MCA Youth calls NEM rejection ‘primitive’ ~ Malaysian Insider

Man.. this will be my third posting in a day for the first time ever. Maybe it’s because I was too quiet for sometime and feeling the adrenaline rush when seeing such headlines.

Anyway, for the third post today, it is in regards remarks made by MCA Youth as reported by Malaysian Insider:

KUALA LUMPUR, May 31 — MCA Youth chief Datuk Wee Ka Siong took up the cudgels for the New Economic Model (NEM), calling the Malay Consultative Council’s (MPM) rejection of the proposals as a “primitive understanding” of the global economic climate.

The Najib administration plans to table the NEM with the 10th Malaysia Plan this June 10 and has asked for public feedback to the proposals.

“It is disappointing that the MPM had rejected the NEM. Such thinking is primitive which has not caught up with the pace of globalisation. National wealth should be allocated as per needs and merit.

“This is in tandem with national development and progress,” Wee said in a statement today.

The MPM congress on Saturday passed a 31-point resolution essentially demanding the preservation of race-based affirmative action as expounded by the New Economic Policy (NEP), under the new economic regime.

The umbrella body, comprising 76 Malay NGOs and led by Malay rights group Perkasa, deliberated for hours before unanimously agreeing that the Najib administration’s move would dismantle what they see as inherent Malay rights.

Many of the participants at the congress slammed the NEM and its framers, the National Economic Advisory Council (NEAC), for betraying the social contract which they claimed recognises the special economic rights of the Malays.

Wee (picture) said the “conservative thinking of distribution according to race” will only retard Malaysia’s growth in a world that is growing fiercely competitive.

“Malaysia’s economic development is not a matter of dividing the cake as per ethnic population but rather to expand the cake by jointly working for the wealth to be enjoyed by all.

“I fail to understand why despite living in the 21st century, there are people who have completely ignored the challenges of globalisation and are still living within their parochial closeted frames,” said the MCA Youth chief.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has been left with no choice but to go ahead with the unpopular decision of dismantling the NEP amid pressure to resuscitate the nation’s softening economy.

Much of the fattening Malay largesse, economists say, was NEP-induced and has caused investments to wane, the stagnation of wages, and an overall decrease in Malaysia’s global competitiveness.

Wee defended the prime minister, saying his new model “holds a far-sighted macro vision”.

“The proposed NEM and the liberalisation of the economy are decisions which the country has to take towards reaching developed nation status. However, some narrow-minded people have balked at this idea,” he said.

The MCA Youth does not oppose the government funding the poor, but the related funding should not be race-based, said Wee.

“We also need to ensure that the funding is delivered to such individuals or groups who really need it,” he added.

Fail to understand, sir? Maybe because some are looking at different point of view and hard to accept others. I am not saying you are wrong, but perhaps, this kind of job advertisments should knock some civic minded of yours:


So, obviously, in terms of “Malaysia’s economic development is not a matter of dividing the cake as per ethnic population but rather to expand the cake by jointly working for the wealth to be enjoyed by all”, some choose to limit others participation in developing the nation and increase the wealth of Malaysians.

With a simple requirement – language, the limitation has been imposed to others.

Please, don’t give crap like it is because some deal with China. Why? Simple as far as job advertisement is concern, very little probability that we may come across requirement or preferred language of Urdu or Tamil to deal with Indian counterparts in India. Check with our aviation industry too whether French language being formally stated as part of requirement. Also check with companies that deal with the Arabs, is Arabic language needed is stated as above? If it did.. I wonder how does Manchester City Football Club’s new recruitment going to find English men capable of speaking Arabs. Or better wise, do they have Thai speaking personnel when Thaksin bought Manchester City some time ago?

I wonder, if government also doing the same thing as stating mastery in Bahasa Malaysia is a must since Malaysian applicants should be able to speak, write and understand Bahasa Malaysia fluently. Can Malaysians accept that? I think we should.. why?


We have learn how to speak, write and understand Bahasa Malaysia as early as seven years old and on going. Why should we not being able to speak, write and understand Bahasa Malaysia fluently?

No more “Haiya, why so susah one“.. because this is not proper Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin or English.. not in job requirement…

So, for those who  dwelling to much on quotas, rights and in the name of development (but whose and what development are you talking about?), consider some of the limitation imposed to others to have equal footings. Some being shun off just for not being able to speak Mandarin. Some being not been given chance to show how capable they are just because of language barrier.

As stated in similar postings before, be professional. I’m not opening this as racist or racial issue. It is about our economy activities in the country that we love and lived in togather. I believe that I’m also on the same boat providing views in the name of “Malaysia’s economic development is not a matter of dividing the cake as per ethnic population but rather to expand the cake by jointly working for the wealth to be enjoyed by all”.

NO, I don’t mention and have no intent of “KETUANAN MELAYU” or Malay Supremacy as none is mentioned. I write this as my point of view after reading other’s point of views.

Probability on the street: If FAIR is the word seeked, I supposed that employement of the same level should be done accordingly to people composition. For example, if the Bumi is said to be in A%, chinese B%, Indian C% and others D%, out of 10 same level employement, A% should be Bumi, B% chinese, C% Indian and D% others. Amacam?

Just a wild thought though.. haha



8 thoughts on “MCA Youth calls NEM rejection ‘primitive’ ~ Malaysian Insider

  1. Any Malay leaders would like to openly comment on the above remarks?

    Please Datuk-datuk, Datin-datin be daring enough to openly defend our rights.Don’t let only PERKASA alone do the barking and biting job.

    I’m a Malay feel very shameful if all of you who has influences power within your organisation does not champion our rights.

    ODS: Thank you for your comment. 🙂

    1. Pls visit Hidup Tuah re NEM: Why MPM Conditionally Accepts?.

      There should be more like ODS – factually rebutting them.



      ODS: Apologies for such edit done. :).. will do Darahtuah.. 🙂

  2. The Chinese especially the employers are a racists lot. They will advertise for vacancies and state blatantly they prefer Chinese to work for them. How many Malays can speak fluently in Mandarin or Cantonese?

    This is a blatant discrimination by the Chinese people.

    ODS: Thank you for your comment, Wake Up

  3. A member of the intelligentia has spoken. Very intellectual, don’t you think?

    Anything not conforming to their greed will be labeled as ‘primitive’. We are ‘parochial’ but they are not. We are regressive while they are progressive. They are broadminded while we are narrow-minded. And, mother of them all, the more-than-fattened Chinese largesse had nothing at all to do with the NEP. It came out of nowhere! Only Malays benefited from the NEP!

    Tell us more Mr Intellectual MCA Chinese. Tell us how you all have not been racists, how you charge us one price when we buy from you and a Chinese, another. That’s just one example; there are many others.

    It would be best if Chinese leaders like Wee Ka Siong look at themselves first before talking down to other people.

    And all those so-called self-serving pemimpin Melayu up there, don’t tell me you are all suddenly suffering from ‘koro’.

    ODS: Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  4. Salam ODS,

    Somewhat similar post on my site. Perasan tak – Melayu pertahankan DEB, peringatkan Najib tentang MBE nya, dan cina serang Melayu ! Wont u call that extreme ?

    ODS: Salam din,

    Itulah din.. pertahan diri dinamakan ekstrim.. lepas ni boleh tukar nama.. seni mempertahankan diri jadi seni mengekstrimkan diri.. Sukan Ekstrim pulak = Sukan Pertahanan…hahaha

  5. This is the problem when UMNO Youth is ineffective. It used to be the check and balance not only within UMNO but also within BN. Because the Ketua is not much of a leader, and had been leading in different directions, “the others” sudah naik kepala. UMNO Youth must really counter this MCA Youth nonsense.

    ODS: Thanks Aku for your comment… I think KJ’s supporter will jump on your comment if they see this..:)

  6. Komen saya taip bahru sebentar tadi hilan sebab tersalah tekan. Ini menaip sekali lagi kerana penting nak cakap pasal mereka yang tak berpatutan, melampau sangat mementingkan diri mereka sahaja.

    Apa yang dia sibuk sangat dengan pendirian MPM. Kaum mereka kontrol ekonomi, kaya raya, majoriti dibidang professionals walau pun mereka hanya 23% dinegara ini. Apa lagi mereka mahu? Berpatutlah, bertimbang rasalah.

    Berilah peluang kapada mereka yang mahu dapat sedikit sama rata. Mereka melaungkan ketidak sama rataan dengan tidak menghiraukan Melayu langsung tidak ada sama rata dengan mereka dibidang ekonomi dan tenaga professional dinegara ini. Melayu sepatutnya dapat sekurang-kurangnya sama rata dengan mereka dalam bidang-bidang tersebut, walau pun majoriti dinegara ini.

    ODS: Terima kasih diatas komen anda , Wan. 🙂

  7. Saudara,

    Saya amat bersetuju dengan apa yang dihuraikan oleh Ketua Pemuda MCA- Dato Wee Ka Seng. Kita sekarang telah berada didalam abat ke-21 dan bukan lagi diabat ke-19. Kita perlu memokirkan saingan diperingkat global bukan hanya didalam negara……. Betul sekali tu.

    Tetapi jangan terperanjat dalam tempuh 10 tahun lagi bilangan yang rakyat miskin akan bertambah dalam saingan global itu. Hanya 30% sahaja yang mungkin berjaya menghadapinya. kerana mereka telah berada dihadapan lebih awal. Mungkin 70% lagi akan ditinggalkan dibelakang. Bermakna kekayaan dalam 10 tahun lagi akan dimonopoli oleh mererka yang telah mempunyai kedudukan dan asas yang kukuh. Yang miskin akan terus terhimpit dan tertekan. Akhir sekli mereka akan memberontak, menentang kerajaan dan akhir sekali mengancam yang kaya. Pengalaman negara-negara lain yang sering terpapar di dada akhbar dan kaca TV harus dijadikan pengajaran dan iktibar.

    Inilah yang sedang dilakukan oleh kerajaan BN selama ini. Untuk mengelakkan kemelut yang mungkin berlaku jika ianya perlu dibendung dari awal.

    Malangnya mereka yang telah menjadi kaya raya hasil dari dasar-dasar kerajaan dalam mewujudkan negara yang aman dan makmur tidak memberi sokongan. Mereka terus dengan sikap tamaknya untuk terus membolot kekayaan. Mereka lebih selesa melihat kemiskinan. Jika yang miskin ingin memceburkan diri dalam bidang-bidan tertentu, mereka akan diboykot dan ditekan dalam suasana saingan bebas yang mereka perjuangkan. Jauh sekali ditolong. Yang terpaksa menolong hanya kerajaan. Kebetulan yang berada dalam kerajaan adalah keluarga dari golongan yang miskin. Kalau dalam kerajaan terdiri dari keluarga si kaya, yang miskin akan terus ditinggalkan dan tidak diambil peduli.

    Hanya nasihat saya kepada yang telah kaya itu janganlah bersikap tamak. tolong-tolonglah sahabat-sahabat kamu untuk sama-sama menikmati kekayaan. Bimbinglah mereka. Bukan hanya menggunakan mereka semasai ngin mendapat projek. Selepas itu ditinggalkan.

    Salam SatuMalaysia


    ODS: Terima kasih atas komen anda, Mayday…

    Namun, perlu juga diberi perhatian.. yang cuba dipertahankan sekarang bukan ketamakan untuk membolot kekayaan, tetapi memperbaiki mereka yang lemah dan kurang berkemampuan.. kesilapan kini terletak kepada mereka yang telah menyalahgunakan kelebihan sementara itu demi kepentingan diri sendiri.

    Ini yang ditentang dan diperjuangkan.. bukan menidakkan hak orang lain untuk menikmati rezeki hidup di Malaysia.


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