BERNAMA: PM Says No Conflict Of Bumiputera Equity In New Economic Model And 10th Malaysian Plan

That was the title of a news report today. The news report is as follows:

KUALA LUMPUR, June 16 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said there was no conflict in the status of Bumiputera equity between the New Economic Model (NEM) and the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP), as claimed by some.

“There is no conflict. They must understand that the report by NEAC is their report but what I tabled in Dewan Rakyat is the stand of the government,” said Najib when commenting on claims by the opposition that there was a conflict between the 10MP and NEM on the actual status of the 30 per cent Bumiputera equity.

“I did not promise that affirmative action will be abolished. That is a misconception. What I said was that more affirmative action will be taken compared with past, through a more market friendly approach based on merit,” he said.

“And we will also focus on boosting the household income of the 40 per cent group, without any racial bias. We will also focus on the role of the private sector who will certainly help spur the national economy.”

Najib said the government would also give further details on the 12 National Key Economic Area (NKEA) and the breakdown to develop the NKEA and other sub-sectors in contributing the expected per-capita income leap.

If really what has been said is good, the next question is, why the need to announce NEM in the first place? Why there’s a need for Idris Jala to scare us off with the idea we will go bankrupt by 2019?

I can condone to an idea that NEAC is one of the tools in formulating ways and means of bringing Malaysia forward, but I do think that the report should just stay on DS Najib’s desk. It should not be announced to the world. Frankly, with such euphoria (press releases, forums, etc), many will take NEM is the way forward and considered it as the government stand.

If it is just a report, why things are made as if NEM is already started running (when NEM is actually is not a finished plan)? If it is just a report, why such development and achievements gained, they were made as if it is a result or a product of NEM?

Maybe some of readers may notice this, I’ve asked before.. is the result of positive GDP growth early this year gained by the product of NEM or NEP? If it is from NEP, what NEM has do to us because it has been bloated for many times as if NEM has bring Malaysia to a new level. If it is a result of NEM.. then it is not just a report from NEAC, right?

I don’t know who is trying to kid who, but surely DS Najib need to sort himself and the ministers back. Even if there are research saying more are supporting DS Najib, I’m still unconvinced. It is not that DS Najib and pack of ministers cannot do, it’s just they are not serious enough in doing their job.

If NEM is just a report made by NEAC, with all due respect DS Najib, please keep Idris Jala’s mouth and NEAC shut up! Don’t scare us with uncertainty based on lab reports without really going to the ground.

Yes, some of you (the YBs, let it be Barisan or Pakatan) may get rich now by fooling around, but I’m pretty sure the people get you back somehow.. (like what we all did to Tun Abdullah one time recorded bigget win, later on the least win; and the inability Khairy Jamaluddin to even lead Pemuda UMNO.. well, that happens when you tipu sana, tipu sini

So, which one actually works? If it is the 10th Malaysia plan, stop all these nonsense of NEM, the uncomplete homework submitted by Idris Jala, Tan Sri Amirsham and NEAC, please.

Question on the street: Will you be confused? Or actually you are already in confused state?



One thought on “BERNAMA: PM Says No Conflict Of Bumiputera Equity In New Economic Model And 10th Malaysian Plan

  1. Salam ODS,

    When Bernama reported Najib briefed Obama and US corporates on NEM during his trip there, what did Najib actually told them ??? Or during the World Congress on Information Technology Malaysia were said to share with the world our new NEM…? Gua confused bro…..

    Najib ni main ikut sedap mulut dia je nak cakap apa pun, nak tarik balik apapun…. kona kiri kanan, drift sana drift sini… silap2 nanti terbabas masuk longkang.

    ODS: Jangan terbabas macam Tun Abdullah sudah…

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