Dear “Judge” Wenger J Khairy

As the update given in article entitled “My Malaysia (for 2009): Open Economy.. Good or Bad?“, I’ve came across Wenger J Khairy’s article on judging Tun Dr Mahathir’s performance for Malaysian economy.

You can find the article here, and the comments are as follows:


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December 22, 2009 6:32 PM

ondastreet said…Yes, Wenger, take him to court and provide the evidence.. It’s time for you to shine, bro!

by the way.. you still dwelling on per Capita Income, GDP.. but not on inflation rate, unemployment rate..

perhaps a snipets from the past (Source: )

– Infaltion rate:

“our inflation rate is way lower than those two countries as taken by example by WJK. Why I take inflation rate as one of important facts to look at. It is due to the fact that inflation is a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time. In year 2000, the inflation rate was 4.8% while Bostwana – 12.0% and Gabon – 28.1%. Interesting indeed. According to theodora , in 2003, we were still lower than them. If these analysis to be taken into account, somehow, I beg to differ.”

– Unemployment rate:

“Now, let us look unemployment rate according to United Nations, Bostwana shows a remarkable 24% of unemployment rate (as at 2003!). As for Gabon, the latest data was in 1993, for 18% with a footnote indicating the info was for age 10 years old and above. Malaysia? 4% of unemployment rate as reported in 2004. To those who have query on why I relate unemployment rate to economics strength, Valentino Piana describes as “Economic losses from unemployment are large, since they relate to all goods and services that could be produced by the unemployed, to income losses for the unemployed household, to consumption and employment losses caused by reduced demand of the latter, to a wide range of social pathologies and health diseases”. So, in other words, it is also a determining factor. Again, I beg to differ.”

– Social background:

“Considering the countries taken by example in WJK’s argument, please find the background of the countries mentioned here and here. He has taken not quite good examples as comparison to Malaysia. Socially, Bostwana has the second highest rate in the world for AIDS and Gabon – In 1997, an IMF mission to Gabon criticized the government for overspending on off-budget items, overborrowing from the central bank, and slipping on its schedule for privatization and administrative reform. With all due respect, do you want Malaysia to improve in Per Capita and having these? I will certainly not.”

Or what just matter to you is just what’s coming into pocket only?

~ OnDaStreet

December 22, 2009 6:59 PM

Anonymous said…Yeah bro.You are right.Malaysia is very undemocratic country.It is worst compared with botswana,zimbabwe and uganda.Unless your master,Kera jamtam and his illutrious and the most competent prime minister malaysia ever had rules this country,malaysia will be in deep shit.yeah bro,you are right.Too many people dies in our country because of famine…

So bro,it is your duty to quickly influence the malaysian pheasants to first appoint your great master,kera jamtam to be a minister.and it is your duty to ensure he become a prime minister before 40.quick bro,time is running we lost F5E engines,in future who knows…what we will be losing?…quick bro…

December 22, 2009 7:40 PM

Judge Wenger Khairy said…OndaStreet
Your comment is in CONTEMPT OF COURT!
If Botswana includes in its working age population those above 10 yrs of course it will be much higher.
Er your still wet behind the years on what the working age population definition.

AIDS and Health Care
The Malaysian Health care system is one of the best in the world BECAUSE OF ALL THE EFFORTS OF PAST PRIME MINISTERS EXCEPT THE 5TH ONE.
He imported vast amounts of foreign labour and which increased the risk of contagion of many diseases.

Can you trend the level of stupidity in Malaysia after Dr Mahathir? I think its very high, maybe higher than Botswana.

But that is exactly my point, we from being one of the richest nations in the world, in terms of natural resources, now can be compared to Botswana and Gabon EXACTLY BECAUSE OF WHAT DR MAHATHIR DID!




December 22, 2009 8:09 PM

Judge Wenger Khairy said…ANON 7:40
The day KJ becomes PM will be marked with a glorious celebration. Easily our currency can achieve parity with USD or maybe GBP.

The people await the chance to go and do shopping in Paris, London and Singapore as what is enjoyed by the Family of ORANG ITU.


December 22, 2009 8:10 PM

ondastreet said…Wenger,
“If Botswana includes in its working age population those above 10 yrs of course it will be much higher”

My friend, perhaps you want to see our 10 year old children go to work ka? Hmm.. nice “rebuttal”.. perhaps someone can back u up to see 10 year old Malaysians start working already.. 🙂

And Wenger,
by you saying “Can you trend the level of stupidity in Malaysia after Dr Mahathir? I think its very high, maybe higher than Botswana.”

I suppose you are telling Malaysians starting Tun Abdullah era is stupid? Nice.. because you, me, and millions of Malaysians are currently in stupid state..

“Nice rebuttals” you have here..

December 22, 2009 8:17 PM

Judge Wenger Khairy said…CONTEMPT OF COURT!

Unemployment is taken as the % of people of WORKING AGE population who are actively seeking for jobs. So if in the calculation of Unemployment rate for Botswana, you include those >10 yrs, old , you include a demographic that is excluded by other country measures, so necessarily the unemployment rate is higher

Becareful ODS, a lot of smart people are reading my blog. These guys are economists and financiers. You may be the last smarter Mahathirist supporters, the rest being Parpukari level mentality.

Pak Lah was one of those quantum leaps in mankind to have him become PM. Hidup Pak Lah!

For a short while, Malaysians could evolve but the evil blogger forces forced him out.

December 22, 2009 8:40 PM

ondastreet said…Wenger,
I am just a man on the street.. not siding on anyone or pro to anyone.. even Tun Dr Mahathir.

If he is really proven guilty, so be it.

And Wenger, my comments here based on your comments. Not a diversion or so what not. It is based on your words, my friend..

If you find it foolish, it’s yours. Not mine.

By the way, first you quoted:

“If Botswana includes in its working age population those above 10 yrs of course it will be much higher.”

Then you said:

Unemployment is taken as the % of people of WORKING AGE population who are actively seeking for jobs. So if in the calculation of Unemployment rate for Botswana, you include those >10 yrs, old , you include a demographic that is excluded by other country measures, so necessarily the unemployment rate is higher

So, are you saying that 10 year old is already WORKING AGE? Interesting.. while Malaysians are trying to get better education for their children, you somehow suggesting that 10 year old children can start to work.

And what kind of work will it be?

~ OnDaStreet

December 22, 2009 8:54 PM

Koffi said…

As for Gabon, the latest data was in 1993, for 18% with a footnote indicating the info was for age 10 years old and above.

ODS, wenger was rite, the stat was overstated becos of the inclusion of an age group not trended in normal Unemployment ratios.

December 22, 2009 9:06 PM

ondastreet said…Well Koffi,
That’s the difference which makes either you are agreeable to Gabonese approach of allowing 10 year old children to start working or not.

The data included 10 year old, which means, if they don’t could it be the percentage to be higher or lower? Secondly, why they have to include the 10 year old? That should give you some hint that in Gabon, 10 year old children already start working to contribute.

If you are agreeable to such statement of allowing 10 year old to start working, then fine with me. But surely parents and employers in Malaysia will have a good headache.

Thank you.

December 22, 2009 9:21 PM


The reason why I copy and pasted comments and article from his article (actually along with the article) because he has the tendency to delete articles and blogs whenever he cannot defend anymore and the best part of it, claim victory. I, for one, do not write to claim any victory, but more interested in intelligent discussions. So, if I am found to be wrong, then I’ll apologize.

I just hope that if we really want to write in anger, make sure we direct it to the right person. Not just simply let it out to others. Moreover, if we claimed that we have smart readers, we should be able to write intelligently.

In regards to this comparison Malaysia and some African countries, I have made my case one year ago when Mr Wenger was trying to show that Malaysia is worse then Gabon and Bostwana under Tun Dr Mahathir’s premiership. However, it is funny when he tried again, on the same date one year later using the same argument.

Being an economist (as he claimed), I hope for a better discussion.

And by far, I do admit we are not in the best of times. However, we are not that in the condition that can cause chaos due to insufficient basic necessities. We are still lucky considering majority of us can have good food. Our children can still go to school and have considerably good basic education (if it isn’t world class standard). Better than cannot study at all (like what usually being shown on the unfortunate especially in African countries).

Even better, unknown person can still make large chunk of money in post-era of Tun Dr Mahathir (who claimed to be the bad cause of Malaysian economics).

If really under Tun Dr Mahathir is that bad, I am pretty sure his premiership will be the shortest with large chunk of spending with not really monumental development. Perhaps, an article here should be read for pleasure reading.

I am no Tun Dr Mahathir supporter. I do admire him, but if he does anything for the wrong reason, I believe he should be punished for the same cause.

So, Judge Wenger…Contempt of Court? I don’t think so. However, I rest my case as I don’t see credible answer from Wenger so far (except for later article blaming Bigdog and Parpu). (Aiya, when they write about Haji Khairy, then you attack Tun Dr Mahathir.. what are you trying to do? Marah nyamuk bakar kelambu ka?)

The best is, Judge Wenger, if you really have the proof of such, give it to the prosecutor in the event Tun Dr Mahathir is brought forward in court. And I mean REAL COURT.

OnDaStreet’s final say on this issue: Wenger, thanks but no thanks. Even you stated that “You may be the last smarter Mahathirist supporters, the rest being Parpukari level mentality”, I take it as a pinch of salt.. as I don’t consider myself as Mahathirist supporters.

Thank you. 


9 thoughts on “Dear “Judge” Wenger J Khairy

  1. Slightly off the topic, but it is interesting to read Tuan Syed’s article when he wrote about Datuk Nooryah Anvar and Mat Rempit. She was made the Head of the Traffic Police – for a very short time only.

    The Mat Rempits came to the fore during her watch. The patron saint of the Mat Rempits in those bad old days was one weird fellow from within the Pemuda who was a crony of the Son In Law. Do you all remember this? The Mat Rempit Boss was going around saying that the Mat Rempits were actually Mat Cemerlang. It was really the Dark Ages.

    Read here:-

    ODS: Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  2. I don’t see your point. What is it you want to say? That Malaysia is economically better off than Botswana? In some cases yes, in some cases no. Its not clear cut – because of Dr. Mahathir.

    We should be way ahead. But because of Dr. Mahathir, we are still around the African nation status. All the KLCCs and MSCs mean nothing if it cannot contribute to the GDP and thats the bottom line.

    Flowery language none the less, what’s your point?

    Sorry to have labelled you as a Mahathirist. I understand its a derogatory term these days.

    ODS: There are of course data that is not that pleasing, but it doesn’t mean that we are that bad. That’s all. You just take some point, but disregard other elements in assessing nation building. I do not know which school of economics taught us there is only one way of assessing economic performance.

    I wonder who were the Finance Ministers when Tun Mahathir was in power. Wasn’t one of them is DS Anwar Ibrahim, your idol? What did he do? Sleeping on job?

    1. ODS how can you say we are not bad. The country was blessed with unparalleled natural resources – oil, palm oil, rubber, tin, gold, natural gas, agricultural land, railway, roads, ports – yet now as you say “of course the data is not pleasing”.

      Furthermore we have nice beaches, a huge working age population, centre of Asean which is a regional trade powerhouse for 20 of the last 30 yrs. We are close to the international markets of India and China, economies with a combined GDP of about USD 7 trillion.

      But where are we? Busy arguing about who liwat who? Busy having an ex Prime Minister attack one of the nicest guys ever to be PM? Busy fighting about SSS? Busy being taksub with ParpuKari?

      At the same time, the FDI picture has crashed. These are facts. Facts that DM tried to deny, because DM and TDM are in denial syndrome. Rather than admit last years FDI was bad, he said, “well it was good that we managed to attract RM 20 b, when all the money is going to Vietnam??” or something like that.

      Wow! Amazing – its good to attract only 40% of last yrs investment and spend crucial time going on Jom Pi Jerlun.

      On the education front, our universities rank poorly. Our best university barely made it to the Top 200. Without an educated workforce we cannot attract FDI. With out FDI we cannot grow.

      Of course I was being dramatic. But in the dramaticism, the fact still is there. Botswana and Gabon per capita is comparable to Malaysia. This is how low we have fallen.

      Usually – in other countries people will be shocked and demand action. Over here, to kid oursleves, you want to sugar coat the truth.

      Well so be it.


      Parpu your a moron, your master is a disgrace to MITI, trying to pass a bare faced lie. Anyhow, your surviving on ill gotten money paid to you. I don’t think its going to last long. Yes you can deny it!

      Please elaborate.

      I think my point is very clear. We had competi

      ODS: Wenger,

      I don’t deny the fact that your analysis is okay. But you are missing some other points to be considered. For example, one your commentator named “Koffi” argued that the analysis for Gabon included 10 year old. But do majority of our children of 10 years old need to work their ass out to gain income for the family (considering that there are little number who lived in poverty may need to work)? Here is a logical question. Do you prefer your children to work (which I doubt it is knowledge based work like you do) or study in school?

      As for per capita income, data wise, we may look lagging behind. Why? It is because per capita is calculated based on how much income each individual of a population would receive if the area’s total income were divded equally among all members of the population. With our children is not working and generating income, certainly the data wouldn’t look nice.

      As for Gabon, it did look nice because their children already started working and contribute in calculating the per capita income.

      For readers information, Percapita income is calculated like this: pci = i/P

      pci = per capita income
      i = total personal income
      P = total population

      Note that it ignores the possibility of children who are generally not generating income. That is why, for Gabon’s data, when it was noted the data included 10 year old, as an economist who loves with stats and data, should be aware of when making assumptions.

      You also ignore inflation rate (which clearly one element that can effect one’s financially) and unemployment rate (what to eat when no income because of no job?). I’ve given the comparisons that you don’t include in assessing overall economic performance.

      Another concern is.. why don’t you give us more analysis like what you’ve done under Tun Dr Mahathir’s premiership on economic achievement during all other 5 Prime Ministers? And I believe, along the way, you’ll relate to nation’s economic landscape, social condition, etc, which are clearly a non-financial factors to be considered.

      Or your concern is just financial factors.. but not considering non-financial factors??? Hmm.. interesting.. which school of economy you study in?

      1. As for:

        “But where are we? Busy arguing about who liwat who? Busy having an ex Prime Minister attack one of the nicest guys ever to be PM? Busy fighting about SSS? Busy being taksub with ParpuKari?”

        All these mumbo jumbo is part of our own story created by us. Different opinions will occur, in whatever form. It is how we handle it. If we choose to work, we work (and someof us do, but some don’t).. but if we choose to criticise every move and taking everything inside the head, be my guest.

        For “Busy arguing about who liwat who?”, my simple view is this.. just get on with it.. why try to delay such prosecution and hearing? If he is right, why should be so afraid?

        As for “Busy having an ex Prime Minister attack one of the nicest guys ever to be PM?”, the media asking for the ex-prime minister’s opinion. And media did ask sometimes from the other ex-prime minister.. but maybe not much because either he is not willing to, or it doesn’t worthwhile to ask.. I don’t know. Whatever it is, it is up to DS Najib what to do.

        And what’s with “Busy being taksub with ParpuKari?”, who’s “taksub” with Parpu? Surely not me. But I see Haji Khairy supporters cannot sit tight when he write his articles. So, for that part, I leave it to you, Parpu and others that are concerned.

        ~ OnDaStreet

      2. Well ODS,
        No point really arguing.
        Truth will prevail.
        Lets c FY 2X10.
        And then FY 2×11
        And then FY 2X12
        And then FY 2X13

        At FY 2X13, be prepared for major fireworks in our currency market. So you got 4 years more to be in denial before the international markets deliver one heck of a wake up call.
        The last time they did so in 1998, ….well you know the story.


        ODS: Hmm.. interesting.. you were arguing about how Malaysia performed during premiership of Tun Dr Mahathir and he has left in 2003.

        For 10 years after (2X13), you still put anything on economics on Tun Dr Mahathir..

        Anyway, there are two Prime Ministers after Tun Dr Mahathir, yet you put the blame on him..

        Where’s the logic???

        Anyway, DS Najib has one Oxford graduate in his disposal.. cannot do anything ka? Plus, if not mistaken he said he can help even without any minister post…

        And what about the study on economics on other 5 Prime Minister? Can you do it?

  3. MUAHAHAHAHAHA, Well ODS u hit straight to the point sir! This wenger fella is stupid a**hole, he know nothing but yet he is claiming that he is an economist! Nak termuntah aku tengok cara tulisan dia bro!

    Last-last dia blame aku dan Big Dog, inilah askar upahan KJ!

    Seriously KJ should resign now! Memalukan betul!

    ODS: Parpu bro… Wenger does know something.. no doubt about that.. only that he took some measures just to justify his “truth”.

    For now, if KJ should resign, not because of Wenger or any of Haji Khairy supporters. What Haji Khairy’s supporters need to do now is not diverting issues and too much promoting Haji Khairy. If there’s any “attack”, defend with fact and honour.

  4. Sorry to butt in..but after reading the comments-reply-comment-reply session I thought it is becoming meaningless la ODS. From what I see, the answer from the ‘Judge’ himself is a buta hati one. Not to be worry, I am not a smart peasant, so I will stick to normal peasantry words, instead of ‘smart words’ used by ‘smart-mouth economist’. And I am a neutral in raising my opinion.

    1. While the ‘Oxford-guy’ is ‘selalu kena jek’ wif his supporter, I don’t see him do anything. You are criticising about the ‘spending crucial time on Jom Pi Jerlun’, did you forget about ‘Pade Doh’ things ?? Well for me, spend all the time he/she had to ‘Jom Pi Jerlun’, and I dun give a damn, as the time that spent is he/her own time, but spending rakyat money on a political campaign (a failed one, mind you) with the hope of getting a flashy victory and being a great hero? And failed? WTF man? How idiot can the guy be? He doesn’t know his own backyard (might be he’s not ‘berjiwa Malaysia’ after all) yet he boast about winning on enemies ground? Using rakyat money too? How clever and very well thought tactician he is….

    2. In 22-years of Premiership, none of the issues that you mention were brought to the light of the people, and seems that not much people care, as they are not so suffering under the Premiership of Tun. Good work, good life, good environment I think.. But after Pak Lah take charge, everything’s fall apart and people are starting to feel the ‘heat’. Is this what you called a good leadership qualities ? By making the people suffer with your decision? Spending RM270B in 5 years? Caught sleeping on the job ? If that’s a conduct of a good leadership, then I have to say no more. And it’s shows why Malaysia economy is going down day by day. Cause we have some ‘economist’ that thinks like you. 😀

    And for me, I’ve a privileged of being an idiot as I am a peasant. But still there is pride and honour that I uphold for my country. But my pride and honor for my country did not include ‘buying’ seat and votes to rise to power. Called it being naive, but for me it’s not the way leaders should be selected (unless you’re from any kongsi gelap or gangs of pirate). It might be just rumor about that, but anybody can explain why did some of the PEMUDA UMNO chanht the same verses during the announcement of the new Ketua Pemuda UMNO ? Anyone got the balls? And BTW, berapa banyak dia bayar engkau ‘to smack his balls with your honey lips’, eh Judge ?

    ODS: Thank you for your comment, The Peasent. For me, it is obvious the “Judge” himself has diverted to other issues and put the blame on Tun Dr Mahathir even years after Tun Dr Mahathir stepped down. I don’t recall Tun Abdul Razak blame economic approach taken by Tunku, Tun Hussein Onn criticize Tun Abdul Razak’s economics’ approach and even Tun Dr Mahathir don’t say anything bad about what Tun Hussein’s plan for our economic..

    Perhaps the Judge can justify the diversion.. or else, many would agree that the Judge has made a prejudice view due to hatred on Tun Dr Mahathir. 🙂

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