Is TV3 Raya 2010 Advert Included?

It has been a sudden protests in the internet based media on TV3’s Aidilfitri advertisement for this year. Be it facebook or blogs, certainly TV3 have failed in the first place by approving the idea of the advert. Why? Just take a look at this:

For a simple minded person, this advert might look nothing wrong. Perhaps that’s why the advert may got approved by TV3 for airing the advert.

However, “little-late-understanding” viewer(s) may come to understand why some protest when 25th December arrives. A similarity of the Raya advert and Christmas fantasy of Santa Claus. Instead an old guy wearing red suit and riding sledge with lots of rain deer, the advert shows an old man wearing white “kopiah” and riding a tricycle, travelling in the air.

Certainly it is hard to understand what’s going on with the creative team of the advert team or even TV3 management to approve the advert. Moreover I believe that majority that works in TV3 are muslims, Malaysians who have lived long enough to understand what is believed in Islam.

I wonder if the advert falls into the category mentioned by DS Najib as “insult to Islam”, as reported by BERNAMA.

To the TV3 management team and the creative team: It is okay to be creative, but don’t cross certain limits.

Question on the street: How’s the mood for Raya celebration? If you are happy for completing the task that is required to be done by muslims and the deeds done during fasting month, you deserved to be happy.

But are you happy with TV3 Aidilfitri’s advert?

23 thoughts on “Is TV3 Raya 2010 Advert Included?

  1. “I wonder if the advert falls into the category mentioned by DS Najib as “insult to Islam”,” .. Tak tahulah apa Najib fikir.

    Tapi iklan itu, bagi anak kecil yang belum berakar umbi pengetahuannya berkenaan Islam, first impression yang dia dapat ialah “Islam itu macam Kristian”

    Akidah beginilah yang musuh-musuh Islam juangkan untuk ditanam kedalam kanak-kanak Islam, seperti yang mereka sudah berjaya dalam menanamkan “perayaan” “hari kekasih” dan seumpamanya.

    Banyak diperkatakan orang tentang “Islam Protestant” Munkin sahaja pembikinan iklan ini diterajui oleh minda “Islam Protestant’?

    1. Tidak dapat dipastikan samada semestinya Melayu, tetapi yang pasti ada muslim yang tentunya menyumbang ke arah terbitnya iklan ini. 🙂

      Yang nyata, dengan terbitnya iklan ini menunjukkan ada yang tidak benar-benar memahami Islam.. biarpun umat Islam sendiri.. Memalukan?

      Terima kasih atas komen anda.

  2. this is what we get from some sort of spiritual ideas.
    From my point of view, this advert insulted Islam and TV3/Media Prima have cross the limits.
    The government and muslim’s NGO need to do something about this.
    Maybe its time for us (muslims) to boycott some of TV3’s and Media Prima’s television networks programme.

  3. Salam ODS,

    Tak timbul soal terlepas pandang dipihak panel tv3, budak2 pun boleh nampak connectionnya ngan krismas, wesak, deepavali… and that was their main point – It was purposely made to show off 1Malaysia !! Inilah hasil produk minda orang yang liberal…. semua mau kongsi, semua kasi moden, TAK ADA JATI DIRI langsung.

    Saya ingat ah, masa panel tv3 approved iklan ni, mesti diorang berdebar2 menunggu pujian dari orangramai dengan hasil kreativiti mereka ini. I wished those resposible for the ad plus yang beri approval, line up and apologise to msia. Nak tengok muka2 liberal yang ada di tv3.

  4. It appears as a subtle message linking Muslim viewers to the Christian religion – the traditional concept of Santa Clause riding a sledge to and from heaven.

    If it was deliberately planned, the guy(s) responsible ought to be shot. If it was an unwitting and grossly overlooked affair, they out to be dumped into the waste bin. TV3 ought to be spurned for that.

  5. komen yang menarik dari Din…
    setahu SJ dalam semangat 1Malaysia, tetap ada batasannya..
    namun pihak2 tertentu yg tidak bertanggungjawab telah membuat iklan yg sungguh tidak beretika ini.
    Pemikiran Islam tetap harus berada dalam kubahnya yg tersendiri..

    Iklan TV3 ini boleh di ibaratkan mengkhianati kejituan akidah Islam..
    Dalam konteks ilmu usul fiqh, ia jelas menyeleweng.

  6. BERITA TERKINI (5/9/2010, jam 08:20 mlm)

    Dalam Bulletin Utama sebentar tadi menyatakan tentang penarikan balik iklan berkenaan.
    Pihak TV3 juga memohon maaf atas penyiaran iklan tersebut.

    Nasihat SJ khas untuk seluruh Media Prima :
    Jangan jadi perosak agama. Akidah Tauhid bukan satu permainan.

  7. Syabas Sdr ODS.

    Sdr telah berperanan membuat TV3 tarik balik & minta ma’af diatas iklan bodoh mereka itu. Saya terbaca ini:

    Buletin Utama TV3 mlm tadi mengumumkan permohonan maaf dan menarik balik iklan hari raya berunsur syirik yg telah disiarkannya sejak minggu lalu.

    Sepatutnya TV3, FINAS dan kerajaan perlu peka terhadap sensitiviti umat Islam di M`sia. Sekali pandang pn kita dah tau iklan tu aneh skit wpun konsepnya 1 M`sia.
    Camna diaorg bleh x prasan.

    1. Nono,
      Saya tumpang gembira diatas perkembangan tersebut. Nyata, usaha bersama oleh pelbagai pihak yang mendesak dan mengkritik membolehkan iklan itu ditarik balik.

      Namun, diharapkan TV3 dan pelbagai pihak lain agar lebih bertanggungjawab.

  8. Line up the whole panel of approvers, the design team, and the management… No,, not for a firing squad,, but send them on a three week tabligh style orientation going round to at least seven mosques and spend time there!

  9. Your down to earth article on the TV3 advertisement which has since been cancelled just goes to show how effective an honest blog could be in shaping opinions. TQ Bro, you have made my Ramadhan this year more meaningful.

  10. Creativity should be of no boundaries as long as it is not heresy in this context especially when it touches the sensivity of religion. Well, everyone knows, religion is always a sensitive matter.

    And now the buzz word in malaysia…. sensitive, sensitivity ….. but I hope the same group of people who wants to be given the consideration of sensitivity should also extend the same sensitivity to other religious groups. It goes both ways.

    But I am a bit curious about TV3 though, I mean everyone knows it as a govt propaganda tool (the same league as Utusan/Berita Harian/The STAR/RTM1 & 2) but could overlook on such sensitive matter in offending many.

    1. Well, clearly shows they have the options and not to be controlled all the time! 🙂

      And yes, we do understand that others also have religious matters that have to be respected. Or else, I believe right now the non-muslims must be in very difficult state to eat during the days because muslims are on fasting month! 😀

      1. AWwwwww………..please don’t stop me from eating 🙂 especially my fav porkie …………….. how I hope one day (another wishful) all politicians and supporters from both side of the divide can come together to makan and celebrate every festivity and no more provocative acts such stomping cows’ head and spewing “cina balik cina” ……. what is left for politics is nothing but policy making and should not kill harmony and cause malaysians to be rival.

        1. Actually my friend, our dear politicians do can sit, eat and drink togather. There are occasions where they did that.

          The only made things unstable now is due to too much politicking.

          And sadly, some of us play some part when not able trying to see from both point of views given by our politicians…

          1. And I think more often than not, it is the minister who are not willing to act fast on the culprits (especially when they are linked to UMNO or things that may be touching on the malays) that caused the rakyat to be unrest of the situations…eg; cow head stomping and HM Siti in her remarks. If only the UMNO govt is being fair, the rakyat will have their respect for the govt of the day ………..

          2. It is either the minister (from UMNO, MCA, MIC or any Barisan’s coalition) or the little napoleans that made current government look bad. It is not specifically UMNO as each political party now in Malaysia have their own corrupt or bad issues to be solved.

            That’s why, in agreement to partially said by you, I said before, Barisan is sleeping since Tun Dr Mahathir stepped down.

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