‘Middle M’sia’ new strategy ~ Straits Times S’pore

After so much hassle arguing on the Allah issue, I was looking other news to read when I bumped into a news report. This is reported in Straits Times Singapore, 18th January 2010:

 Jan 18, 2010 

‘Middle M’sia’ new strategy

Opposition party hopes to win over ordinary voters by taking the middle ground


By Elizabeth Looi, Malaysia Correspondent

KUALA LUMPUR – THE opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP) yesterday coined a new term with which it hoped to win the next general election: ‘Middle Malaysia’.

It wants to reach out to the middle ground, with party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng asking members to work with its two partners from the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) alliance.’We want no part of the extremist fringes with pronouncements and positions that frighten off any decent Malaysian,’ Mr Lim said in his speech yesterday at the DAP’s national convention in Ipoh. ‘We must occupy the electoral centre – diverse and united, moderate and sensible, consistent and relevant to ordinary Malaysians. We must become Middle Malaysia.’ 

After scoring big wins in the 2008 general election, PR hopes to seize federal power by the time the 2013 polls come around. The opposition has been helped by scandals that have weakened the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition. 

However, as a Chinese-dominated party that has pushed hard to remove the bumiputera policy, the DAP knows many Malays are wary of its intentions. 

Professor Ahmad Atory Hussain of Universiti Sains Malaysia said the DAP would need the support of its two PR partners – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) – to win the middle ground.

By this news report, I would say that DAP has not stop from trying to strategize new strategies, unlike the other political parties. Whilst Barisan is having very much trouble from inside (be it UMNO, MCA and MIC and other in in components), PKR with DS Anwar facing sodomy trial (which has been dragged for quite sometime), and PAS with inside out “modernised” scandals and power struggle, DAP have a better upper hand.

With very much scandals and circus surrounding Malaysia political scene since last GE12, DAP can be considered is capitalising from such chaos and distrust that arises from such events and incidents. Why? How?

Simple.. just look around us.

Whatever matters broughts up and taken care by UMNO and Barisan, PAS will be skeptical, even though it is not caused by UMNO and Barisan in the first place. The obvious example is the recent “Allah”‘s name issue. As for UMNO and Barisan, they will try to dispute whatever PAS is doing and promised (because it has been long enough PAS looked so angelic, but exposed bit by bit).

As for MCA, they can be considered in defensive position with much have to be answered. PKFZ scandal and their internal affair alone has clouded MCA’s activities for public. Worse, DAP has been using issues revolving what MCA has done for chinese. However, for MCA to ask back what DAP has done for chinese, it will be seen as racist.

PKR? Enough with DS Anwar issues and other no clear direction what PKR is all about. MIC? Hmm.. easy to say, Sammy Vellu is the main issue and partly contribute to Indians in Malaysia looking for other options such as PPP or Makkal Sakhti.

In which, reminds me of what was written by JMD few months ago in his article. In his article, he wrote:

This statement of mine may appear ridiculous to some as it was the members of Pakatan Rakyat and their loyal subjects who had initially accused the BN government as being racist. Permit me to dissect their approach.

These extremists especially some from the DAP and PKR are actually using the strategy called the 36 stratagems. To be precise, they are mainly using 4 of those strategies to full use. They are;

1)  Kill with a borrowed knife

Basically it means, to attack using the strength of another. I can only describe this further with a quote from a DAP member who had said – ‘You have to also be practical. The present corrupt BN with its Malay/Muslim powerbase can only be challenged by a Malay/Muslim politician.’

As one of this blog’s avid commentator (Lekiu) had said – ‘For years Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh tried to end it (affirmative action) and it took another Bumiputra (Anwar) to finish it off. How strange history can be.’

2) Deceive the heavens to cross the ocean

They mask their real intention with a fake goal. In this context, the Pakatan Rakyat masked their real intention in shouting Ketuanan Rakyat slogan that creates a seemingly ‘fairer’ government’. But in actual fact, it is no more than fake cries of ‘Ketuanan Anwar’ and Malaysian Malaysia.

3) Create something out of nothing

Now this is the mother of all their strategies; to tell everyone that the BN government is racist. The idea that the BN government is racist had never been drilled in the minds of Malaysians before. With a progressive economy and stable government since 1970, Malaysia had become an economic tiger all through the 80’s and 90’s.

Furthermore, the BN government, with its good track records, had been elected more than two thirds majority in every general elections. How could a ‘racist’ government be so popular? Surely the lost of two thirds majority this time around should not be the main reason for the sudden rise of anti-racism in the country. A greater underlying factor is at work here. And the goal is to make the BN government unpopular by using racial politics as weapon.

For example, when Najib agreed to approve the licenses of scrap metal business for the Indians in Permatang Pauh, this innocent statement of his was distorted to become something that has a racist connotation to it. Every Tom, Dick and Harry in Pakatan Rakyat were foaming in the mouth claiming Najib was racist and that he had downgraded the Indians to become scrap metal collectors. They did not realise that in the first place, it was the Indian businessmen that had initially applied the licenses and it was only apt for Najib to announce it there in Permatang Pauh. It took the MAICCI to clear the air over this matter. To me, it was the Pakatan Rakyat who was being racist here but people could not see their subtle strategy.

And with so much Malaysians who think they are liberal enough and consider themselves as “middle class” without seeing “the other part of the middle”, it is easier to pin-point the faulty to the Government, without really analysing both sides of the coalitions. Really, both sides aren’t that angelic.. so it goes down to the work done by both sides in accomodating Malaysians as a whole. This is where the value of grattitude and attitude comes in.

However, I do understand that sometimes, one wrong doings cannot compare to good deeds done. Once the trust has been broken, it is hard to convince to get the trust back. Once bitten, twice shy…

Whatever it is, let say Pakatan will be in power.. how will our nation be run? Is it going to be similar  what is in Penang? Or is it referring to Kelantan or Kedah? Or much to Selangor?

Because, based on the news report above.. it will be more or less like Penang la

What say you?


2 thoughts on “‘Middle M’sia’ new strategy ~ Straits Times S’pore

  1. Salam ODS,

    Starting with my thumb, i’ll start counting, based on their influnce to the local political scene –

    Umno, Pas, Dap, Pkr and Mca.

    Well, what have we here ? Dap is indeed in the middle. Congrats !


    ODS: Aiseh.. if like that ha.. if Pakatan people put UMNO at third name also can be the same one.. hahaha

  2. It wont rhyme . ‘middle’…..

    then again, as ‘juara’, normally we give no.1…….. so the pointy finger loh.

    korek ! korek ! hahahahaa…… so ori,ma 🙂

    ODS: Hahaha

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