Reality Check On Marriages… Tahajjud Cinta?

It has been quite sometime (again!!!) since I last update my blog. Not that I don’t want to, but I could not be able to really sit and write. Therefore, sincere apologies to those who have posted their comments, and perhaps waiting for some feedback. And for one particular comment, it has took me some time also to really think, read and do some research (also some soul searching) before I am able to reply. Just for information, some comments that I’ve approved were via my blackberry, therefore to really reply the comments through phone is not my preference.

If only somebody has noticed or care to notice, the top 10 posts in this blog within 24 to 48 hours has been including these two Tazkirah Jumaat – Tazkirah Jumaat: Derhaka…Adakah Hanya Anak Kepada Ibubapa? and Tazkirah Jumaat: Anak, Menantu atau IbuBapa & Mertua Yang “Hantu”? for many days, especially at the start of Ramadhan until this day. Both are somehow related (with some other articles) but perhaps the first mentioned took more attention rather than the others.

Looking at the stats of articles read in this blog, especially on the days that I do not update anything, these two always being read nearly every single day, week in and week out. Of course, there are some thoughts came in, with some perceptions embedded. One is – either it is just a coincidence people read because of the title; Two – some light readings for some; Three – some people read because they want to get married and having necessary preparation; Four – those or friends who have some problems and looking for solutions.

Out of these four thoughts,  I do somehow more worried if the last thought is the reason many read the article. Adding up to some in my circle of people that I know having troubles in their marriage which certain conditions are similar to those who have commented, and also articles in news on divorce that many happened in a day, my worries become a concern.

In coincidence, a drama entitled Tahajjud Cinta at TV3 also caught my attention. I know some have typical mindset of saying Malay dramas have crying scenes, family conflict, power struggle.. but which race doesn’t? For Tahajjud Cinta particularly, it give a unique point of view, whereby at certain point, some tend to use religion to “satisfy” their own needs and cause.

Like a famous P.Ramlee saying even the tongue can be accidentally bitten (“sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit”), I know having problems of such is part of life, what more marriages. However, attending to or responding to such is vital and it takes two to tango. Either we are married for one day, or even 100 years, problems and test will always be there. For marriage problems, it is important for the husband and wife to make and take decisions and stand by it, (and for muslims, as long as within Islamic teachings). Each of husband and wife has their own responsibilities to ensure their marriage and life manageable. Try not to get parents of family involved in marriage problem because more likely, the parents and family members will certainly back their own blood and sometimes not able to be fair.

For those who have shared their comments, I bid a very much thank you for trusting me and the readers of this blog and share their part of story, and a personal sincere thank you for asking opinion, ways and means that can help to make things better. A very much thank you also to those who also try to help in by giving their own opinion.

And for some reasons, I am unable to understand, despite some who looked very pious in their comments in other matters (not just in this blog, but also somewhere else), not able to share their thoughts which may help those in need of opinion and solution. Sometimes, in wild thoughts, I have been thinking.. is Islamic teachings is more about law and power? Why some more concern about hudud law, or how unIslamic Malaysia is.. rather than trying helping some in need?

Maybe I am too naive to have this kind of thinking.

Am I?

Hopes on the street: Despite uncertain political situation, hopefully our life and those who are married are not in uncertain condition. If do, I pray for Allah to ease the matters.


You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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