Malaysian AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Campaign: A Concise Review

After few times trying, finally Malaysia won the AFF Suzuki Cup in year 2010. A magnificent achievement that can be considered not just because the lads able to win it the first time for Malaysia, but also considering this team is the youngest among those who competed in this AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 edition.

We started at Gelora Bung Karno wrong footed, beaten 5-1 by the host – Indonesia. Gelora Bung Karno was silenced for a while when we scored, but at the final whistle, it was the Indonesians smiling, got 5 goals at the back of the Malaysian’s net.

Second match was against Thailand, 3 times AFF Suzuki Cup winner and a really hard team to beat. We managed to get a well deserved 0-0 draw. Considering we were well beaten in the first match, a draw is better than losing. In addition, Thailand is one of the strongest team in South East Asia.

Last group matches were the decider. Even if Malaysia win, but Thailand manage to beat Indonesia, the lads will go home early. Thanks to goals by Bambang Pamungkas against Thailand, it was a joy to behold to see our team through to the semi final, with the defending champion – Vietnam waiting for us.

Two leg match against Vietnam was not an easy task. 2-0 win bagged in Kuala Lumpur was defended well by the lads in Hanoi, with no goals scored for or against. The lads shown their capabilities and well disciplined performance at Hanoi. Maybe some may say that we were lucky, but for me, the team earned the place to be in the finals with the performance shown.

In the first leg, we managed to get a 3 goals cusion with no goals conceded before heading for Gelora Bung Karno once again. It was a sweet and good victory with admirable performance by the lads. Frankly speaking, the stupidity of some Malaysian supporters nearly spoiled the match. The 3 goals netted were after the match stopped for a few minutes. One can just imagine if the match was not to be continued here, and the lads would be playing in Jakarta with those 3 goals “disappeared”. So, please, next time, even if you are so patriotic, kindly use your head and brain before acting stupid.

Tonight, we were beaten 2-1 in the match, but we won the cup with 4-2 on aggregate. IF the match stopped before we got those 3 goals, we would not be celebrating now, aint we?

By winning the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup, the Malaysian team not just bringing back the joy to Malaysian football fans, but also giving hopes to see more fans flocking to watch Malaysian football. Moreover, I would say that unity among Malaysians are shown clearer during the past few days during the tournament, especially in the semi final and final match.

Personally, I would say by the Malaysian team winning this edition, this article will supercede the review I wrote when I started this blog two years ago. From my point of view, those were the days Malaysian football got into political drama (refer to early articles that I’ve written). Even when the Malaysian football team won the SEA games gold medal, some trying to glorify someone who should not be glorified because he was in Makkah doing his hajj while the team was preparing. And some made such racist comments when I congratulate the team.

To the Malaysian football team, well done. You guys just bring the smile and joy to Malaysians. Keep it up and improve.

Hopes on the street: To see Malaysian football improve techncially, financially with bright and better future.



6 thoughts on “Malaysian AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Campaign: A Concise Review

  1. …… and that includes 1Malaysia too ! Dont anyone start getting itchy claiming it is also a 1Malaysia win. No connection whatsoever.

  2. Congratulation! Malaysia team! you have prove that our player could play better at international level. I hope our team can improve in FIFA ranking. The most important thing to qualify olympic London dan retain gold medal in Jakarta SEA games this year.

    As celebration of the malaysian triumph i had finish an e-book of PIALA SUZUKI kini milik MALAYSIA. it can download at

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