YB Khairy Jamaluddin Is Showing His…

I supposed many have covered this story when YB Khairy made his non-stop appearance in media after gone through Wataniah training for couple of month. I do not know what’s get into him, but I’m surely he has gone the “wild” since.

For an Oxford graduate, MP for Rembau, UMNO Youth Chief and also Barisan Youth Chief who have gone Wataniah training, I wonder what’s got into his mind when he made his appearance in the media lately. The Star reports:

Khairy chides cops for not going after blogger Raja Petra

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has criticised the police for not being serious enough in apprehending fugitive blogger Raja Petra Raja Kama­rud­din.

He said Raja Petra was clearly seen in the open in London, based on Internet news reports of the blogger’s latest appearance at a function to launch the “Friends of Pakatan Rakyat” event on Sunday.

There was even a press release earlier that mentioned Raja Petra would attend the function, he added.

Khairy said it would be fine if Raja Petra was hiding somewhere overseas and could not be traced.

“But, there he was in the open in London behaving in impunity by giving speeches in public.

“Yet our police are not doing anything to bring him back to Ma­­laysia.

“We have an extradition agreement with Britain. Why didn’t our authorities ask the British police to arrest Raja Petra and extradite him?” he asked at the Parliament lobby yesterday.

Khairy was commenting on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s statement on Sunday that it was left to the authorities to take action against Raja Petra.

Khairy said Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan had said that the police wanted to know who had harboured Raja Petra and also his location.

“I got information about Raja Petra’s location and movement from the Internet, not the Scotland Yard or any official source.

“Are the police aware of his whereabouts or are they choosing not to find out more about the fugitive blogger’s whereabouts?” he said.

In an immediate response, Musa said police had since last year made a formal request to Interpol to issue an international red notice alert for the arrest of Raja Petra.

“Our request was turned down in January. We cannot just go into someone’s country and arrest a wanted person,’’ he said, adding that there were currently two arrests warrants issued locally against Raja Petra for his defamation and sedition cases.

To a question, Musa said the Attor­ney-General’s chambers handled extradition matters and it would have to be decided by the courts and not the police.

I just do not have the suitable words to describe what I think about YB Khairy for making such statement. For someone who have such intelligence, and perhaps can get a clear picture of the situation is, he should be able to understand better how police work. Or better, if YB Khairy is trying to help, your so called information has been flying around the blogosphere for quite some time and I’m pretty sure that our finest has been notified and trying their best to bring him back.

So, YB Khairy, for what good for you bring this kind of statement up? Cheap publicity? Another antics of yours?

Or you are just showing your….?

On the other hand dear YB Khairy who graduated from Oxford, who is said to be bright and intelligent…

Perhaps, you can now join PDRM as one of the Interpol detectives and bring Raja Petra Kamaruddin back? Afterall, you’ve just made a statement as if policework is so damn easy.

YB Khairy Jamaluddin, will you join PDRM and experience first hand how to catch a wanted person? Afterall, you have the experience of handling mental and physical challenge in Wataniah training.

(Note: In the movies, usually, private or low ranked soldiers will be called “apes”… so is it applicable to YB Khairy?)

Question on the street: So, what actually YB Khairy Jamaluddin has shown to us?


3 thoughts on “YB Khairy Jamaluddin Is Showing His…

  1. Since that asshole had given the cops the green light, catch him too since he is the mastermind that had paid RM2 million to RPK on behalf of Anwar Ibrahim.

    Therefore, Anwar and Khairy are from the same camp. They have an affair.

    ODS: Hahaha.. so, YB Khairy has shown us his green light??? 😀

  2. Salam ODS… read between the lines… the opposition need UMNO to be skinned alive from inside… and here comes KJ the Pemuda KP, challenging TanSri Musa n PDRM capability…

    ODS: Salam Kak Jee.. I wish I can understand that from the 304 voters’ point of view.. hahaha

  3. apa nak di hairankan…statement politician baik senior or junior kat malaysia nie kan banyak yang merapik and most of the times tak masuk akal…

    all those parties involved dalam saga “rpk dan suami nya sang pi em satu malaysia” serta watak2 stended drama melayu lemau hanya follow skrip saja…skrip yang lemah..

    permainanan di padang yang tak rata boleh la nak kelentong rakyat…dah bila sang raja terbuang dr selangor tuh pi duk kat omputih berbuih mulut la politician2 umno nie nak explain..sana tuduh sini and goes on…

    level playing field la woi…open up the media…nie bukan zaman mamak madey sang kutty!

    melayu mcm saya says “umno…enough is enough!”

    ODS: Terima kasih atas komen anda…

    Untuk saya.. both enough is enough. 🙂

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