The Temasik Review: What Happened In Malaysia Over The Last 49 Years (?) Since Independence

First and foremost, Malaysian Independence has been 53 years since when this article was posted out in the Temasik Review. Clearly there is malicious intent to cause chaos and havoc to Malaysians and specifically creating tensions between Bumiputeras and chinese. Why? It is posted on September 18th, 2010 4 YEARS LATE since Malaysia celebrated 49th Years of Independence (which clearly the editor, the author and the whole of Temasik Review have bad intentention).

I don’t want to talk on the review done, but I’m surely interested in some funny yet shows some ignorance by some Malaysians in recognising and understanding other Malaysians. For example:

Oldie Sinkie:

Wah, you all Malaysian and Indonesian Malays cakap besar sajah. You all can run your countries’ economies without the chinese? Really? Who are you kidding with your tidak apa attitude?

Work as a peon or delivery man on motosikal and when pay day comes, you all disappear until you have no money left. Then you return to work.. repeat cycle.

By the way, you need a good grounding in Mathematics — apa tu? — before you can even start thinking about running businesses and your country’s economy. And Malays are historically BAD in Mathematics — apa tu? You must be joking that you all can collectively run your countries without a good grounding in Mathematics. 2 + 2 to you equals to 22. Not 4

Please lah, jagan cakap besah.

Suddenly Indonesians are being dragged into the picture? Hello? You wanted BENDERA to tag along to attack you personally? Enough with the ignorance and arrogance… spelling besar (big) suddenly become “besah”? What type of Malaysians are you when cannot spell properly in your own national language?

Then, the same bugger seems to have no stopping from insulting his/her own intelligence. See this:

Oldie Sinkie:

Oh by the way, when Bulan Puasa starts, you all will be too lethargic to work. Your whole country will come to a standstill. No export, no import no nothing because all of you tak boleh kerja because it’s Bulan Puasa lah.

And you all seriously think the world stops just because you all don’t work during Puasa. Which country in the world will do business with this kind of attitude?

Bodoh punya orang.

A standstill during fasting Ramadhan? Is he/she kidding? Don’t work during Puasa? Is he/she sleeping during the day when muslims DO work as usual in fasting month. If he/she is seeing one, perhaps that muslims have given bad name to all muslims, but that should not be a judgment to all muslims.

By the way, muslims can consist by other than Malays.. so, in this kind of comment, he/she should say “the world come to a standstill”, because muslims all around the world are fasting during the day.

Still not enough? Few minutes later showed how wrong and closed minded he/she is:

Oldie Sinkie:

No export, no import no nothing because all of you tak boleh kerja because it’s Bulan Puasa lah.”

Oh and you all have to PRAY 5 TIMES A DAY during Bulan Puasa. Haha, so how are you going to run your country’s economy?

You all Melayu cakap besar nombor satu. And I have not even started talking about Science – sorry, SAINS in Bahasa Malaysia spelling – which you all are HISTORICALLY BAD AND POOR IN.

It seems he/she has misunderstood. Muslims pray 5 times a day, be it fasting month or not. The ignorance shows is a proof, even though we have lived togather for more than 53 years, some tend to be TOO IGNORANT and TOO ARROGANT. Even if he/she holds to the idelogy of Malaysian Malaysia, he/she surely failed to understand other Malaysians.

Next one is this one:


Remember you have a minister, education who welds the kris during umno agm and thence 2/3 was lost. Education minister welding a kris during umno agm, this is 18th century or what.

Remember, the religion,including christianity is “STOLEN” from the “TORAH”. This will bring you all “DOWN”

Remember, you are “ALL” pernumpang, the land belongs to alsli and dayak and ibans and kadazhans and luat, who “ARE” you.? More likely same as australian whites, killing all abos and land is white.

After innovation, oil will no longer be number “one”, what then, talabanization is good for you

Christianity stolen from Torah(???) and then resembling the bumis the same as australian whites, killing all the abos and land is white? Which school did he/she go to learn history???

And the one that can make me smile on how should some ignorant (so-called?) Malaysians learn is from this comment:

Are Chinese Malaysian?:

Malaysian Chinese can’t speak Malay properly thats why they can’t get a job in the government sector.
Meritocracy, what!
How to communicate with other Malaysians?

Even their leader for life (Chinese dynasty), Lim Kit Siang can’t speak Malay properly
I don even understand what is he ranting about, how to vote for him?

Look at LKY, He speaks good Malay, thats why the Malay in Singapore vote for him.

Perhaps, logically that explains a little bit of how and why Mr Lee Kuan Yew could get votes from Singaporean Malays… because he is able to COMMUNICATE with Bahasa Melayu!!!

You guys can read the thoughts of many in the page, but surely there are some comments from Singaporean too asking the Temasik Review should not post the article in the first place. Perhaps, it should be, and what more the article is very, very out of date, came 4 years late than it maybe can be published.

But why, my dear editors of The Temasik Review?

Perhaps there can be many reasons. I let the readers choose why the article is being chosen and published 4 years TOO LATE and came out after Malaysians just celebrated Malaysian Day (and done by Singaporean portal):

  1. Someone has no idea what to write and suddenly received a chained e-mailed which may save his ass from getting fired?
  2. Someone is being paid to cause havoc and chaos to Malaysians abroad so that someone can profit from such situation?
  3. Those in the Editorial are sleeping, not realising the title itself shown how the article has been SO Outdated?
  4. Someone being intructed to spread the words of hatred, to cause more unrest in Malaysia (considering too many unrest between Bumis and chinese, but unlikely happen between Bumis and other ethnicity in Malaysia)

Whatever it is, this uproar and unrest is caused by some extremists who are too greedy and ignorant. I am certain this uproar and unrest is not caused by other ethnicity because it is very unlikely they are the one controlling most of the equity in Malaysia.

I am also certain that other ethnicity also question for their language survival (because they still can speak their language and Bahasa Malaysia well.. maybe only chinese under Dong Zhong cannot speak Mandarin or Cantonese after able to speak Bahasa Malaysia and English well.. perhaps?).

Kindly tolerate and let us have a peaceful country. Eventually, those who are corrupted, be it UMNO, MCA, MIC, DAP, PKR or even PAS, we can vote them out in the elections. Racist remarks and provocation is not needed!!!

I’m also taking this opportunity to say something to individuals like DS Nazri Aziz who is proven arrogant, for example. Yes, DS Nazri, you were voted by Padang Rengas people, but it doesnot mean you’ll always win. Some may not have the experience you are having, but people can give you an experience to be voted out from Padang Rengas MP. Do you want to?

p/s: the above para also goes out to any YBs who are corrupted and arrogant. The time will tell…


Question on the street: What is Temasek Review’s intention in publishing the article (even it is 4 years too late)?



2 thoughts on “The Temasik Review: What Happened In Malaysia Over The Last 49 Years (?) Since Independence

  1. Salam bro,
    Read this quite awhile ago and i have this ‘fikiran jahat’…..the article actually carries double-edged sword effect…either way Melayu kena punya beb… know what i mean…..Lu jawab pun kena, lu diam pun kena…how tactical this people are!!!!!
    I have read most of the comments made too and it insult intelligence giler…..
    I sometimes am amazed with this evil strategy communication alliance……this is just MY theory… see…when one person hook a bait,another guy throw the line and the sinker and wait for the ‘fish’……a few take the bait and fell for the hook line and sinker……..some re-acted emotionally while some foolishly only to manifest what this people have been wanting to instigate & hear…..the racial discontentment!!!!
    MY ‘pemikiran jahat’ come-up with 2 candidates….PAP,DAP….just look at our local scene….one is singing racial,economic issues while the others checkmate with ‘evidenced-facts’ and sealed it with religion fatwa….
    If theres any truth in MY 2cents theory then we must admit that it is a well thought and structured plan….
    Can someone help Nazri to remove the hook…….pleeeassseeee

    1. salam ZBA,
      This article is intentionally written a little bit late to see the response received in the article. And yes, like you said, insulting intelligence..

      And it seems you got what I meant and think when I asked what is their intention posting this article 4 years too late.

      Thank you for your comment. 🙂

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