Should Police Reveal Who Is The Sex Video Actor (Allegedly To Be DS Anwar Ibrahim)?

BERNAMA reported that there is no need to reveal the identity of the sex video actor, even after more than one verification made that the video is not doctored.

I do understand that many, including pro UMNO and Barisan Nasional supporters and bloggers  are eager that the identity of the sex video actor to be revealed. Even the neutrals wanting to know as the drama has been spicing up with the court ordered DS Anwar to defend himself against the sodomy charges.

Spiritually, mentally, visually DS Anwar and his hardcore supporters and believers are tested now. This time around is a different situation compared to what happened in late 90’s. Unlike in the late 90’s, the materials now are available online for public to assess, judge, and making perceptions. Very much now, DS Anwar is in the people’s court. The difference is, all eyes are on his tummies and his actions to prove the allegation is wrong.

Challenges also being made to DS Anwar to sue those who keep and distributing the video. Since his release from Sg Buloh Prison, the have been occassions DS Anwar threatened and making litigation action against those who opposed him. Among others who are sued was Tun Dr Mahathir for RM100 million. I wonder how he came up with that RM100 million, and is really Tun Dr Mahathir can pay if DS Anwar wins his litigation action.

On the other hand,  public is looking at the police to reveal the identity since the video is proven authentic, The policec have the copies, verified and tested by experts from inside and outside the country. Surely, along the way, the public believes that police already know the identity of the sex actor who allegedly to be DS Anwar.

However, most of us have forgotten one important fact when police report was made (since many are too excited with the news the video is authentic and not doctored)..

DS Anwar did not make police report on denying he is the actor of the sex video. DS Anwar did not make the police report saying he is being conspired. DS Anwar did not make the police report on he is being framed in the sex video. What did he report?

DS Anwar made the police report against those who distribute the sex video (even before it was made public viewing). He made the police report after several reporters being called up at Carcosa to watch the video.

Under this circumstances, the police are in no position to reveal the identity. And for that, I wish to congratulate the police for not revealing the identity based on what DS Anwar has made his police report. The police has acted accordingly to the police report.

Based on this situation too, it shows that the police serves Malaysians as a whole, not taking any sides. They serve as they should. If really the police is acting against DS Anwar on their own will, I believe the identity has been revealed by now. 

Therefore, if anyone wishes to know the identity.. try to figure out on how the identity can be revealed… 🙂

Question on the street: Sex video is authentic, not doctored.. so.. how to know the actor?



4 thoughts on “Should Police Reveal Who Is The Sex Video Actor (Allegedly To Be DS Anwar Ibrahim)?

  1. Haha. Ini kes “sudah terang lagi bersuluh guna lampu UV”. How to know the actor? Simple, really. Kite tgk siapa yg (sekali lagi) lari masuk kedutaan turki lepas ni. Hehe.

  2. seseorang perlu buat laporan polis meminta pihak polis mendedahkan siapa pelakon dalam video tersebut dan minta polis mengambil tindakan undang2 kerana si pelaku melanggan pelacur.
    Si pelacur juga kena di ambil tindakan undang2kerana menyalahguna pass lawatannya ke Malaysia.

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