All Radio Stations Must Help In Moulding Nation-State, Says Rais ~ BERNAMA

BERNAMA reports:

KUCHING, Oct 31 (Bernama) — All radio stations in the country must help in the moulding of the nation-state, Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said on Sunday.

As an influential medium to this day, the radio had the responsibility to educate, inform and entertain listeners, he said.

“I wish to urge all radio stations in the country not to forget to air programmes to educate the society and at the same time help to mould the nation-state, besides informing and entertaining their listeners,” he said at the launch of Radio Kenyalang over Astro’s 870 channel, here.

Dr Rais said the changes and development in the world of communication demanded variety in the dissemination of information over radio and television to the people.

He also said that the media was important for bridging the gap between people in the peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak in line with the 1Malaysia concept.

With regard to radio listeners and TV viewers in the Sarawak interior, Dr Rais said the ministry, with the collaboration of Astro, would provide set-top boxes to 2,000 eligible households.

The facility would enable these listeners and viewers to follow the Astro radio and TV channels 24 hours a day at minimum charge, he added.

“I have had discussions with the chief minister (Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud) on the matter, and we feel this can be done in about two months after we get the list of recipients from the state government,” he said.

So far, only 163,000 households or 38 per cent of the Sarawak population subscribe to the Astro cable service while about 15,000 have yet to be able to enjoy the radio and television services of Radio Television Malaysia (RTM).

It is interesting to see how can radio stations in Malaysia will convey their messages in educating the society. Frankly speaking, I think this have been done by some stations in on-going basis. The only difference is, in what manner they are being delivered and what content and substance do they deliver. And more important is, how do the listeners listen, interprete and react to the messages.

Every single day, while driving, I will certainly tune on to various radio station. Not that I don’t have specific favourite station, but listening to the topic they bring to their listeners, especially in the morning. At times, it is mind-opening topics (even the topic is simple and is about day-to-day matters), and sometimes shows how the DJs are trying “so hard”. And sometimes, creating controversy out of their own stupidity.

And ever since “1Malaysia” being introduced, we also can hear and listen media stations showing adverts and campaigns supporting 1Malaysia. From my point of view, sometimes the campaigns and adverts do sound “just a campaign”. Yes, the unity and social unity messages are there, but some sounds for the sake of “supporting 1Malaysia”.

So, if DS Dr Rais is suggesting the idea, perhaps RTM can lead or show how it should be done. It will be certainly interesting to see how RTM will air their campaign educate, inform and entertain listeners.

On a further note, our royalties have voiced their concerns over national political trend. It seems that day by day, politics is more about how to win, even with dirtiest tricks to win (but after the win, cannot really deliver). Is it just WINNING is more important than really deliver the promises made to the people?

Therefore, I don’t wish to comment on anything related to by-elections that will happen within few days’ time as I believe there will be on-going exposure on any sides competing for the vacant seats.

Seriously, I do think that our politicians need to grow up. We have series of AGMs of these political parties, all fired up, but yet, I am yet being convinced that our political trend will change from talking cock and blaming game to something that really shows to the people that they are dead serious to really take care our national interest and agenda.

And I believe that some Malaysians do think the same…


Question on the street: With so many political motives and agenda, how can people recognise Barisan and Pakatan’s campaign is about national and people interest, not theirs?


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