Asian Games 2010 – Football: Aussie Ref Shown His Bias And Unsporting Decisions

I supposed that thoughts came into mind of many, especially Malaysians when watching the game between China and Malaysia yesterday. 3-0 was the result, favourable to the Asian Games’ host.

Malaysian team was “awarded” 3 red cards in the match and lots of yellow cards for challenges that should not be yellow carded. The penalty given during at the end of the game and second yellow card surely a very soft one on a soft challenge on Chinese player. Even though some Malaysian players were fouled after that and gone down injured, no cards were given to Chinese players for their reckless challenge.

This is not sour grape from Malaysians. Some of us do expected that we would face tough challenge from the host team,. However we are upset with the kind of refereeing of Williams Ben of Australia, witnessed by millions pair of eyes, shown how this Aussie referee has “sold his soul”. I’m not saying that China or anyone wanted China to win and qualify paid him, but his performance on the pitch yesterday surely a very bad one. Yellow cards being shown easily to Malaysian team, even for fouls that should not be yellow carded. Even if the cards should be given, there are also lots of cards too should be given to Chinese players, but that did not happen.

Whatever it is, even though Malaysia lose to China 3-0 yesterday, many Malaysians are very pleased and satisfied with the performance shown by our lads. I’m pretty sure, if there were 11 players all the way on the field, the result will not be 3-0.

Congratulations to China for the win, and well done to Malaysian team. The performance shown by Malaysian team surely admirable. Good luck to both China and Malaysia in the next round.

To the Aussie referee, you brought shame on your country by showing bad refereeing in the Asian Games 2010, witnessed live by millions pair of eyes. Malaysia qualified, by you just shown how bias and unprofesional you are in the eyes of the world, or at least Asian continent.

For our Sunday reading, BERNAMA reports:

GUANGZHOU, Nov 13 (Bernama) — Malaysia advanced to the second round of the football competition at the Guongzhou Asian Games although they lost 0-3 to China in their final Group A match at the Tianhe Football Stadium here Saturday night.

And it could not have come at a better time as the last time Malaysia made it to the knockout stage in the Asian Games was 32 years ago.

Although Malaysia finished third in the group behind Japan and China, they qualified on account of their having beaten Kyrgyzstan 2-1 in their opening match of Tuesday, which put them at the top place compared to other third place finishers in the six-group competition.

Because it is a six-group competition, the four best third placed finishers get to make it to second round which will have 16 teams competing.

The last time Malaysia advanced to the second round was at the 1978 Games in Bangkok. At the last Asian Games in Doha in 2006, Malaysia exited at the group stage.

In tonight’s match, Malaysia ended up playing with just eight men.

Mahalli Jasuli picked up two yellow cards, resulting in the automatic red card and was sent off by referee Williams Ben of Australia in the 24th minute.

Hardly a minute later, team captain Safiq Rahim was also red carded for protesting the referee’s decision against Mahalli.

The third red card was handed to S.Kunalan in the 81st minute.

Despite the challenges, the injury-hit national squad did a great job in keeping the goal margin down.

However, despite a stiff defence put by the Malaysians, China managed to rise open it in the 61st minute when Li Jianbin succeeded in heading past keeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat.

Four minutes later Zhao Hanglue succeeded in curling a shot past Khairul Fahmi for China’s second goal.

China were awarded a penalty in the 83rd minute which was converted by Zhang Linpeng.

MALAYSIA: Khairul Fahmi Che Mat, Mohd Asraruddin Putra Omar, Mahalli Jasuli, Mohamed Muslim Ahmad, Mohd Fadhli Mohd Shas, Amar Rohidan, Safiq Rahim, S. Kunalan, Mohd Faizal Abu Bakar (K.Gurusamy), Norshahrul Idlan Talaha, S. Chanturu.

CHINA: Zhang Shichang, Li Jianbin, Wu Xi (Lu Wenjun), Zhang Linpeng, Zhao Honglue, Zhou Yun, Lu Peng, Wang Xuanhong, Wang Yunlong, Zhang Yuan, Zhang Jian.


Hopes on the street: Keep on doing the good job, Malaysian team..

and yes, there should be no “Khairy Jamaluddin” element in this one.. as he is no longer the Deputy President of FAM when Malaysian team started the Asian Games campaign. Hahahaha



One thought on “Asian Games 2010 – Football: Aussie Ref Shown His Bias And Unsporting Decisions

  1. Ben Williams isn’t a biased referee, he’s just a bad referee. I guarentee that there was no dodgy business, he is just an appalling, inept referee. This is shown every week in the A-League. Really, you have to look at whoever appointed him for this tournament.

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