Nik Aziz vs Karpal Singh…& Co?

Karpal Denies He Is Alone Against Hudud Law And Islamic State
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 23 (Bernama) — National DAP Chairman, Karpal Singh on Monday refuted Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Nik Aziz Nik Mat’s allegation that he is alone in his stand against hudud law and Islamic state proposed by Pas.
Karpal Singh said DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang had also stated his stand that Malaysia was a secular state, and the introduction of hudud law in the country and the setting up of an Islamic state was not Pakatan Rakyat’s policies.
“This statement nails the assertion by Pas spiritual leader and Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Nik Aziz Nik Mat that I was the lone voice in the DAP opposing hudud and Islamic state,” he said in a statement, here Monday.
Karpal was commenting on a statement made by Nik Aziz two days ago that he was alone in the moves against Pas’s hudud law and Islamic state.
In welcoming the statement made by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) communications director Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad that the implementation of hudud was not feasible, he said: “Pas should accept that turning Malaysia into an Islamic state is an exercise in futility and beyond fulfillment.”
“It runs counter to the provision of the Federal Constitution,” he said and added that he hoped that Pas would reconsider its position on hudud law and Islamic state.
Once again, PAS ambition to implement “perfected” Islamic country (refer to this article why I said “perfected”) being denied openly by DAP leaders. It was one-on-one before between Karpal Singh and TG Nik Aziz. As stated in one of my previous article, the drama consist with one denying and another say it is ok.
Fine…the drama continues…
And the drama getting to critical part.
For quite some time, it was only Karpal who made lots of statement denying that Islamic country and hudud law to be one of Pakatan’s main agenda once in power. What more to say when Lim Guang Eng seemingly to be “condoning” to the Islamic idea when openly saying he admires Caliph Umar Abdul Aziz and will try to emulate him. Let us not to forget when some of talks made by DAP leaders and politicians included reciting of Quranic verse in their speeches. Wow! At that point of view, it seems, yes, Islamic country idea and hudud can become a reality.
I supposed, under these situations, it has given some views and thoughts to some that Karpal is “alone” in this fight. Karpal is the only “lion” standing firm over the Islamic country and hudud implementation idea. In which, this may lead to possibility why TG Nik Aziz could release a statement saying that Karpal is alone in this fight.
Then… appears Lim Kit Siang backing his compatriot, (Karpal Singh of course). So how now?
Seriously, I pity PAS for their efforts in supporting Pakatan. Pity in a sense, even though they are holding much of the seats and the least leaders jumping out of the boat, they are denied over and over. Their role and presence in Pakatan leadership seems to be waning. Combination of TG Nik Aziz and TG Hadi Awang seems to no “ummph” as the presence of Karpal Singh alone. What more to add up Lim Kit Siang.
Are we forgetting some one? Yes.. DS Anwar Ibrahim as the Opposition Leader, the one who thinks he will be the next Prime Minister when Pakatan take over.
DS Anwar seems being too quiet on this matter. Hardly a word to support, deny, comment or to comfort his partners. Not even able to provide a solution or suggestion how to sort things out. I wonder why…
Perhaps, he knows that Lim Kit Siang and Karpal have dreamt of Malaysian Malaysia. He also knows that PAS (be it is said to be Erdogan or not) dreamt of perfected Islamic country with hudud law in place. He aware that the common enemy they have is Barisan.
However, he should also aware that the two ideologies will never be tolerated as these two ideologies are what the parties made of. Without Malaysian Malaysia, what is DAP. No Islamic country is like PAS losing their purpose. even though Barisan can be brought down in GE13, the struggle won’t stop there. There will be chaos from inside and “potentially” outside Pakatan.
I said “potentially” outside chaoes because it depends on Barisan. Yes, there will certainly outside push to come from Barisan, which will try to win back. However subject to how proactive they are and not complacent they are (as some of them are now). They may need just to sit back and relax as the stronger factor will come from within Pakatan and they will win back due to inability of Pakatan to form majority government. Why?
As said earlier, Malaysian Malaysia and Islamic country are the core ideas that made DAP and PAS, which contradict each other. One recognise Malaysia to be secular and plan to stay like that, while another wants Islamic country with all hudud ad syariah abiding laws to be fully implemented.
With Pakatan in power, of course this will be the time to fulfill what they fight for. Certainly both will put their ideologies as foundation how to run this country. As for how far they can tolerate, I do not know, but certain, it will be hard. Why?
Simple comparison. The way of how Kelantan and Kedah are being governed and develop is different from Selangor (where the three powers sharing quite the same DUN seats). I believe the way of the states are being governed are different, with different level of authorizations and difficulties. Much things on religious issues are much easier to be handled in Kelantan and Kedah because the people is majority made by muslims and bumi. Whilst Selangor a little bit hard. Few occassions have occured on differences (remember the temple issue, alchohol drink issue?).
Therefore, if Pakatan is serious about taking over the power from still unconvincing Barisan, they need to sort out how Pakatan should be. If Pakatan decides not to implement any Islamic law, what will be the decision for PAS? If Pakatan decides to adopt Islamic law, how will DAP react. Certainly Malaysians do not want in the event Pakatan wins GE13, the formation of new government will be halted and the power come back to Barisan due to technicality and inability of Pakatan to form government.
Question on the street: IF Pakatan wins GE13, how they will form the government and what to be expected? So far, they’ve shown more opposition mentality rather than another good option of Barisan.
Will “Malaysian Malaysia” triumph or “Islamic country and hudud” will prevail?


Have Pakatan have been formally registered?



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