Pre- BERSIH 9 July 2011: Let The Uniform Bodies Do Their Job

I believe many suffered and have to go through traffic jams today due to traffic blocks done by the police, especially in Klang Valley.

Yes, BERSIH2.0  have declared that they will conduct their rally at a stadium, for which a venue has been offered by Selangor state government.

However, being one of understanding citizen, I believe the police is doing their job according to their intel and responsibilities. They must have information that not all of us know about.

Yes, His Royal Highness has spoken. Yet, he has not spoken of the police to stop from doing their duty. Please show me which part of the Agong’s speech saying the police should stop from arresting people that may have potential to cause chaos. Please my pro BERSIH readers.

Please respect the duty and responsibilities that they have to do. For years they have been doing their duty ensuring peace without many of us appreciated it. 

Some may say that we pay them with our tax money, and make it as if we own them. However, please do bear in mind, it is not your SPECIFIC tax money paid to SPECIFIC police officers. How about if I say that the ones who carry out their duties are doing what other tax payers want them to do, that is to ensure peace.

IF you are not guilty, why should you make a foul cry? Why you should be afraid?


Question on the street: What time do you arrive today at your work place? Hehehe 😀



9 thoughts on “Pre- BERSIH 9 July 2011: Let The Uniform Bodies Do Their Job

  1. have potential to cause chaos?

    definitely ibrahim alis,pekidapukimak and mamak patriots yang byk cause commotions and chaos,

    or u pedih mata melihat umat melayu,cina,india,baik intelek profesional mahu pun marhain bangun menolak kebejatan minda yang di bawak oleh umno?????

    come on u one good umno meet ibrahim licker…what is so wrong about having a peacefull gathering? afraid that it can attract supports?silent majority?

    for your info.that silent majority is from the postal votes.

    byk study statistic skit ye umno licker!
    and shove it to ur melayu-tepu-meet-ibrahim ali brain!

    1. wow.. it seems you lose your cool.. and your concerntration..

      I think I have stated that 8 things asked by BERSIH is okay. However, what I don’t agree is the street demonstration by ANYONE. Please read back few articles written last week when KJ wanted to rally against BERSIH on the street too. Did I support him?

      And by the latest news, even after Selangor state government has offered Shah Alam stadium, has BERSIH made it public where will be their new venue? Where will the thousands expected to rally at?

      Under this circumstances, I think it is logical for the armed forces and relevant uniform bodies to be alert and take reasonable actions.

      Thank you.

      READ AGAIN – I have no problem with the 8 matters put forward by BERSIH, but I DO HAVE PROBLEM WITH THE RALLY.

      And you, my friend, don’t even bother to ask yourself, since the rally to be held is leading towards handling over the memorandum, why Datuk Ambiga did not hand over the memorandum when she had the chance to when she met YDP Agong? Can you answer that?

    2. dear dawai koko+,
      it seems your hatred towards ibrahim ali is over the edge.

      today shows how the police has arrested many, not only BERSIH but also PATRIOT.

      So, next time, keep your cool. Do not be too emotional and close minded.

      Thank you.

      1. how many of them “patriots”????

        i’m no ibrahim ali’s licker so hell yeah he deserve my hatred..what a joke he is!

        where u learn ur maths dude?

        tak nampak ke umat melayu cina india dll bersatu menyuara-kan sokongan mereka pada bersih,or are u simply just fucking blind?

        1. umat melayu cina india dan lain lain?

          Bearapa ramai cina, india dan lain-lain tu? Yang ramai kelihatan Melayu semata.. boleh saudara tunjukkan gambar-gambar atau video yang menunjukkan betapa RAMAInya bangsa lain yang menyertai semalam?

          Jika ada, silakan.. 🙂

    1. For me, a clear and good example of provoking the police. He knows the the current situation, yet he still does it.

      See how he reacted when police arrived. He started to use high tones, even the police approached him with manners.

      And he made lots of noise because the police ask for his identifications, not because he rallied alone.

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