Olympic Qualifying 2nd Leg: Can Malaysia Make It?

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate the Olympic Malaysian Football team for being able to score two goals and conceded none in the first leg match against Pakistan. I was not able to watch full 90 minute as I was also in a futsal game with my friends. However, whenever I was not in the game, I would watch it at the TV nearby the futsal court.

Perhaps maybe that is why I was wondering when reading headlines the next day. Yes, there are some instances that Malaysia should score more goals. After all, with one man advantage and playing at home ground, Malaysia should be able to score more and bring along more advantage when playing Pakistan in Lahore on March 9.

However, for such criticisms given as if Malaysian team has performed very badly. Was it? I don’t think so.

The Malaysian Olympic team has performed okay in the match. They scored two and did not concede any goals which may give advantage to Pakistan on return leg. They also do not lose any players due to suspensions for return leg. As a start for new campaign, I think it is acceptable.

Perhaps some of us have forgotten that we are still building up to be a force in Asia as we used to be. It is too early to have a very high hopes on these youngsters. Yes, some of the players are from the squad who won the gold medal of SEA Games in 2009 and the team that won AFF Suzuki Cup. As I said, SOME. So it is not 100% the same team that won the said tournaments.

In addition, the challenge now is different. This team is competing for a place fo Olympics in London, and they have just played a qualifying match. Further, the team is not playing against any of SEA region teams. Therefore, the challanges will be different.

The boys are not performing as bad as the teams that played in the recent cloudy moments (in between the team that played in the final 1st Tiger Cup edition and the team that won 2009 Sea Games football gold medal). Give them time to flourish. This team has not being humiliated by any national teams yet. They are youngsters and hopefully will be the next to bring us such joy that we just started to have once again. It’s unfair to “kill” them this soon.

These boys are the brand new one. Pity them not, but don’t put extra pressure on them.

Question on the street: How far these boys can go?



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