Post 9 July 2011 – BERSIH v Patriot: Compilation of Unanswered Questions

I do not want to babble too much or as much as Apocryphalist’s analysis in Jebat Must Die. Let just say I am too tired with these BERSIH (and Patriot) vs SPR (or Barisan Nasional or the police?). Let us revisit few things and ask ourselves what has happened and what are some of us has been doing…

  1. One of the aim of the street demonstration was to hand over the memorandum of 8 matters to HRH Agong. Has it being achieved?
  2. Has the memorandum of 8 matters has been hand over to HRH Agong at any point of time between Datuk S Ambiga met HRH  and at this point this article being written?
  3. Why did “reformasi” battle cry was heard? Is “reformasi” part of the 8 matters? How it relates?
  4. Were the 8 matters being the repeated battle cry on that day and throughout the day?
  5. By end of the demonstration, the movement should be towards Istana Negara to hand over the memo. Any particular on the movement of supporters towards Istana Negara on that day?
  6. Is Stadium Merdeka is on the way to Istana Negara for memorandum to be handed over?
  7. What is the purpose of Patriot? A march against a march? For what? Beneficial or good move from a smart alec?
  8. If the police was not to take precautionary measures on that day.. what would have happen if BERSIH met Patriot at Stadium Merdeka?
  9. If anything happen when BERSIH met Patriot on that day and the police was not present, will the police be lmaed for any bloodshed?
  10. Each side claimed acting for the people… how about those who wanted to spend their weekends in peace?
  11. Was PERKASA act a brilliant or cowardly one? Or even… respectable to HRH’s wishes?
  12. Was DS Najib too stupid to say that UMNO sent UMNO Youth to rally?
  13. Was BERSIH independent or actually a puppet for Pakatan Rakyat?
  14. Is KJ a beruk now?
  15. What is the benefit from this demonstration to our economic activity? Was there at least someone managed to sell “kacang putih” at the rally?

These are among the questions that I have in mind actually when reading blogs, comments, twitters, facebooks and even media pros either both Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat. If anybody has thought about it and have answers, please share.

My fellow Malaysians.. THINK!!!!

CAUTION: Be prepare for some more questions IF you are trying to answer blindly. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Post 9 July 2011 – BERSIH v Patriot: Compilation of Unanswered Questions

  1. 1:yes but days after and yes
    3. That their intention, no electoral reform.
    4. no, only reformasi and keadihan chants
    5. not sure
    6. no
    7. every match has two sides
    8. blood shed
    9. definately polis would b blamed
    10. Govt is democraticlly elected by the people, so the one marching in support of the govern si basiccally for the people.
    11. They didnt go out because the got news there will not be any chinese or indian. May be a little but not of any important in numbers. Perkasa is fighting for the malays so no point in attending if malays fight malays.
    12. He did say it on sSunday at UMNO gathering
    13. Puppet
    14. For few hour coz he was caged
    15. Benefit: to show malaysians are not made for demos. It was unorganised, participants dazed, confused and lack of spirit. Therefor Malaysian are just followers i.e following egype, thai etc.

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