We Should Just Let Pakatan Rakyat Rule…

The title is something that have been lingering my mind lately, since 9th July 2011 street demonstration ended. Why?

Simple.. they will not stop and willing to do anything for the sake of power. Worse, some Muslims said to opting to convert from Islam to something else, as long as they will not join UMNO. Proof? Something like this:

Willing to Murtad?

Another friend of mine have been accused of supporting government since he is not in support of street demonstration conducted BERSIH. Surprised it is as the accuser is a PAS supporter, taking a stand “if you are not with us, you are our enemy” and “your loss is nothing compared to our fight for justice (by Pakatan Rakyat’s definition)”. Is this what Islam has taught us?

This is one of many pro Pakatan Rakyat and pro BERSIH supporters have become. Willing to do anything, as long as current government is being toppled down through a non-democratic way. Clean election is only meant when Pakatan Rakyat wins. As long as Barisan Nasional wins, the election is considered dirty. Is this a true definition of clean electoral process?

And the Pakatan Rakyat leaders, especially the Muslims. I just don’t understand them. Willing to declare and only use Islamic phrases and sayings that benefit them. Worse, taking only some out of full version.

Take Tuan Guru Nik Aziz for example. Yes, as a teacher, he is good. I do respect him. However, there are instances that he is misleading. And for some occasions, he does not take responsibilities for he has signed for. With all due respect, with this kind of leader, I am no suprise some of our Muslims community are being mislead by his words. Some believe in his words blindly.

Another example? The big brother of Pakatan Rakyat – DS Anwar Ibrahim. No court can hold him. His summons to others worth millions. However, for his own FAIRNESS and JUSTICE, he runs away from sodomy trial many times.

Portrait as Islamic leader, I am no surprise some believe he is being conspired and Saiful Bukhari is not a victim. At his age, as if he cannot commit sodomy and even, having sex scandals. Frankly, with all his running away, cheap shot tactics (like wearing the neck support after BERSIH rally), I just do not understand why there are people still blindly support him when many of his generals fleeing away.

By the way, can someone tell me, why he wear that neck support? What type of injury that resulted him to wear that once again? And please, can someone tell me, with such neck injury, how can he move his head as if his neck is not injured?

As being noted, it seems Barisan Nasional shortcomings never ends. Every single thing is scrutinized. Yes, I do agree Barisan Nasional have their own shortcomings and making it worse, some of pro Barisan Nasional and its leaders are in denial. Some even thinks and acts as if they will win forever.

Since Putrajaya is not far from Pakatan Rakyat’s grasps and have claimed more is supporting Pakatan Rakyat, may I know:

  • Who will be the next Prime Minister?
  • Who will be Deputy Prime Minister?
  • Since police now is “so brutal”, what will be Pakatan Rakyat’s recommendation to the police if there is any demonstration once Pakatan Rakyat in power?
  • What will be the best methodology to curb bribes under Pakatan Rakyat’s rule?
  • If Pakatan Rakyat rule, will Pakatan Rakyat adopt Haji Hadi’s and PAS “Negara Berkebajikan”?
  • How free the media will be?
  • Will there be any actions taken against those reported against Pakatan Rakyat?
  • How much freedom of speech is allowed?
  • What is Pakatan Rakyat’s plan in curbing raising prices in some basic needs?
  • What is Pakatan Rakyat’s plan in ensuring oil price does not go up?
  • What will be the economic plan for Malaysians?
  • What is Pakatan Rakyat’s plan in improving rich poor gap in Malaysia?

For now, these are the questions that I need to know the answers since I am not able to see the practical side of Pakatan Rakyat. They have a few states, yet some of the states are majority ruled by PAS or DAP, except for Selangor. If Selangor is the future picture of Malaysia under Pakatan Rakyat’s rule… I would say Pakatan Rakyat can stay in power, but Malaysians will suffer. Sorry to say.. I can’t see clear direction of Selangor right now.

For now, I would say.. perhaps we should just let Pakatan Rakyat to rule, since some is so blind and not willing to listen to themselves when talking. Let us see what Pakatan Rakyat can do.

Just promise this.. if Pakatan Rakyat rule… DO NOT PUT ANY BLAME ON BARISAN NASIONAL. You (will?) have the power, do what you are supposed to do. If you do, it will only prove one thing… Pakatan Rakyat is not able to lead Malaysia.

Question on the street: Can Pakatan Rakyat walk the talk? For now Pakatan Rakyat can talk cock and all blames now goes to Barisan Nasional. How will they perform if they control Federal government?


One thought on “We Should Just Let Pakatan Rakyat Rule…

  1. i like this article.
    serious nie!

    interested dgn soalan2 di hujung artikel.

    jawapan aku; ( berdasarkan projeksi and prediksi aku yang both BN and PR failed to get enough majority to be the next fed gov)

    1) next prime minister-not anwar al-jub,not al-hadi,not mat sabu,not kerismuddin,not najib,mintak simpang ibrahim ali, i would go for Tengku Razaleigh / not PR but sapa ckp aku benci UMNO aku tak bleh pilih individu yg bagus dlm UMNO kan? he’s senior, well respected i might say, but kalau boleh i want someone like nizar jamaluddin

    2) deputy prime minister-i’d name lim guan eng to be the next dpm but undang2 negara tak membenarkan bukan melayu jadi deputy pm kan? maybe anyone yang reasonable from umno or pas, ariff sabri ka? dr dzul ka? tapi susah kot…

    3) demo and police- allow all demo(minus gay parade),simple as that, but hell yeah,kena ada monitoring, public rally semua pihak boleh buat,pihak polis buat kerja macam biasa,pukui semua org baru adil hehehe, no lah, u see, allow them space and police monitor sahaja, bila keadaan jadi kurang terkawal then di persilakan lah sembur apa pun.

    4) education,n strict rules. tembak di kepala jika perlu. mcm China. hehehe.

    5) tambah kan lagi kebajikan utk golongan yang terbanyak n termiskin n x kira warna kulit.. people’s government!

    6) lantik hang jadi menteri penerangan, boleh? rais yatim is so outdated la brother, hang tgk iklan kementerian dia sudah la, mcm lan-choww!! old skool sgt and sound effect tah apa apa. seriously, kalau next fed govn is a mix of both BN and PR, allow all media to exist in same terms and conditions. aku sokong UTUSAN,berita melayu hairan di teruskan,tv3 sekali pun, but new upcoming media boleh cari makan,and we see how they compete with each other,baru berkembang! harakah tak payah lah,begitu jugak suara keadilan, kalau nak jadik mcm utusan buang tag paper party and apply permit lain.dan diluluskan tanpa banyak soal. menteri kdn bagi kat aku hehehehehehe!

    7) nak lebih2 sgt pun freedom of speech susah jugak nanti,kang lagi ramai ibrahim ali,lagi ramai al-juburi,lagi ramai ambeega ka, dpt mcm zaman pak lah pun dah cukup ok la bro, lebih skit je lagi..

    8)bab ekonomi nie letih la nak jawap. kerja rajin2..doa byk2 murah rezeki,byk menuntut ilmu,cari peluang n jgn malas.

    9) jwpn sama mcm di atas.

    10) ni pun satu hal lagi.. buat melayu islam,selalu pi masjid jgn sibuk tgk n dgr ceramah je, hulurkan duit sbg sedekah tetap,every day,tlg bantu kuatkan institusi masjid sbg pusat ekonomi setempat,bantu penduduk2 terdekat muslim or non muslim dgn bantuan beras,gula,minyak masak,sumpah akan makmur ekonomi,jurang akan pasti terkurang.

    11) soalan ni tak dak, anwar al-jub ada tak dalam next cabinet?
    jwpn…tak dak,die dlm penjara,belajar buat kabinet kayu lagi baguih!


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