When Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik Speaks…

After so much time spending on translating satD’s articles on the “Allah” issue, finally I feel free to write something else. It is not that I don’t want to write on other matters, it is just I don’t get the right rythm if I write something else.

However, I’m not prepared to write anything on DS Anwar for now as I’m still waiting for the back and forth action made by DS Anwar and his council of lawyers theatrical act of trying to delay one more proceedings.

My message to DS Anwar:

If you are right, DS Anwar, why need to be afraid? Allah will be with you if you are innocent. With so much deeds that you’ve done for Muslims world and community, I do believe that Allah will help you to win the case if you are totally innocent. You don’t need any Aussies or foreign powers to back you up. Where’s your confidence in Allah if you are totally did not sodomised Saiful?

Anyway, my attention was caught today on an interview done by The Edge Financial Daily with the article entitled “Gerakan has lost Penang for good, says Keng Yaik“. The interview touched on few matters, but the end part had me smiling while writing this article. Tun Lim said “I tell you, I give up la talking to this government“. Is really that hard to make DS Najib’s government to hear things or some little Napolean are playing dumb? Here are some excerpts of the interview that I wish to share with you…

  • On Gerakan:

TEFD: Are you advocating that Gerakan should get out of BN?

LKY: There is nothing to get out to. How to get out?

Within BN there are no multiracial parties except in Sabah and Sarawak.

You see lah who is not working with the Ibans and Kadazans.

Clearly, I do agree with the view here. Gerakan for the meantime need to sort out their party. It is not that I want to poke my nose into their internal matters, but I do feel that in order for Barisan to strenghten their line up, every component need to buckle up. Clearly, Gerakan is one of Barisan’s hope of getting back Penang as I don’t see any significant impact that Gerakan can give in any other states in Malaysia. Gerakan need to be strong on their “home” turf.

If Gerakan has any thoughts of jump out from Barisan’s ship, for now, I don’t see it benefits Gerakan or Barisan. Why? Both at losing end, especially Gerakan. Barisan has at least other components to work with, but not Gerakan, unless they join Pakatan. However, the next question is – how Gerakan will be in the Pakatan formation? I’m in opinion that clearly DAP held Penang and sounds more like Gerakan providing assistance rather than leading role.

  • On the “Allah” issue:

TEFD: What do you make of the “Allah” issue?

LKY: (After deep thought) Both sides are right and both sides are wrong. Using constitutional rights and universal rights, the Christians might be right. But in the context of Malaysia, they may be wrong. So both sides are right and both sides are wrong.

The issue has been over-politicised. To me you should let the Council of Rulers decide and take it away from the politics and then we may be able to maintain peace and harmony.

If they decide otherwise then so be it. Even if it is loaded on the Malay and Islam side, let it be. After all they are rulers.

That is the time for the constitutional monarchy to play its part. Take it off politics since it has been politicised. And to take it off from politics, let the rulers decide.

I’m in agreement with Tun Lim. This matter should be handled in closed doors. Whatmore this issue should not be treated politically. The proceedings are not between Barisan against Pakatan but it is between The Herald and KDN. Is The Herald a political party? Who brought this matter to the court in the first place?

And weirdly enough, even Tun Lim said that “the constitutional monarchy to play its part”. And by far, constitutional monarchy has played their part, but sadly some still playing this issue politically and some muslims don’t heed to such advice that have been given.

  • Education that relates to Economy????:

TEFD: Talking about a high-income economy, can we do it?

LKY: This is difficult. If they don’t change the education policy, they cannot achieve high-income economy status. If the education policy doesn’t change with the passage of time, to produce the right human resources for the needs of this country, then we will regress and not progress.

A high-income economy must be based on people, equipped with the best knowledge and retained for the country’s use. Then we may stand a chance. If not, we can talk till the cows come home and we will regress and not progress.

I’m kind of suprised with how Tun Lim answered the question. However, I’m not totally suprised as I do see the importance of education in supporting economy strenghtening effort in a long run. With much high-income jobs relates to how much knowledge have been acquired and put into practice, clearly education plays important role in moulding better business community in Malaysia. Resources alone cannot do without having the right knowledgeable people to run it. A machine will not work properly without having a person well versed with the buttons and mechanism on the machine. If we put whoever it may be, the possibility of “umpama tikus membaiki labu” will happen.

If we don’t have the right people with the right knowledge, it will lead the possibility of wastage of effort, time, resources and perhaps, people’s money. Instead of having High Income Economy, we will have High Cost Economy.

However, this does not include making profit out of selling own assets. Profits should be made by core activities, not selling own buildings, land or assets. If this is the model, I do feel it sounded more like High Assets Sold Economy (which left us NONE) rather than High Income Economy.

  • Not Learning Chinese is not Chinese???:

LKY:… And then English should be made the medium of instruction for Maths and Science in secondary schools.

In modern education methods, there are better ways of educating people in languages than what we are currently doing. We can use audio and video to teach languages instead of the rote system. For that, I used to argue with Dong Jiao Zong in 1972 when I was still in MCA and asked them, how much Chinese do you want a Chinese to know?
The East Ender Londoner speaks English which none of us can understand and yet they are Englishmen.

Equip students with enough content in Chinese to enable them to read and write and converse in Mandarin. Or do they want every Chinese to be a literature expert and quote proverbs only Chinese in China understand? If 3,000 words is enough I can’t see how they can’t pump the students with the words within six years.

I’m English educated but can they say that I’m not a Chinese. Those days I couldn’t even speak Mandarin although I’ve picked it up now and can give a two-hour lecture in Mandarin without being able to read Chinese.

They want their mother tongue education, forgetting they are in Malaysia. Undoubtedly, the Chinese Malaysian is very appreciated in the last 20 years in the international circuit.

Aiyah.. I do believe it sounds “racist” if these words come from a non-chinese. However, does his words make any sense? I do believe that Tun Lim has nothing to lose as he is no longer in political arena. And I don’t sense any comeback from him anymore. Afterall, he has resigned quite sometime ago. So.. any sense in what he has said???

  • UMNOputras, bumiputeras, Malaysians and economy:

This will stop (Datuk Seri) Anwar (Ibrahim) from saying that we are building Umnoputeras and not bumiputeras. But we have wasted 40 years. The ones who think they can become rich quickly by joining politics should be condemned and kept out of politics and government. You know it but don’t dare say it. I’m saying it now.

In a way, I’m saying that Umno should remove these fellas. There are 50,000 Class F contractors, what for? The famous words are sub, sub, sub, sub. No wonder, our computer labs have only two “tiangs” and one roof and then collapse.

If you appreciate the experience and capability of the Chinese, why can’t we do it? The Malays should be inculcated with the value that you can make money not only through your own people but through others as well. It can be tax-free and exposure to capital when there is a Malay partner. It can be incentivised by the government and monitored.

I always ask, do you need a Malay to help a Malay?

When oil palm went up, it benefited the 75% Malays. 50% of the oil palm is produced by Felda and 25% by PNB corporates.

But I’m a Chinaman who has helped the small Malay stakeholders be it rubber or oil palm planters.

They wanted to subsidise cooking oil when the bulk of it is consumed by Chinese. Want to die ah? Taxing the poor Malay to subsidise the Chinese. They wanted to impose excess profit taxes on oil palm because of envy of KLK, IOI’s profits but they forgot about Golden Hope, Sime Darby and Guthrie and that 50% of the smallholders are from Felda.

Those words bolded do put a another smile on my face. Taxing the poor Malay to subsidise Chinese? Sounds awkward.. but it does make some sense in a way.

I believe not just Malay is lagging behind, but also other bumiputeras in terms of economic gain.

If we are to implement New Economic Model based on Growth on GDP, High Income Economy and also based on capability without taking consideration of current state of more detailed economy benefits gained by each head in Malaysia and also poverty rate based on workforce of Malaysians, we certainly inviting more gap within the community. The richer will get richer and the poor will left unattended and become poorer.

Even, I have a belief that our own Malaysian business will struggle to compete against outsiders who have better resources, foundations and back ups if we are to implement such model that allows foriegn to freely acquire whatever inside our country (be it project tender or whatsoever). Imagine, Giant to compete bid against Tesco.. what will happen? Whatmore if Kedai Runcit Ali, Ah Chong and Maniam to compete against huge Tesco just around the corner.  

Boleh hidup ka?

However, I do hope the tax that may be implemented don’t lead us to planes, cars, buses or even bicycles attacking tax officers or LHDN offices like what happened in United States when a pilot did an air attack on US Tax office.


Questions on the street: What do you imagine how our New Economy Model will be when it will be announced by DS Najib?



4 thoughts on “When Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik Speaks…

  1. There is no such thing as the new economic model. If it existed i would have known.

    ODS: Perhaps something that I’ve heard from somewhere that you have not being informed? Or perhaps something you missed along the way?

    It has been covered in the news. In 2009 – under headline “Najib: Malaysia To Forge New Economic Model“. Another one reported by Malaysian Insider – “Najib’s new economic model by end February 2010“.

    On the other hand, even Lim Kit Siang also talked about it.

    So clearly, you’ve missed reading some headlines… or perhaps you were busy with Parpu Kari too much..

    Anyway.. new blog eh? What happened? No wonder Rembau Times is not updated. Whatever it is, good luck in your latest blog. 🙂

  2. Good one On Da Street.

    Wenger J Khairy kena kagi… kesian…


    ODS: Mohamed,

    Dia yang mengenakan diri sendiri… mungkin kerana dia merasakan dia tahu semuanya tentang ekonomi dan merasakan orang lain tidak mempunyai pengetahuan tentang ekonomi…

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