Finally.. No More Sleepless Nights… Congrats Spain!!!

Finally after weeks of World Cup 2010, starting with kick off between South Africa and Mexico, the fiesta ended last night with Spain winning the World Cup, beating Holland with 1-0 in extra time.

It was an exciting game indeed with both side playing brilliantly except for unsporting spirit from the Dutch. Too many yellow cards, too many drama. Holland indeed trying to disturb Spain’s mental strenght by fouling them and play physically. Spain deserved to win with the majority of possesion of the ball are theirs. The goal scored indeed legit as the pass was given to Iniesta who was not in off-side position.

Above all, finally the bosses (or the “dicipline teacher at the office”) will not having their headaches anymore with awful late turn ups at work or even numbers of excuses for coming late. I also been wondering how many MCs of an office could collect around this one months from the football fans.

Whatever it is, I do hope we can learn lots of things from the World Cup this time around. We have seen how the world amazed with Asian teams performing despite North Korea being thrashed by Portugal (the only match they scored anyway). Japan and South Korea shown how Asian countries can compete with big teams around the world.

Special dedication to FAM, Malaysian football team and Malaysian professional football players, we were one of those teams that have beaten Japan and South Korean back in the 80’s. Maxis adverts were aired over and over again for the past one month, and I do hope that the message is delivered to you. Commitment to the game is the word, and action we do expect from you. No more lame excuses for poor performance on and off the pitch.

Hopes on the street: On pitch we want to see improvements, no more kidding around. Resurrect the good old days of our football era… with “Casillas”, “Lahm”, “Pique”, “Lucio”, “Bastos”, “Muller”, “Xavi”, “Schweinsteiger”, “Iniesta”, “Villa” and “Forlan” of Malaysia.

When can we see them???


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