And So It Is.. Sibu Won By DAP & Pakatan

New Straits Times reports:

SIBU: DAP’s Wong Ho Leng has won the Sibu parliamentary by-election with a majority of 398 votes.

He received 18,845 votes to beat Barisan Nasional’s Robert Lau Hui Yew who obtained 18,447 votes and Independent candidate Narawi Haron who only managed 232 votes.

Polling in the Sibu by-election ended at 5pm today.

Out of the 45 polling centres opened to facilitate the polling process, 10 closed at 1pm, five at 2pm, six at 3pm, two at 4pm and the remaining 22 at 5pm.

The vote counting process is currently underway and the tallying will be done at the Sibu Civic Centre here.

The result is expected to be known by 9pm.

Following is the voter turnout statistics when polling for the Sibu parliamentary by-election closed.

Total No. of Registered Voters: 54,695 (including 2,537 postal voters)
Number of voters who cast ballots: 32,742
Voter turnout: 59.86 per cent

Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said he was not satisfied with the lower voter turnout which fell lower than the 67 per cent recorded in the 2008 general election.

Meanwhile, Sibu police chief ACP Shafie Ismail said polling went smoothly except for a minor incidents of heckling among supporters of the contesting parties. – BERNAMA

I supposed that with the announcement made by SPRM on the Sibu by-election, there are few things that we should think about…

  • Is SPR not doing their job as fair as they can?
  • Is really democracy not being practiced in Malaysia (as proposed by some)?
  • What more we can debate on the openess of electing our MPs or ADUNs?

For those who are heavily involved in politics (be it Barisan or Pakatan)…

  • How well your side have served your area?
  • Are your party really up to govern Malaysia?
  • Are your party components have worked well with you in order to serve Malaysians well?
  • How much have you been in too much politicking rather doing your job as MPs or ADUNs?
  • How do you intend to satisfy stakeholders (every single ethnicity in Malaysia) under the word “FAIRNESS” which clearly have been wrongly interpreted and defined (just to satisfy ones goal)?

Let us sit back, relax and ponder what have we done since GE12? Have we improved? Have we done the right thing? Have we really being fair to ourselves and others?

And this para is dedicated to current Government under DS Najib – What have you done? If what satD’s article is true, I verily believe there are more Malaysians dissapointed for what you have done. In Hulu Selangor, millions have been given to SJK(C). Since the chinese voters did not voted Barisan’s candidate, you were being reported trying to cut a deal, again with chinese voters. Are you really that desperate? Where’s MCA for crying out loud? Where’s Dr Chua Soi Lek? What are you doing? Sleeping on the job?

OnDaStreet is just hoping that both, Barisan and Pakatan will do their best in serving Malaysians. Seriously.. too much politics have been the main headlines for much of the time since GE12. Embarassing acts also displayed in Parliaments. Some shown stupidity in comments to certain issues and some seems not learning any lesson from past mistakes.

Congratulations to DAP and Pakatan.

However, seriously, start working for the betterment by work, not too much politickings..

Question on the street: Will we have strong, efficient and effective Barisan and Pakatan to serve Malaysians? Or is it going to be dirty politics all the way that resulted the elections to come choosing between two clowns?



4 thoughts on “And So It Is.. Sibu Won By DAP & Pakatan

  1. Orang Melayu harus melihat trend ini.
    Kaum Cina akan mengundi DAP. Sebab mereka sudah sedar bahawa tidak bermakna menguasai 70% dpd ekonomi Malaysia sahaja. Kaum Cina mahu memerintah Malaysia spt yg berlaku di Singapura. Kaum Cina tidak boleh 100% memerintah Malaysia melalui parti2 MCA dan Gerakan dlm BN. Kaum Cina hanya boleh melalui DAP. Sebab DAP ada kaldai PAS utk mendapatkan undi orang2 Melayu. PAS akan hanya menganggukkan kepala dgn apa2 sahaja tindakan DAP. Tengoklah apa yg sedang berlaku di Penang dan Selangor sekarang.
    Pakatan Rakyat dgn hanya DAP dan PAS akan menang besar di PRU13 nanti! Pada masa itu, Malaysia akan jadi sebuah republik spt Singapura. Kaum Bumiputera akan mengemis di negara sendiri spt apa yg berlaku di Singapura sekarang. DAP akan mengubah perlembagaan utk mencapai cita2 kaum Cina. Pada masa itu nanti orang Melayu akan menangis! Sudah terlambat. Nasi sudah jadi bubur!
    Tahniahlah UMNO dan PAS yg bodoh.

    ODS: UMNO dan PAS sahajakah? PKR dan mereka yang konon-konon tidak mahu ambil tahu kerana beranggapan mereka akan seperti biasa biar siapapun memerintah?

    Terima kasih atas komen anda. 🙂

  2. Macamana BN nak strong kalau ketuanya asyik gadai segalanya dan kena kencing in return?

    Relakah penyokong-penyokong mempunyai pemimpin seperti ini? Asyik dok melutut melampaui batas. Yang dikendong AKAN BERCICIR (dah ada berciciran pun), yang dikejar hanya kencingnya saja yang dapat.

    ODS: Telah, Sedang dan Akan bercicir jika berterusan… hmm.. peribahasa baru… 😀

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