Post BERSIH v Patriot 9 July 2011: How Many Actually The Demonstrators?

Out Syed of The Box came out with an interesting article here.

The one that caught my attention (which actually have been lingering on my mind) is the number of actual demonstrators.

Here are some excerpts:

Firstly the Police made plans to manage a 100,000 mob (or more). In each and every public demonstration there are always undercover cops dressed as demonstrators or bystanders and mingling around. So to cater for the expected 100,000 Bersih demonstrators, the Police fielded not less than 3000 undercover cops on July 9th. This includes the cop wearing a red Patriot T shirt who was photographed arresting the Ketua Pemuda UMNO at Jalan Bukit Bintang.
In the same way if 100,000 people had decided to march in KL on July 9th, I don’t think even our entire Police force could have stopped them. But the crowd was just not there. There were not even 5,000 real supporters. From the air, the cops estimate 6000 people were present. Minus the 3000 undercover cops, there were less than 3000 real protesters out on that day.
Most of pro BERSIH demonstrators always quited there were thousands of them on the street on that day. 6,000 to be at least with many more claimed to be stranded. Let us take that 6,000 as a good number of TOTAL demonstrators.
Consider what Syed Akbar Ali mentioned, the police fielded at least 3,000 undercover cops. This will leave us only 3,000 demonstrators. 3,000 demonstrators is still a big number (but not that BIG).
However, BERSIH supporters forgotten something…
Among those thousands, 1,000 were Patriots…
In other words, only 2,000 pro BERSIH demonstrators on the street that day. Only 2,000???? How about those who brought along their kids?
Is 2,000 enough shows that majority of Malaysians supported BERSIH? I don’t think so.
And pro BERSIH also forgotten… there are also big numbers that are against street demonstrations. We choose not to be on the streets as it is not our way. It is not Islamic way. Please show me one verse from Al-Quran saying it is okay to do street demonstrations. Or show me a strong hadith to support the idea Islam support street demonstrations.
Only Patriot succumbed to BERSIH’s way. It is no suprise because it was lead by a leader once claimed the BERSIH as “beruk”. So, back at you, Khairy Jamaluddin!!!
Question on the street: How you counted yours for the street demonstration?

4 thoughts on “Post BERSIH v Patriot 9 July 2011: How Many Actually The Demonstrators?

  1. Salam Dear friend … there has been mathematical calculation, relying on the figure that one standing homo sapiens occupies 0.4 m squared … thus taking the wide and the length of road on which those people had gathered … as well as the occupied flat area … I would say the best figure is about 10,000.

    But again … even 10000 at its best … did it represent the voice of Malaysia majority … if BERSIH had represented the voice of the people … there would be momentum going on four days … however the true fact prevails … it was a gathering for uncivilized PR fanatics …

    1. salam my dear old friend. Sudah lama tidak kelihatan di ruangan blog. Tetapi saya tahu anda katif di dunia FB.

      Saya sebenarnya kecewa dengan pro BERSIH. Manakan tidak, hukum Islam pun diperkotak katik dan diolah mengikut definasi mereka. Lebih sedih, PAS pun terang lagi nyata memperalatkan agama….

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