Painting Racism on OnDaStreet and Malaysian Football

Update at 2.52pm

Further comments from the same article.. which shows how it is diverted from football to something else.

Lets Kick Racism Out of Football said…

You have not answered my question.
How can you support an openly racist leader and still say “Congrats to Rajagopal”. Wenger highlighted the issue. Either you agree with TDM and refuse to give acknowledgement to the coach or you disagree with TDM racism and can give acknowledgement to the coach who is a non Malay.
Its a simple question, Yes or No.
Either way its fine.

December 14, 2009 9:15 PM

ondastreet said…Lets Kick Racism Out of Football,
If you read between the lines, you’ll get the answer.

OK. Here’s my stand.

In the matter of any Tun Dr Mahathir’s remarks that is racist towards other races, I don’t agree.

That is why, I don’t feel any guilt or what soever in congratulating K. Rajagobal for coaching Malaysian team to the finals of SEA games 09.

As I said, I comment based on issue.. not person..

In this matter, K. Rajagobal do his job for Malaysia.. and for that, I congratulate him.

Thank you. 🙂

~ OnDaStreet

December 14, 2009 9:35 PM

Lets Kick Racism Out of Football said…So when TDM calls other races pendatang asing and when he signals Utusan to whack the Indians thats being polite.
Ok no problem.
I have no issue with racist. I have only issue with hypocrites

December 14, 2009 9:56 PM

ondastreet said…Lets Kick Racism Out of Football,
So, I suppose that you don’t have any issue with me, unless you are labelling me as “hypocrates” too.

Have a nice day!:)

~ OnDaStreet

December 14, 2009 10:01 PM

Lets Kick Racism Out of Football said…Well its a person individual choice to decide what is true or false. The color is genuinely black but to some its white.

Anyway, I am with Wenger on this one. Dr M is a racist. The worst type. That is my opinion.

December 14, 2009 10:38 PM

ondastreet said…And now Lets Kick Racism Out of Football,

since you are clear with my stand…

what does have it to do on your comments with my comments on football, racist politicians and Tun Dr Mahathir? Because I don’t recall of relating any politicians that who is racist in my comments on Malaysian football.

and why did you write:

“If Malaysia went out in the group stage, then its an Indian fault. If Malaysia wins gold medal then congrats to Rajagopal but Indians are still the politik too much people.”

As I recall, I don’t write in that kind. It’s you, “Lets Kick Racism Out of Football”. 🙂

And to Mr Wenger, I believe that you can read my answers to Lets Kick Racism Out of Football on where I stand (as you should have known), and automatically answered your “confusion” in the article earlier.

Which I wonder.. I talked about Malaysian football.. how come other matters like racism and Tun Dr Mahathir come into the picture?

~ OnDaStreet

December 14, 2009 10:52 PM


Very the “susah one” when we touch matters in relating to YB Hj Khairy Jamaluddin. Really out of topic..

~ OnDaStreet


Original article:

After I’ve made my comments and  article.. out of sudden I sense that a racist image is tried to be printed on me (just because I commented on YB Hj Khairy on football). You have seen the earlier part.. and now the latest part

Monday, December 14, 2009 

KJ’s Fledglings Make It to the Final.

Bouyed by the return of their talismatic Team Manager from Mekkah, the Malaysian National Team are well on their way to repeat the Spirit of ’88, after they dispatched Laos with ease at last nights epic Semi Final.

They beat their hosts 3-1 with style pressing right from the get go. They dominated the midfield and frequently attacked via the flanks. ‘Welsh Wonder’, Abdul Manaf Mamat was in inspired form as the Laotian defence found it impossible to contain his mazy runs.

And on the 13th minute, he floated a beautiful cross which was met with superb diagonal header by Baddrol Bakhtiar.

Malaysia 1 – Laos 0

However our national team seemed to lose their way after the taking the lead. The Laotians bouyed by their 20,000 crowd kept pressing and on the 72′ min they equalised with some dude.

But our boys are made of sterner stuff, having been put through a specially designed mental preparation course and determined to bring glory to manager and country.

K. Rajagopal, a Malaysian of Indian descent, whose race is frequently disparaged by a certain racist ex-Prime Minister, made an inspired decision to replace a weary Sabree Mat Abu with Muhd Azmi Muslim. Azmi proceeded to take charge playing as a libero and ensuring the ball was played upwards.

And in the 79′ minute, this paid off. Like a ‘fox in a box’, Baddrol struck again, toe poking the ball into the Laotian goal after S. Kunalan’s initial attempt rebounded off the post.

5 Minutes later, the game was over. Safiq Rahim with a pile driver that the keeper had no chance of saving.

The crowd was silenced in Laos but in Rembau it was delirious.

Shouts of ‘Hidup KJ’ and ‘Hidup Malaysia’ filled the lively atmosphere. A couple of two fat boys who were walking past had stones pelted on them as someone spread the rumour that they were Parpukari and Big Dog off to some illegal rendezvous.

And so the national team is now 1 step away from emulating a historic feat.

It is yet an unlikely twist to the never ending saga surrounding Malaysian football. A story line that had looked bleak until one certain young Oxford graduate took over the reigns,



Shouts of ‘Hidup Malay

Posted by Wenger J Khairy at 5:38 PM



ondastreet said…Well, well.. it seems you choose to glorify KJ in football.

Good luck.

In a way, coincidently someone said this on this date one year ago:

“Hey ODS,
I was surprised when KJ started to play the football card around a couple of weeks ago. Once again, another ill advised approach, and right now it looks so shallow.
Sometimes, KJ may be his own worst enemy!
As to the state of football, hmm…, everything and a lot of money has been thrown at the problem and yet there are no solutions.

I think its more symblomatic of the general lack of competitiveness around here.
No solutions from me, just an observation”


Well done to the Malaysian football team. And as Hj Hasbullah Awang said in the match coverage last night, “Congrats to K.Rajagobal and the boys for making into the final match”.

~ OnDaStreet  

December 14, 2009 6:39 PM  

Wenger J Khairy said…Yes – that was me!
That showed that even I thought KJ was taking a huge risk in being involved in football. But KJ is made of sterner stuff and stuck to it through thick and thin.
Thats why I am only a blogger and he is a leader.
Hidup KJ!  

December 14, 2009 7:00 PM  

Lets Kick Racism Out of Football said…Dear Onadastreet,
I have seen your comments a lot in other pro TDM blogs. Actually i want to know how can you can you say congrats to Rajagopal and at the same time support TDM who considers all non Malays as pendatang and implies that Indians like to politik a lot? If racist, then racist. Cannot be racist one time and say congrats another time. Macam ni its like hangat hangat tahi ayam. If Malaysia went out in the group stage, then its an Indian fault. If Malaysia wins gold medal then congrats to Rajagopal but Indians are still the politik too much people.   

December 14, 2009 7:15 PM  

ondastreet said…Lets Kick Racism Out of Football,
I comment based on the issue and article, not based on the person.

Same goes here. If I am to relate all matters relate to KJ, then it would not be focused on what is really being discussed.

Have you really read through my comments and articles? If you do, then you should realize that I’ll credit when it is due, even to whoever it is. Same goes when criticising.

Because no human is perfect.. there’s good and bad in anyone.

And my friend, I would say like you wrote “If Malaysia went out in the group stage, then its an Indian fault. If Malaysia wins gold medal then congrats to Rajagopal but Indians are still the politik too much people.”

Why? In Malaysian football team, there are others who play in the team.

So, are you really meant by your “name” (Lets Kick Racism Out of Football)???

If you do, you wouldn’t write like that. 🙂

Thank you.

~ OnDaStreet
Thank you.  

December 14, 2009 8:12 PM

ondastreet said…A little correction on:

And my friend, I would say like you wrote “If Malaysia went out in the group stage, then its an Indian fault. If Malaysia wins gold medal then congrats to Rajagopal but Indians are still the politik too much people.”

Why? In Malaysian football team, there are others who play in the team.

So, are you really meant by your “name” (Lets Kick Racism Out of Football)???

If you do, you wouldn’t write like that. 🙂

It should be

And my friend, I would NOT say like you wrote “If Malaysia went out in the group stage, then its an Indian fault. If Malaysia wins gold medal then congrats to Rajagopal but Indians are still the politik too much people.”

Why? In Malaysian football team, there are others who play in the team.

So, are you really meant by your “name” (Lets Kick Racism Out of Football)???

If you do, you wouldn’t write like that. 🙂

December 14, 2009 8:37 PM

Now readers. In what manner did I comment and write that shows me a racist and support a racist? Is it because that I commented in pro-Mahathirs blog (but I do comment on that not pro-Mahathirs.. example – Wenger’s who is clearly not a Mahathir’s fan)? As I know myself,  I don’t always relate everything to Mahathir every time I comment. Please provide every little details that I blindly relate everything and anything to racist remarks.

Well, maybe that’s the price for commenting on YB Khairy Jamaluddin. So, in other words, sometimes, it is not just because of KJ that people of tired of.. it’s the bloggers that supports KJ and supporters of KJ (mark Wenger’s words).

Wait.. who is actually make racist remarks? Read the words in red.

OnDaStreet’s thought at the moment: Don’t know what to say.. Sad? Perhaps.. because I purely talk about football.. but just because talk about KJ, an image of racism is tried to be painted.

Who’s writing in racism mode? Certainly not me! 😀

5 thoughts on “Painting Racism on OnDaStreet and Malaysian Football

  1. This wenger guy is really the perfect KH buttlicker. Anyway… I do support the Malaysia team and fantastic games they had against Laos. BTW I hope KJ and the stupid Wenger die in a car crash because this 2 idiots death will bring prosper to malaysia as well as our national football team. Wenger, I know that you are 60 years old already… like malays will say..” rumah kata pergi, kubur panggil mari” bertaubatla… jgn bagi anak2 melayu kencing atas kubur hangpa.

    ODS: Zam Penang, if not mistaken, Wenger claimed he is not a muslim.. therefore what you’ve said at your last sentence might not be applicable to him.

    Anyway, just one more game.. against Vietnam. However, I am wary of them as we have lost to them head-to-head three games in a row already. And the last game is not pretty too.. lost 3-0 and red card.

    Hope they’ll do their best and win the gold medal. 🙂

  2. ODS
    Thanks for not having reprimanded your commentator to that death wish on me. Its been a pleasure knowing you for the last 1 year. My impression of you is quite accurate.

    Zam Penang.
    And I’d be careful about that death wish. Stranger things have happened.

    Wenger J Khairy

    ODS: I don’t reprimanded Zam Penang as his death wish based on the understanding you are a muslim. And for such, since you are not, I am in opinion that his death wish is not affecting you in any way (unless his wish (doa) is easily “makbul”). And that leads as to why I said it might not be applicable as you won’t believe it.

    However, if you feel unease, I’m sorry.

    About your impression towards me, I’m sorry to say that since you tried to paint racism on me, it does not really matter to me.

    Seriously, as a blog pal, I respected you for your intelligence before.

    However, when you started to accuse me for who I am not (this time is not the first time), being unprofessionally diverting issues (I talked about football, and you relate it about Tun Dr Mahathir and racism, which is really out of topic) I cannot tolerate such.

    Weirdly, to think about it, you do this everytime you failed to give me a credible answer.

    The most remembered moments are that twice before you deleted your blog when I gave one of the last comments. Twice because I advise you as a pal to be careful in your KJ’s glorification of praising KJ too much and the same time bashing DS Najib as if DS Najib is nothing compared to KJ. I’ve told you that DS Najib is KJ’s boss. It is not good to bash big boss just to please you immediate boss and hoping big boss will get your bos in a better place.

    Whatever it is, thank you for your comments. 🙂

  3. I still don’t see the point for “Hidup KJ!!”
    We should congratulated K.Rajagopal and the players,and not to forget the chef-de-mission first.
    must it be just for KJ while there are still others in the executive committee?

    Executive Committee of FAM :

    KDYMM Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al- Musta’in Billah
    Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Abu Bakar Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mu’adzam Shah

    Dato’ Redzuan Tan Sri Sheikh Ahmad
    YB Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar

    Dato’ Haji Che Mat Jusoh
    Affandi Hamzah
    Haji Ahamad Mohamad
    Dato’ Kapt. Gulzar Mohamad

    GENERAL SECRETARY: Dato’ Azzuddin Ahmad

    TREASURER: Dato’ Cheong Keap Tai

    there are no reason to be rasist in football.
    WJK is just making a stupid point of view.

    ODS: Maaf kerana meng”edit” sebahagian komen anda, SuaraJagat. Terima kasih atas komen anda.

  4. Seriously, WJK should read:


    … on how a good journalist or even blogger gave match report. I doubt he read about it since he’s already a 60 years old uncle. Let me give you some example…

    The word ‘Talismanic’ is often used to portray the guy who is actually known as ‘key player’, ‘the man’, ‘team captain’… well, most of if does suits Haji KJ, except that he IS NOT running around on the football pitch, get tackled to the ground or even taking the throw-ins. People like Giggs, Gerrard, Raul, Del Piero IS the talismanic leader, taking all kind of flak when the team underachieved and our very own Zaquan Adha is the talismanic man for the team for his foolishness in committing double foul resulting a red card.

    If you read clearly without your KJ-Tinted glass, success in football match is all down to the coaches and his team. When Manchester United win, not because of Bobby Charlton. When Liverpool win, not because Kenny Dalglish. So is Real Madrid with Puskas or Alfredo De Stefano, Juventus with Platini…

    If there is, they are deserved to be mentioned as they live and breath their club. Charlton was Man United through and through having gone up the ranks in the 50’s. Dalglish was Liverpool top striker in the 70’s and even managed the club to a considerable success. Puskas and De Stefano was dubbed the best striking partner in Real Madrid, Platini rules Italian Football with Juventus. Even with their statue as the club legend, they hardly got a mention in match report. In fact, nada! Zilch!

    By the same rules, who is/was KJ?? armchair fan?? definitely yes. trying to get young people support through sports. vice president?? fine. he might have lots of ideas. Football coach??? duhhh!! does he even knows the term ‘pig in the middle’??

    Success on the football pitch is ONLY achieved ON the football pitch. not from men with the power tie and power wheels. All credit goes to Rajagopal and his boy wonder. Politicians, stay away from football. You are making it worse. People like WJK, really should be shame of himself with that article…

    Talisman… hahaha… my (insert any parts of human anatomy here that you will be offended with)…

    ODS: Thank you Rizwan. It is certainly refreshing to really read something that is just about football without politics inside.

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