DS Najib, DS Anwar, TG Nik Aziz…Between Stories, Lies and Being A Bad Apple

Lately, we have been given statements from various political leaders in regards to widely spread information. I use “information” because it can be in terms of news, gossips, stories and perhaps lies.

TG Nik Aziz recently stated his regret over BERNAMA report. DS Anwar reportedly went to United States to show his regret over his actions against the Jews and Israel. DS Najib and UMNO expressed their feelings over Suara Keadilan spreading lies. Here is a BERNAMA report on what DS Najib has to say:

Don’t Corrupt People’s Minds With Trumped-Up Stories And Lies, Najib Tells Media

 SHAH ALAM, July 6 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on Tuesday reminded the media not to corrupt the people’s minds by publishing concocted stories, lies and defamatory statements.

Najib said personally, he could accept media reports that were true even if they touched on his weaknesses as prime minister.

“I can accept whatever (news) stories as long as they are credible and not creations or lies, such as ‘Felda bankrupt’…If the articles criticise my weaknesses, I can accept that,” he said in his speech during his visit to the Kumpulan Karangkraf Sdn Bhd complex, here Tuesday.

Najib said news stories or reports that contained such negative elements would not help build a strong society but would be detrimental to it instead.

“If a building or road is damaged, we can repair it, but if it’s the people’s thinking and values, the consequences will be bad.

“We will never me a strong, awesome society. So, the media should help in developing society’s intellect, way of thinking and noble values.”

Also present were Karangkraf Group chief executive officer Datuk Hussamuddin Yaacub, Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Seri Noh Omar, Deputy Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Maglin Dennis D’Cruz, and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission chief commissioner Datuk Abu Kassim Mohammad.

At the same function, Najib also launched the national edition of ‘Sinar Harian’ and the ‘Karangkraf Cares’ programme, a community service effort.

Praising Karangkraf’s success as a wholly-owned Bumiputera company, he hoped the company which now publishes 28 magazines and one newspaper, could contribute to improving the reading habit of Malaysians and building their intellect, to make Malaysian society a wise and respected society.

The prime minister spent about 45 minutes touring the Karangkraf complex and looking at the writing, editing and printing processes there.

Najib also commended the company for investing in sophisticated, high-performance printing machines, hence reflecting its innovativeness and competitiveness.

Karangkraf began small 33 years ago with only two publications, ‘Mingguan Kanak-Kanak’ and ‘Bacaria’. It now has a readership of five million per month for its many publications.


I fairly believe that all of us have a fair share of what’s going on. However, I do believe that the leaders up there is more responsible rather than those down here at the receiving end. Why?

If it is not for the antics of bad apples in both Barisan and Pakatan, stories and lies might not be spread around. It is in regards to the leaders action that leads to such coverage. It is in regards to questions raised due to lack of communication given to the public by the leaders that leads to such rumours and stories.

I understand that leaders ought to have the better ability to analyse and respond to what kind of things should be responded, but I supposed that leaders also ought to have better ability to put themselves in other people’s shoes and see why people mad at you.

For DS Najib, TG Nik Aziz and Tn Hj Hadi Awang, the three of you are the top leaders among the leaders in your party and coalition. The three of you are at the both ends of good or bad of your party. Your leadership and guidance is sought after. With you failing to put togather good line up of leaders, you will fail to unify the ummah and Malaysians. That’s one of the major factors why certain stories and lies can be “true” because there are some clowns that made you and your organisation look bad.

DS Najib,

I am certain that you already hearing lots of things about ministers and mischievous political leaders within your circle. I am also certain you also know how Tun Dr Mahathir put them under control because majority of them were there when Tun Dr Mahathir spent his last few years as Prime Minister. Kindly get your leaders back on track to improve things. Remove the bad apples within your bucket of ministers and political leaders.

As for yourself sir, with all due respect, I do feel you are trying to satisfy many sides and covering all single corner that you can, but you alone cannot do sir. At some point, it seems you are imitating Tun Abdullah Badawi. You’ve seen how people get fed up of him, outside and inside Barisan and UMNO (which resulted he resigned and you become the next Prime Minister.. remember?) I’m afraid sir, it will be too late when you realise that you are also one of the most stinking apple in the Barisan bucket.

TG Nik Aziz and Tn Hj Hadi,

Both of you are prime leaders of PAS, an Islamic party that majority consist of muslim of bumiputera. For some time, as stated by me in the early days of this blog, PAS has change its approach and image under your leadership. PAS is way stronger than PKR and DAP. Malay votes swung to PAS because not only UMNO making their own mistakes, but PAS also provide good alternative.

However, after GE12, that image started to torn off and tearing apart. Your members started back old habits, by bad mouthing and use foul language. Your members failed to approach issues intelligently as before, which some started to rotate old issues over and over again. Worse, PAS stopped from being good alternatives by succumb to focus more on the negativity of issues rather than providing positive solutions.

I would say that the Allah’s name issue started the obvious within your panel of leaders. For some muslims, we look upon you to protect and explain, rather than willing to stand oppose where UMNO is standing, even for greater good. This blog has recorded the source where TG Nik Aziz change bit by bit in the Allah issue, which dissapointed many muslims.

Same as stated above, I’m afraid both of you also turning into rotten bad apples within your bucket of leaders.

DS Anwar???

What more I can say… you are the most rotten bad apple alive in Malaysia. You are willing to see Malaysian fighting each other in order for you to sit in the Prime Ministers chair. You are not even registered as PKR member. You are also failed to register Pakatan Rakyat as a legit coalition (considering you are Opposition Leader).


OnDaStreet’s conclusion based on current situation: The stories and lies derived from bad apples (leaders) within their own organisations. No need to blame others except change to be done within.




2 thoughts on “DS Najib, DS Anwar, TG Nik Aziz…Between Stories, Lies and Being A Bad Apple

  1. Satu penulisan yang ikhlas dan patut diterjemahkan kepada Bahasa Malaysia.

    Saya harap semua yang dinyatakan disini dapat membaca dan memahami serta membaiki diri mereka agar dapat bersatu dan Memertabatkan Melayu di mata kaum Cina yang selama ini memandang melayu tak mungkin akan bersatu.

    Cina di Malaysia dan jadi seperti kaduk naik junjung. Lupa diri lupa asal usul dan lupa jasa serta budi orang yang selama ini memberikan mereka peluang untuk menghirup udara di Malaysia. Kaum Cina menikam orang melayu dari belakang dan berharap dapat merampas tampuk pemerintahan dan membina pemerintahan republik yang mana ianya akan menindas Orang Melayu.

    Melayu pula berpecah dan lupa diri lupa amanat yang diberi. Islam haya satu di dunia ini kenapa perlu PAS membeza-bezakan islam PAS dan UMNO sedangkan semasa dilahirkan semua bersih dan sama sahaja.

    ODS: InsyaAllah, Cencaluk. Memang ada tergerak untuk menulis perkara ini dalam Bahasa Malaysia dan Bahasa Inggeris, tetapi tiada ruang masa yang cukup masa menulis artikel ini tadi.

    Terima kasih atas komen anda. 🙂

  2. Salam ODS,

    Ganaaaas ! Bro gaduh ngan bini ke semalam ? hahahahaha….gurau je. Tiba2 meletup kau. Macam berjangkit la pula , kebetulan saya pun hentam baaaaaiiiiik punya ke Najib.

    Semoga mereka yang berkenaan tak melompat melatah bukan2. Niat kita hanya untuk kebaikan, bukan untuk menjatuhkan sesiapa. Kalau bisa berubah sikap dan hala tuju perjuangan, itulah yang terbaik.

    Teringat 2 hari lepas sepintas lalu saya terdengar berita Samy MIC bercakap (lebihkurang bunyinya) – ” kita tidak akan ambil tindakan kepada mereka yang beri komen/kritik kita, tapi kita akan ambil tindakan mereka yang menjadi ancaman kepada parti .”

    Hahahahaha…. belit nombor wahid ! ( apa kaitan ngan artikel saya tak tahu, tapi ada la tu kalau dicari )

    Nice one bro ! Kita hentam habisan, masa makin suntuk……..

    ODS: Bukan gaduh dengan bini, tetapi sejak kebelakangan ini ada ruang masa untuk membaca lebih banyak. Dengan DS Najib sudah menyatakan tentang waspada tohmahan dan cerita tidak betul (selepas TG Nik Aziz pun kesal dengan BERNAMA), bagaikan cukup korum untuk komen tentang perkara ini.

    Tentang kenyataan Sammy Vellu tu.. saya cuma mampu geleng kepala.. sebab saya rasa susah orang mahu percaya.. kenyataan yang diberi bagaikan melepas batuk di tangga…

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