My Malaysia: ISA Abolishment – Between One Act and Two Acts

It has been quite sometime since I wrote something. Perhaps because of double dose of holiday agenda.

It has been the main talk of the town (or country) since DS Najib announced to abolish ISA. After so many years, ISA finally being abolished, and for those who are against ISA, it is a good news. I do not know how many blogs that put up a logo of anti-ISA and have vowed only to put down until ISA is abolished. Surely, by now they have put down the logo (however, I am expecting some will put up another two soon). As for those who supported ISA, it would be a mass disappointment.

Among the blogs that share their thoughts would be:-

My two cents thoughts?

It is far from over. A country will face a hard time if no certain prevention being done. Even the most modern and powerful country such as United States putting and legalising an act to prevent any potential threat to the nation. So, why should not Malaysia?

Let us consider the events and incidents that have occurred for the past few years, especially globally. We have been accused for having terrorist coming and going out from Malaysia. I wonder, if we do not have such act, can they be detained? Can the terrorist be arrested? Can prevention act being done for the safety of the mass?

Therefore, when DS Najib said there will be two act in replacement of ISA, which one is focusing on terrorism and one looking at National Security as a whole, I am quite relieved, but not that comforting. Perhaps the reason is when commented by a minister who is labelled as Menteri Amaran. I do hope that the act will not be on WARNING by many levels, though the action, incident will be very alarming.

Between those two new acts, I supposed that the one focusing on National Security as a whole will be under microscopic view by lawmakers, law and political journalists, and not to mention, bloggers alike. Similar to ISA, the issue that may be arise will be… is the arrest to be made is due to a threat to National Security or the current government’s security?

What will be your take on this? Kindly share.

Mood on the street on 16th September 2011: For past few years, 16th September has given us incidents and events for the past few years.. starting from someone claiming they have the numbers to rule until the ISA abolishment… what will be the news for 16th September 2012?


You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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