Does The Government NOT Advertise Job Vacancies?

First, I heard it in Bernama radio about this. Then I read this online:

KUALA LUMPUR, May 9 (Bernama) — Some 400 Chinese on Sunday applied to join the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) as investigating officer and assistant investigating officer.

Several approached said they were thankful to the government for the chance and pledged to serve well as the Chinese were not exposed and given much opportunity to join the public sector.

Sim Tik Hooi, 30, who came from Teluk Intan, Perak said the opportunity given by MACC was timely as it was not easy for the Chinese to join the civil service.

It is good that the government is giving the Chinese the chance to join MACC and this should be continued,” he said when met at MACC Career Day at Kuala Lumpur Chinese Chamber of Commerce here.

Chan Saw Seng, 26, who came from Penang said she made the long journey as she did not want to miss the opportunity.

“I want to serve the government as the number of Chinese in the public sector is too small,” she said.

Tay Sue Yean, 23, said MACC should offer more posts as other races fluent in Mandarin could also apply although it was aimed at the Chinese.

“It is better if the posts are permanent and not on contract basis,” said Tay who came from Terengganu.

Meanwhile, MACC assistant commissioner Zainal Adam said the 400 applications would be sent to the Public Service Commission for shortlisting.

He said MACC hopes to call an interview in three weeks so that the 40 posts could be filled by June.

On the radio, I heard that one of the commentators saying that he hoped that his application will be reviewed and accepted to join MACC because he has the good grasp of English and Mandarin (but none mentioned about Bahasa Malaysia). Maybe I heard it wrongly.. perhaps…

But several curiosities though… from this news, it sounded like MACC and other government agencies do not advertise vacancy jobs to the public. Weirdly enough for me because I can see advertisements of job vacancies in SPA websites and other websites on the net. Only, so far that I came across, it is in Bahasa Malaysia (in which if you have studied it since age of 7 years old, you should be able to read, understand, write and speak Bahasa Malaysia well).

More, in the advertisements, NEVER one of the criteria like shown in advert below done by government of Malaysia which limits the opportunity to be applied by non-commonly spoken language by ALL Malaysians:


These are among of the examples of job advertisements in private sector of Malaysia. We can find it easily in classifieds. Clear and precise.

Yes, it’s up to employers’ prerogative, but since we are living in multi-ethnic country, should not it be opened more to others? Besides, I believe English can cater the shortcomings in business communication.

Ignorance? I don’t know… I’ve touched on this before during the early days of this blog. Read it here.

Perhaps, this one of the things that we should ponder and improve. I merely asking, is it fair to sound as if the Government does not open chances to ALL Malaysians for any of job vacancies? They are advertised openly, without certain specific criteria as example above and it is advertised in official language of Malaysia that has been tought to ALL Malaysians since age of 7 years old at least (unless you don’t go to school or skip classes) – Bahasa Malaysia. The government have been and still open job vacancies for ALL Malaysians.

Perhaps we can shares views and thoughts on this…

What say you?

OnDaStreet’s Special Note: Be professional. I’m not opening this as racist or racial issue. It is about our economy activities in the country that we love and lived in togather.

NO, I don’t mention and have no intent of “KETUANAN MELAYU” or Malay Supremacy as none is mentioned. Clear – The Government is made up of multi-ethnic personnels and working for ALL Malaysians, whatever race or ethnic you may be.

And no, I don’t put up any “keris”, “tombak” or “lembing” for this discussion. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Does The Government NOT Advertise Job Vacancies?

  1. A Malaysian – speaks Bahasa Malaysia. A citizen of Malaysia.

    A Chinese – speaks Chinese. A more apprapriately citizen of China.

    Simple as that!

    Now why get angry at the word “Pendatang”??!!!

    ODS: I do accept they are Malaysian, born here same as current generation. The difference is.. how well are we in our own national language and be proud of it?

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