10th Malaysia Plan: From BERNAMA News and Raised Thoughts

I supposed that Malaysians who cares about 10th Malaysia Plan will be cramped with all sorts of thoughts and opinions by many. Many have given their thoughts (somehow copy and paste or own thoughts), including DS Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Tony PuaShamsul of Marahku, Din Merican to name a few. However, perhaps some got disturbed when DS Nazri said that a new Parliament building with RM800 million worth to be build when few days ago Idris Jala announced that Malaysia will go bankrupt by 2019 due to subsidy given to Malaysians. Funny… or actually the amount has been taken into account already in Idris Jala’s calculation? Perhaps, Datuk Idris Jala, IF the plan is scrapped due to disagreement by majority Malaysians, how the figure will turn out to be? Or will it be “I don’t care” attitude?

Now, let us go what are stated in some of the news following the presentation of 10th Malaysia Plan by DS Najib, shall we?

First – Mixed Response On Feed-In Tariff which touched on one per cent Feed-in Tariff (FiT) to be incorporated into consumers’ electricity tariff. I supposed that the government, through Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water have to work out on FAQ that possibly being asked by Malaysians. Just a note though, make sure that the answers given are workable, not just beautiful on the theory, but stinks when applied. Or else, you’ll find a bulk of consumers complaining that they seems to be paying a much higher tariff than before. Angry people will throw their votes away.

On 10MP Benefits Road Users, I find it interesting if the plan works out well. However, the concern would be how efficient and effective it will be carried out. We have seen how certain areas of road development has caused such problems, not just to the contrators, but to the road users who may got stuck in the traffic due to upgrades and lose the opportunity to gain some business or financial gains. I know there will be signs like “Kesulitan Amat Dikesali”, but still, inefficient plan and execution will cause such signs meaningless.

For 10MP: Federal Government Serious In Developing Sarawak – Dr Chan and 10MP Will Have Positive Impact On Sabah’s Development, Say State Leaders, I’m not really suprised with the news. Perhaps some may see this as a repayment of thank you for the votes that have been given that made sure Barisan still rule Federal Government. Whatever it is, for me, I see it as it is time for them too. Pretty much, I can understand that there are needs for more rapid development in Sabah and Sarawak. Perhaps, maybe the geographical landscape that have or may cost some extra planning and re-thinking, compared to landscape in Peninsular. Alas, that should not be any reason for abandon Sabah or Sarawak.  Afterall, we have 13 states, and we have to do it one or two at a time. It’s their time now.

With the Council On Bumiputera Development Proves Government’s Concern news, I have to say, it sounded contradicting with what have been presented earlier in NEM. If one can remember, none is mentioned in the NEM, which resulted MPM not agreeing to DS Najib’s (or Tan Sri Amirsham and Datuk Idris Jala’s) NEM. The inability of some to explain how we can move forward with concerntrating to high income without addressing the concern of those who catogarized in low income group have caught NEAC’s work to be abandoning some. Here is where caused some fights for the lower income group, in which majorityof the lower income consist of Bumiputeras. For that, a news like 10MP: Government Will Improve Living Quality Of Lower Income Group is applaud because this should not be seen as racial politics, but neccessities and needs of a stabilized economy growth. Frankly speaking, Tan Sri Mohamed Nor Yaakcop able to say this (in similar mould) during an interview last night at RTM1.

In the 10th Malaysia Plan, there are also plans for our education system. From this subject, three news available – Measures Spelt Out To Enhance Education SystemEducation System Will Be Revamped To Create First World Talent, and Boosting Highly Skilled Workforce To 37 Per Cent By 2015. Surely, this will be seen as one of the foundation to build a more competetive work force. Yes, with proper education, majority of things will fall in place. Even the NBI will acheive the goals set earlier. However, in the news, it was said that:

The new curriculum will incorporate the principles of 1Malaysia in the pedagogical approach to deliver education and also to include sports as a subject beginning next year under the “1Student, 1Sports” policy.


Under the 10MP, a new curriculum for primary and secondary schools will be introduced with the Standard Primary School Curriculum replacing the Integrated Primary School Curriculum next year, and this is to be followed by a new curriculum for secondary schools

“1Student, 1Sports” policy and “Standard Primary School Curriculum” huh? Sounds interesting… but if the schools are still seperated by National Schools and National Type Schools, I think the execution of such will not achieve as better as One School for all with both policy and curriculum applied. I wonder how the PERMATA early childhood education programme  will be sturctured and executed.

From my own personal point of view, when I read “Najib Outlines Five Strategic Thrusts To Achieve 10MP Aspirations“, my brain processed the news as an effort of revitalising Vision 2020 and put back Malaysia on track on achieving what has been in somekind abandoned. Believe me, I heard more of Islam Hadhari during those yesteryears besides family stories  and cancelling and re-plan for unknown and unclear mega projects (which caused doubts and Barisan’s reputation at large). Frankly, I don’t care who will lead this country for years to come, but I would say that Vision 2020 that has been set earlier is an unconcious image and goal that have to be achieved in 10 year’s time.

So, be it DS Najib or DS Anwar Ibrahim or Haji Abdul Hadi or Lim Guang Eng, be mindful of Malaysians’ expectation of what we will go through until 2020 and what we will see in that year (and years after that also lah).

What say you?

Hopes on the street: Hope that the pocket will not be hurt.. if subsidies to be cut, make sure the pay that we get also increase. Yes, the price of subsidies products haven’t changed much.. but so do our pay!!!



4 thoughts on “10th Malaysia Plan: From BERNAMA News and Raised Thoughts

  1. Salam ODS,

    Apa kata Najib cuba try test power dia dengan menangani isu kekurangan gula di pasaran dulu. Di Tganu dah jadi serius. 6 kedai gua pergi siang tadi semua habis gula.

    Menteri kata gula cukup, rakyat kata Menteri penipu. Susah sangat ke nak atasi masalah gula ??

    ODS: Din..tak susah.. cuma yang buat susah bila menterinya (dan kementerian serta pihak berkaitan) kurang bijak (atau sengaja?) tak pandai buat kerja…

  2. Excellent post!…I am really impressed with this blog.It is easy to see that you are impassioned about your writing. I wish I had got your ability to write. I look forward to more updates and will be returning.Thanks.


    ODS: Thank you for your comment. 🙂

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