My Malaysia: AFF Suzuki Cup – Well Done Lads!!!

At last, once again we are in the Finals after we managed to win 2-0 on aggregate against the defending champion, Vietnam. It is indeed a great moment for Malaysians, especially to the young lads, considering the players competing in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 are the youngest among those who play in this tournament. 2-0 in the first leg was defended well in Hanoi. A well disciplined side with a good display of performance was shown by the Malaysian side.

I’ve been busy lately, but surely could not miss to watch how our lads performing in the AFF Suzuki Cup. From well thrashed by Indonesia in the opening match 5-1, the Malaysian team performed better and better in the following matches. Yes, we can consider as fortunate when Thailand was beaten 2-1 by the Indonesian when actually they could drop the game. However, with the kind of performance shown in the semi final matches, I do think that we fully deserve to be in the running to the final match for this AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 edition.

Kudos to FAM, manager, coaching staff and the players of course for giving such joy and hope to Malaysian football. I’m certainly looking forward to watch Malaysian team in action in the finals and praying that we can win AFF Suzuki Cup 2010.

On a personal note, I am very much happier this time around as there’s no political mumbo jumbo like what was made by political fanatics last year and the last AFF Suzuki Cup edition.

Congratulations to the Malaysian team and those who involved in making Malaysian football cheerful once again. Keep it up as there’s a long way to go. We ain’t done yet, so pull your socks up lads!


Hopes on the street: To see how the lads perform in the finals.

and to see how our fans flock to support Malaysian team at Bukit Jalil…



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