Sekolah Satu Aliran: vinnan and Dong Zong – One of a kind

A few days ago, Sekolah Satu Aliran was discussed in Di Luar Lingkungan @ TV1 with paneled by: 

  • Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim
    Sejarawan Negara
  • YB Ir Haji Hamim Samuri
    Ahli Parlimen Ledang
  • RS Thanenthiran
    Presiden Makkal Sakhti

Two of them agreeable to SSS, but RS Thanenthiran not really in the same tone. Satu Sekolah portal was aired in the early part of the show and so did OnDaStreet’s.

It seems that this topic keep on being discussed. One of the latest, Dong Zong released a reply in regards with this matter. It sounded like this:

Chinese groups against national schools’ BM syllabus
Kong See Hoh

Yap Sin Tian

Pheng Yin Huah
KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 17, 2009): A number of Chinese groups are against the Education Ministry’s proposal for vernacular primary schools to adopt the same syllabus used in national schools for the Bahasa Malaysia (BM) language subject, the Chinese press reported today.
Currently, the BM textbooks used in Chinese and Tamil primary schools are different from that used in national schools. So are the UPSR (Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah) BM examination papers.

Responding to a report in Sin Chew Daily, which broke the story on standardising the BM syllabus on Monday, Dong Zong (United Chinese School Committees Association) president Dr Yap Sin Tian sees the move as burdening pupils from vernacular schools who have to grapple with three languages.

He pointed out that for Chinese schools, where BM is taught as a second language, to adopt the same syllabus as that used in national schools, where BM is taught as a first language, goes against the principles of the national education philosophy.

He said Chinese school pupils have to learn three languages and cannot be expected to follow the same syllabus and the same way of learning BM as their peers in national schools.

To force Chinese schools to adopt the same syllabus will also affect the character of these schools, he said.

He urged the ministry not to resort to all means to change the syllabuses in Chinese schools. National Union of Heads of School president Pang Chong Leong echoed Yap’s concern on the possibility of an added burden on Chinese schools pupils.

He was worried that Chinese schools pupils might not be able to catch up as they have one more language to learn than national school pupils.

Pang, who said he had made clear the union’s stand at a meeting with the ministry, hoped that it would think thrice on the proposal.

Hua Zong (Federation of Chinese Associations in Malaysia) president Tan Sri Pheng Yin Huah said instead of raising the standard of BM in vernacular schools, the move may backfire as the pupils, because of the medium of instruction in their schools, may have problems coping with syllabus of a higher standard.

He said pupils may end up with an aversion to the language, and “worse still for Chinese schools, parents seeking better environment to learn the national language may decide to send their children to national schools where Chinese language is already made a subject”.

Wee Ka Siong
United Chinese School Alumni Association of Malaysia said in a statement that Chinese schools cannot accept the proposal as it is a roundabout way of reducing the number of classes for subjects taught in Mandarin.
It has been reported that the ministry proposed that along with the change in syllabus, vernacular schools will have to teach BM an additional 90 minutes a week, at the expense of other subjects.

On Monday, Education Director-General Datuk Alimuddin Md Dom told Nanyang Siang Pau that the government is considering adopting national school BM syllabus in vernacular schools beginning with Year One in 2012.

He said if the pilot project proves successful in Year One, it would be extended to other classes.
He said the move is aimed at bring the standard of the language in vernacular schools to be on par with national schools.

However, he said it is still at the conceptual stage.

Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said the ministry needs in-depth studies on the proposal and has yet to make a decision.

He said he had objected to the proposal in at least three internal meetings.

JMD posted an article in regards with the reply and given his thoughts. And one of the commentators, vinnan replied to a comment given earlier.  Interesting to see that vinnan that I know (by his/her comments) usually gives such short and full of hatred and provocation comments.

Below is his comment, portioned and divided for my response to his reply comment.

You are wrong. In the US you will find schools teaching in Spanish and even have government forms in Spanish. You will also find Chinese schools teaching in Mandarin.

ODS: Don’t they still use English as main medium of language? Do they or do they not?

As for the lack of enthusiasm in learning the national language, please do not blame the Chinese. In the 1960’s and early 1970’s Chinese vernacular schools were NOT the school of choice for Chinese parents. Chinese parents sent their kids to the English medium schools because the standard of education of these schools were better than the Chinese schools.

ODS: We are talking about Bahasa Malaysia, not English. However, since you are banking on better English, if really English is that good in SJKs that made parents shift to SJKs, the SJKs should also make sure Bahasa Malaysia is excellent too. Ain’t it? After all, which “National” are we referring to? Malaysia or Chinese or Indian?

Then your Razak ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ decided to change everything into Malay and promoted the Malay language dominance ideology over academic excellence. As if the drop in academic excellence was not bad enough the UMNO government added Islam to these schools turning them into nothing but pathetic Taliban wannabe rubbish centers. Fortunately, Chinese majority Singapore did not adopt this idiotic, myopic and racist view. Now their universities are to say the least light years ahead of the ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ universities in Malaysia.

ODS: Wasn’t “Razak” you say the Prime Minister of our country at that time? He was our leader, and I suppose that with info provided and where he was standing at, he and his ministers must have seen what need to be done as a whole. Furthermore, Bahasa Malaysia is the National Language. Therefore, such statement like “promoted the Malay language dominance ideology over academic excellence” for me sounded as if someone is in ignorance indeed.

Although Islamic teachings (like other religions in this world) is applicable to all humankind, the effort taken is to emphasize more on muslim community, yet still using National Language as main medium of teachings and interaction. In other words, the religous schools are still condoning to National Education System and using National Language.

The Chinese and Indians reject the SKs because the government is more interested in using them to brainwash the Malays into dying for the ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ ideology rather than the promotion of academic excellence as their primary function.

ODS: Brainwash? Is that the highest priority in giving education all Malaysians and trying to push for academic excellence? In what way does this “brainwash” being implemented in SKs.. I wonder…

For all you Melayus who think the vernacular schools should disappear, please remember that it was UMNO’s stupid racist ideology which rescued the Chinese and Tamil schools. Your UMNO racist are responsible for the shitbucket Malaysia has for an education system. The non-Malays WILL never accept blame for this pile of shit.

ODS: The starting of this para itself already shown how racist one can be. Is SK is just for Malay? Since when we heard any of Sekolah Kebangsaan Jenis Melayu all over Malaysia? Since when is all about UMNO? Where have the others been? Is it, by those words uttered means that other Barisan component parties which have gone through many elections and voted to take care of this nation, do not involve in ANYTHING in regards to management of this country?

As for such reasons given for opposing the idea, I have yet to read a brilliant reason to justify such act of not agreeable to One School System.

Question from OnDaStreet: Which National are you referring to? Malaysia or others?


8 thoughts on “Sekolah Satu Aliran: vinnan and Dong Zong – One of a kind

  1. vinnan, whether he is a keling pariah or menyamar as keling pariah, is one of the kind that need to be exterminated, rid-off from this beloved land.

    ODS: Hmm.. unique he/she is that makes this life more colourful, ain’t it? It just perhaps, he/she went too much and without substance in his/her comments. All is bad about this country…hmm.. which perhaps make some sense when people ask why still stay in this country..

    Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  2. yeah. just read the post from JMD. posted a comment myself. do read it as soon as the moderator approve it. thanx. 🙂

    have a great weekend. oh. that’s just me. kat kedah cuti jumaat sabtu. hehe.

    ODS: Well, I supposed that the wish is more suitable to you tomorrow and the following day.. Nevermind, insyaAllah I’ll have mine too. 😀

  3. Sdr ODS,

    Saya melihat paparan berita ini mengenai “various Chinese umbrella organisations” di Malaysia ini.


    Kita lihat:-

    1. Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Malaysia (ACCCIM) yang fokus kpd “business and economic matters”

    2. Federation of Chinese Associations of Malaysia (Hua Zong) yang fokus kpd “culture and Chinese-related affairs”

    3 & 4. United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong) & United Chinese Schools Teachers Association of Malaysia (Jiao Zong) yang fokus kpd “education”

    5. MCA yang fokus kpd “politics”

    6. Malaysia Chinese Seven Major Clans Association yang mewakili “Hakka, Cantonese, Teochew, Hokkien, Hainanese and others”

    Kita semua tahu bhw MCA adalah parti komponen BN (kerajaan) dan Dong Zong nampaknya nak jadikan negara ini negara China.

    Kaum China mempunyai gerakan yang terancang serta khusus, saling berkerjasama dan bantu membantu walaupun satu drp persatuan itu mungkin berada di dalam kerajaan dan satu lagi mungkin berada diluar ataupun pembangkang. Mereka saling berkerja sama untuk mencapai objektif mereka.


    Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) ditentang hebat oleh Dong Zong. Wee Ka Siong (Pemuda MCA) pernah suatu ketika dahulu ingin membuat laporan polis terhadap promoter SSS.

    Apakah perlu kita mengambil iktibar tentang perkara ini?

    “Malaysia Maju Jaya”

    Semerah Padi

    ODS: Terima kasih atas komen saudara. 🙂

  4. Me too. Came accross vinnan at Harris Ibrahim. He is good. He learned from his parents well. What ia keling pariah btw? Sound intriguing.

    ODS:I just hope vinnan and any of his/her type will one day change for the betterment.

    Thank you for your visit. 🙂

  5. If the’re referring themselves to China and India, so pack up your stuffs and go home. Malaysian doesnt need you. Why cant those stupid bunch including Deputy Minister think properly for the sake of National Aspiration. Why everything must be Chinese? Are you Malaysian or PRC citizen?

    visit my blog at

    ODS: I am pretty sure that I am Malaysian. InsyaAllah, I’ll dropped by your blog. 🙂

  6. If you guys like to call an indian; keling or pariah, i wonder whether we can call you malay this and that. when we give you name, then will make police report, seditious and ISA.

    Use your brain before calling indian keling or pariah. or calling the chinese this and that.

    How can you truly have a heart for unity when you making such derogatory term for other races? It’s really that sincere of you group in promoting unity? On one hand shouting unity through SSS and on another hand, shouting keling pariah. I can imagine you in SK bullying the other races and how can you expect other races to respect you.

    If you group happened to be in my SK school and calling the indian with such name, I bet everyone of you will be lying in hospital and have your big mouth shut. In all my years in SK, i haven’t had a malay buddy that is as arrogant as you group here. Maybe many of you haven’t even mixed well with other races in all your years in SK or religious school. So, ODS, now you know why an SSS is not the key to unity. Your group of commentators is one fine example.

    ODS: jebat fren,

    It is indeed not nice to address what the others do not like to hear, but I suppose that vinnan “deserves” how people in blogosphere treat him/her back because he/she always started giving hatred comments and always full of provocations with racist views. That is why he/she is banned from some blogs from giving comments.

    I have seen quite a lot of comments that has been given by vinnan, and he/she always sparked hatred to bumis, especially malays. I’m not taking sides, but seriously most of the times vinnan started it first.

    However, your concern is noted, and I do hope we should do our very best in constraining ourselves from being easily provoked by racist type like vinnan.

  7. To jebat friend above,

    I also have Chinese and Indian friend and they don’t speak rubbish like Vinnan, and if my Chinese or Indian friend speak to me like that, don’t expect that I will say nice thing too. In short, it is directed to people like Vinnan and I can understand if you say the same thing to whoever Malay who behave like Vinnan, its fair and square! Its goes also to people like you who talk about equality but run away when we talk about same stream school, fair and square.

    ODS: Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  8. vinnan adalah saki baki geng2 jahat sjsandteam yang cuba memporak-perandakan negara…

    ODS: vinnan saki baki sjsteam????

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