Khairy Not Defending FAM Deputy President’s Post ~ BERNAMA

That was the title for the following report made by BERNAMA:

KUALA LUMPUR, July 18 (Bernama) — Khairy Jamaluddin Sunday announced that he will not be defending his post as deputy president of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) for the 2010-2015 term.

Khairy, who held the post from 2007, hoped the new candidate replacing him would be able to take a re-look at the FAM’s progress as a whole, and claimed that the FAM, as the country’s football parent body, had failed to build a strong football structure.

He said this was due to the internal problems within the FAM that led to the withdrawal of many of the sponsors.

Speaking to reporters here today, he said there were many sponsors for the local league previously but the private sector now preferred to sponsor advertisements for the World Cup and the English Premier League (EPL).

“We can’t blame them because the returns (from the EPL) are higher. If they sponsor the local league, to get a few thousand supporters for one match will be difficult,” he said.

Khairy claimed that the FAM had also failed to coordinate the football structure at the grassroots level which was also the reason why the national team failed to get quality players for the national team.

In fact, he claimed that the FAM did not have sufficient financial resources to develop a strong football structure at the grassroots level.

“More than 90 per cent of the FAM’s financial allocation was spent to organise the local league to the extent that the FAM could not meet its promise to improve the country’s football structure,” he said.

Khairy claimed that less than 10 per cent of the FAM’s financial allocation was spent for the district league.


It seems funny for me because a few weeks ago, Utusan reported differently, which among the lines in the report stated:

Bagi dua jawatan Timbalan Presiden pula, penyandangnya Khairy Jamaluddin yang juga Ahli Parlimen Rembau dan Ketua Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO tidak mempertahankan jawatan yang dimenangi pada kongres 2007 setelah beliau tidak mendapat sebarang pencalonan.

This news was covered and commented by me on June 24th…So, which one? Unable to defend or not defending? For me, certainly more towards the first one, unable to defend because no one nominated him in the first place! It is vast difference between do not want to be nominated (or defending) and do not get any nomination.

YB Khairy,

I supposed that by way of the report is saying, more likely sounded like sour grapes to me. Why? You are (or were?) the Deputy President of FAM. You were said to have the brains, the ability and the capability. You, yourself stated you were given the task to look into Malaysian ranking in FIFA and I supposed it includes in looking into development of Malaysian team as a whole, be it structure, league, players development and alsoanything to do with rising up Malaysian rankings. Further, you made the “declaration” when Malaysia won Pestabola back in 2008. Funny thing is, when Malaysian team flopped, you are nowhere to be seen, keeping quiet at the corner of media attention. Why? Chickening???

For the record YB Khairy, you claimed victory back in 2008, but none mentioned about the “problems” (which we already seen this for quite some time since mass bust up on players selling games back in the late 90’s). You congratulated and being congratulated (and you accepted it!!!).

Further, I believe you were chosen in the first place because some believe you can do the job better than YM Tengku Abdullah. He was ousted and pressured which led to his resignation. And do remember, you won the post without any contest (just like when you won Vice KP UMNO years ago… remember?). Based on your brilliance and intelligence, what was the message? Why do you think you were appointed?

Readers can keep track of articles in “Sports” category, whereby early part of this blog commented mostly on Malaysian football and how I was not that sure with YB Khairy after he made such declaration on his “success” for Malaysian team to win the Pestabola. I praised and criticised Malaysian team for their ups and downs. Criticise and praise in a positive manner and credit (be it good or bad) goes to all that leads to such glory or failure.

However, I’m unhappy of how YB Khairy fanatics glorify YB Khairy for any success but blaming others for failure, especially Chairman Kaga and Wenger J Khairy.  Blatantly attacked who condemned YB Khairy even though it was purely on football matters.

Now, with two reports contradicting.. which one do you think is true? Or…Is it actually YB Khairy has told the attendees of the meeting not to nominate him? I don’t know.. there’s a possibility… afterall, YB Khairy is an Oxford graduate with so much talk on his charisma and brilliance. Perhaps he was planning to step down and not defending it.. but why he would do that???

Wonders on the street: Is this one of the primadonas in UMNO  who clearly failed to carry out his given responsibilities as one of government organisation’s officials?

p/s: somehow, I feel sorry to other Oxford graduates… because of YB Khairy’s antics, Oxford graduatesare being mentioned in not a positive way…


3 thoughts on “Khairy Not Defending FAM Deputy President’s Post ~ BERNAMA

  1. ODS,

    What’s ur prob? If KJ thinks the system sucks and the resistance to change within FAM is unpalatable, so be it. Why do u have such an axe to grind? FAM is and always the Sultan of Pahang’s show to run, so nothing will really change even if u got Platini to be the Gen Sec. At least KJ did what he could and did something diffrent like myteam altho it was for awhile. Its a lot better than writing in a blog and running ppl down. Shame.

    ODS: For your information, it is under the Sultan, Malaysia once reached rank above 100 in the FIFA World ranking. And again, Khairy created MyTeam before he joined FAM. After that, MyTeam went into financial trouble and now I can’t see where is MyTeam is.. good management?

    My problem is I don’t prefer him to be in the national football arena in the first place, and I believe it is for some too. Afterall, I get more sick and tired when YB Khairy (and his supporter) claimed victory when Malaysia won something, but chicken out when Malaysia lose. A good gesture of leader? I don’t think so.

    In addition, his comments sounded like sour grape because earlier, he DO NOT GET ANY NOMINATION in the first place. There is difference between DO NOT WANT and DO NOT GET ANY NOMINATION. Get it?

    And sir, may I suggest that YB Khairy resigned from KP UMNO as nowadays, UMNO is labelled corrupted and seems to be the resistance to change within UMNO is unpalatable (borrowing some of your own words). Should he resigned KP UMNO post too?

  2. I think KJ did the right thing leaving FAM. Its a shit thats destined to sink and its the likes of Anuar Musa thats going for the post. good luck. Btw, what is ur bone with YB KJ? Why the hate?

    ODS: The hate? Because his comments sounded more like sour grapes. Afterall, he do not get nomination in the first place, as reported by Utusan end of June.. and nearly one month later he (YB Khairy) said he do not want to defend his post, plus saying bad things about FAM on the same day.

    Trying to cover his shame..?

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