Revoke Ibrahim Ali’s Citizenship???

FreeMalaysiaToday reported on11th July 2010:

By FMT Team

KUALA LUMPUR:  Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali came under heavy fire during the second day of the MIC annual general assembly with one grassroots leader urging the government to revoke his citizenship.

Batu Gajah MIC division chief S Pulligesu said Ibrahim is not working towards consolidating the races but is bent on splitting Malaysians along racial lines.

“In fact, he is free to say whatever he wants… no action is taken against him. But what is sad is that he is constantly attacking Indians and Chinese. He has even gone to the extent of asking the government to revoke the citizenship of other races.

“Whenever we ask for what is rightfully ours, Ibrahim and his members lash out at us and urge the government to revoke our citizenship,” he said.

“Who is he to to ask the government to revoke our citizenship? Instead the government should revoke the citizenship of this troublemaker,” he added.

Pulligesu said Ibrahim should stick to championing the rights of the Malays, which is the objective of Perkasa, and not meddle in the affairs of other races.

Jail ‘razor tongue’ leaders under ISA

Meanwhile, Labuan delegate R Ramasamy suggested that all “razor tongue” leaders who touch on sensitive issues without considering the feelings of others should be jailed under the Internal Security Act.

“We need to protect this country. If troublemakers are allowed to say what they like and do what they want then it would destory the country.

“ISA is to safeguard the country and it should be used in such cases,” he said.

Ironically, the Perkasa chief was in the same building, the Putra World Trade Centre, attending a forum on Palestine held under the patronage of former prime minister  Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Report by S Retnanathan, B Nantha Kumar and G Vinod

A Constitution defender? A joke? A gesture of “what if”? A slip of the tongue?

From one point of view, this can be viewed as MIC is not condoning to racist remarks and questioning rights available to Malaysians. A pure act of defending of what has been agreed by our forefathers. Congratulations from me for this point of view.

However, from another point of view, do MIC realize that PERKASA is not part of UMNO that reacts to certain NGO groups questioning Bumiputera’s rights, questioning what have been stipulated in the Constitution and agreed by our forefathers?  If they do, they should be able to understand what was the remarks made for, which is as a reply or respond to what have been done by group of extremist.

Another point of view is the Bumis may have consider that as an alarm. If before, non non-bumis clearly stated they want a bumi’s citizenship to be revoked. If a bumi’s citizenship is being revoked, I wonder where do this bumiputera will go?And this picture will, in a way, support the sentiment that a chinese can always go back to China and an Indian can go back to India.. but not for Malays and other bumiputeras. This may scare bumis more and leads towards more unrest.

Under these 3 possibilities of views, which one do you think fit best that may cause such situation after this?

Advice on the street: Beware of words used.. you may slip out what actually what is in your head!


3 thoughts on “Revoke Ibrahim Ali’s Citizenship???

  1. My wish and hope is that in the next GE, our Malays brothers will not vote for any of these candidate. There will never be HULU Selangor again.


    ODS: I guess you choose the third view out of those 3 views… 🙂

  2. Ibrahim Ali, whose only “Accidental being” is to be born a Malay in a Malay land, … and lo out of a dark Indian sky here comes a pendatang Indian demanding that his citizenship be stripped? He didn’t apply to be a Malay. You want to rub out his Malayness? Or did you fill in some kind of a dark form, asking to be born an Indian, and when born, and on seeing yourself you regret it?

    Dey tambi. Get your self reborn out of a cow’s belly or sonething. You don’t like Malay sky and Malays like Ibrahim Ali? Go get washed or get some skin transplant or something.

    ODS: Thank you for your comment Pakcik Dal..

  3. aku melayu yang sokong etnik tamil dan tionghua yang menuntut hak mereka seperti yang di jamin dlm perlembagaan. no problem with that.
    ib. ali…joker nie tok sah amik peduli..cakap english pun berterabur…tah apa apa punya penyundal politik…aku juga melayu yang sokong di hentikan saja rajagopal2 dr tugas mereka…dihentikan saja bina mahligai2 mewah sedangkan rkyt bwhn jugak kna jerut…kesian la kat kami yg low income nie pemimpin melayu ultra woi…ingat woi…kami tu melayu cina india n etnik len2….

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