Source: http://www.slideshare.net/Lynas_Malaysia/reply-letter-from-mp-fuziah-salleh-to-nick-curtis

    And then now again on twitter she accuse Lynas of following China standards today when 6 month ago she denied that she was accusing Lynas of following China standards. So which statement is the truth?

  15. I dun care whatever that went on social netwrkg sites like tweets. its nevertheless gud to challenge MPs and politicians. However, LAMP is a very crucial high-risk project tht will have impact on people and environment for years to come. Think bout our generation. The risk outweighs everything else!

    I think malaysians should just use their own brains, collects own facts and decide what is best. Leave politics out of this. Think about yourself, your country, safety and future.

    Speaking about the IAEA standard, it is rubbish. I dont think they are reliable source. They are other bodies , NCRP and NIRS. Although their relevance is subjective.


    “The same was the case with the Asia Rare Earth plant in Bukit Merah whereby the IAEA also gave the green light for the plant to proceed work, only to produce radioactive contamination and disastrous health impacts to the surrounding community, resulting in unnatural and untimely deaths,” he said.

    Both adults and children are still suffering and affected till today for a project that took place over 20 years ago!! Can you imagine their trauma?

    I welcome any qstns on this lynas project. Ask me politely tho.

    1. I believe it was also the IAEA who closed down Bukit Merah in the end? I wonder what sort of regulatory processes were put in place before that plant was commissioned, and yes I do know the 2 plants are different as the input material is not the same. Thanks.

  16. Dear Sheila, I agreed with you. I always believe that one of the difference between human and animal is the common sense, logical thinking and polite manner. Question shall be ask in polite manner, and answer shall be provide in polite manner, especially when the person who ask the question is in polite manner.

    Unlike many hypocrite who acts like a radiation expert in the internet, to be frank, I’m just a normal human being. Due to this Lynas case, it starts to catch my interest, especially on the radiation part.

    Dear Sheila, you brought up the Asia Rare Earth disaster that happened 20 years ago, which for me, is a very good case study and reference.

    Just like any horrible accidents of those travel buses, I have utmost sympathy to the victims and their families and friends.

    But as a rational person, I have been trying to find out how experts or investigation report classified this ARE disaster, as it’s an incident, or its an accident.

    An incident is always caused by human error, which is avoidable. On the other hand, accident is unpredictable and very unfortunate. For example, a safe driver on the road, follows every safety regulations, wearing seat belts, drive within limit, but a mild earthquake happened and he smashed his car to a big tree beside the road and died on spot. Very sad, very unfortunate, but nobody to blame too, because it’s an accident.

    For the victims of ARE disaster, I sincerely hope it’s an incident. The leukemia cancer of the unfortunate people is caused by the accumulation of internal exposure of the radiation particles. But I’ve been facing difficulty to find any conclusive report of the ARE disaster. Conspiracy theory saying the incident was covered by the government and Mitsubishi, while foreign media only generally reporting on the outcome of the disaster.

    As a rational person, we won’t point our finger on every travel bus that depart from the bus station and say: “Oh, the history will repeat.” As a healthy minded person, we will always pray for each travel bus to safely reach its destination. Always worry that another horrible disaster will happen is a kind of mental illness. Always “hope” to see another horrible disaster to happen again is worse, its not a human nature, it’s a DEVIL nature, so to speak.

    Dear Sheila, as you mentioned in your comment that IAEA standard is rubbish and they are not reliable. Can you share with us which unreliable IAEA standard that led to ARE disaster? May I ask how conclusive is your research that concluded IAEA is the cause of ARE disaster and not Mitsubishi mishandling or mis-operation?

    Leukemia can caused by hair dyes, benzene and its related petrochemicals, HTLV-1 virus, HIV virus, artificial ionizing radiation, genetic predisposition, Down syndrome, tobacco and etc. Has the New York Times did a thorough study on the cause of the leukemia cases in the ARE disaster? Blaming anybody without significant proof is consider to be irresponsible.

    A young man drive at 200 km/hr, smashed to the divider and killed himself. Who to blame? The road? JPJ? The car? Or the driver?

    Assuming you’re correct. Can you share with us which standard shall we follow on the Lynas case?

    Educating our children to act upon any “what-if” scenario without scientific facts is worse than moving to stay near a nuclear factory. This type of wrong attitude showing by the parents will influence the children for their entire life, which in most aspects, it’s much worse than a rare earth processing plant.

    1. Just dropping in between these continous healthy discussion…

      According to Lynas, there are differences between the Bukit Merah rare earth activity and what Lynas is doing. Perhaps, readers also can check the chronology of events for both.

      Another point is, kindly check the timeline for the Bukit Merah rare earth, especially on the incidents.

      Thank you.

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