World Cup Qualifying Match 2nd Round 1st Leg: Singapore “Mentos”ed Malaysia (Singapore 5- Malaysia 3)


8 goals galore at Jalan Besar Stadium, Singapore, which saw Singapore scored 5 goals against Malaysia’s Harimau Malaya. 5 goals that were scored due to lack of concentration by Malaysian defense. A very bad first half, but second half was better by Malaysian team.

Before the matach started, Zainal Abidin Rawop mentioned that there was a comment that Arsenal and Liverpool is an appetizer, while Singapore is “mentos” for Malaysian team. Mentos? Hmm.. tonight we saw how “mentos” Singapore were. And how Malaysian team need “Hacks” to cure “cough” of concentration lapse.

5-3 is not so bad, compared to if we go for second leg with 4-1 result. 3 away goals are good for us. However, if Harimau Malaya are to qualify for the next round, defensive play need to be improved.

Frankly, I don’t put full 100% blame on Sharbenee and Datuk K. Rajagobal to put him on goal. The five goals conceded were from lapse of concentration from the Malaysian team defense. Our center-half were performing badly during the whole match. Defensive midfielder also was not covering the center-half well. All were responsible for the five goals.

Way forward, we need to score at least 2 extra goals, without conceding more than 2 (which means, in second leg, we must won at least 4-2). However, I look forward more than 2-0 win at Bukit Jalil Stadium with a much better performance.

Seriously, we still have a chance to qualify for the next round.

Dear Malaysian players,

I do understand if you guys are given harsh comments from this match. Yes, you guys deserved it because of first half performance. However, 2nd half performance have given us hope to see you guys playing in the next round. Please make amendments, especially on mental preparation and avoid lapse of concentration.

There is still hope. Not just a hope to see you guys playing at a higher level, but also to see more fans flocking into the stadium to give support.

C’mon Harimau Malaya!!!

Hope on the street: Please do not perform like what has happened in the first half. Seriously, it was too bad to describe.


One thought on “World Cup Qualifying Match 2nd Round 1st Leg: Singapore “Mentos”ed Malaysia (Singapore 5- Malaysia 3)

  1. salam encik onda…

    turun stadium khamis nie?

    kalau hang ada masa tulis la byk lagi pasal bola malaysia bro…(cheh dan dan aku panggey hang bro)

    aku bangga tgk ultras malaya yang bertempik sorak sepanjang 90 minit.

    kalau boleh hang preview la upcoming match nie..

    aku selalu perasan rajagopal nie selalu jarang letakkan amirulhadi as 1st eleven,
    he’s one good player yang pada aku punya akal yg bagus di padang..jarang
    mengecewa kan permainan dia..

    defense malaysia dah jatuh moral sejak kalah dgn team2 epl yg dtg..

    for me, player yang agak under performing tadi mahali jasuli,
    fadhli shas, kunalan (masa 1st half kurang menonjol), safiq rahim himself pun agak ceroi..

    here’s hoping next game malaysia approach game sebaik mcm depa main masa menang ngan garuda di bukit jalil,if possible better..

    bring it on singa temasek dan askar askar upahan mereka.!!!

    (tetiba semangat cam ibrahim ali plaks..:P)

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