Backing One School To Be Better Malaysian

One by one important figures giving out their opinion on such ideas of implementing One Single Stream School. Yesterday, the latest important figure in Malaysia has voiced his opinion – Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed. Here is the news reported by Bernama:

November 03, 2009 23:47 PM

To Be Malaysian, We Must Go To The Same School – Tun Dr Mahathir

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 3 (Bernama) — To become a Malaysian, one must at least go to the same school, said former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He said a single stream school was an ideal system practised by other countries in the world.

“Well, I think that is an ideal system…no country in the world has got three streams…none…all the countries in the world have got only one stream each based on their own language.

“You can have some schools (of other stream) but the general education must be in one stream,” he told reporters after launching Rhythm of the 21st Century – Monologues of Raja Shahriman which showcased the latest artworks of Malaysia’s contemporary sculptor Raja Shahriman Raja Aziddin at Galeri Petronas, here Tuesday.

However, Dr Mahathir said in this country, you could not even talk about it because the Chinese educationists were very vehement that their children must be like Chinese.

“The Chinese educationists do not even want Chinese children to be near Malay children.. they mustn’t get into contact with Malay children… that is why they rejected our vision school,” he said.

However, he said it was bad to remain completely separate to the point where you did not allow your children to mix with other children of other races.

“We are very free, we allow you to retain your name, you culture, your religion but to be a malaysian, we must at least go to the same school,” he said.


With latest statement made by Tun Dr Mahathir, I verily believe that this matter will be more widely discussed from many point of views. With DS Najib given his thoughts, opinion made by MIC, Dong Zong and SJK Tamil Malaysia,  it will be surely interesting indeed to see how the idea of single stream school will be discussed and debated over.

Some opposed, and some agreed. Some given their reasons for such disagreement on the idea (basically afraid that their heritage will be forgotten), and some gave rationales for the purpose of better unity for Malaysians.

I’m not rubbishing such opinions and thoughts that against the idea of one stream school, but please, can those who opposed give such rationale that not easily show what mentality and perception you have?

It has been quite some time that any ideas in regards to Malays and Bumis are considered as “racist”. Such reason of not supporting the idea (Dong Zong’s reason for example – every ethnic have their own heritage to preserve) for me can be considered weak. Why?

If such reason is given of preserving heritage of one ethnicity, then what about other ethnics in Malaysia? Have we ever hear reasons given that Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Melayu, Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Iban, Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Kadazan and Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Orang Asli to preserve Malay, Iban, Kadazan and Orang Asli’s heritage? For me, reason given by Dong Zong nothing more than just a selfish and show no enthusiasm in moulding a more united Malaysian.

Furthermore, how can a single stream school in Malaysia can make any heritage in Malaysia become extinct? Have you ever heard the Sabahans and Sarawakian lost their heritage due to Sekolah Kebangsaan in Sabah and Sarawak?

Sometimes, nasty thoughts come into my mind.. is it without “Jenis Kebangsaan Cina” and “Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil”,  only the heritage of chinese and indians that easily can be extinct, but not other ethnic?

Can someone give me a very logical answer?

Questions on the street: If we are to wait.. can you tell me, until when we are ready to have one stream school?

So much for labelling some Bumis to be racist…




8 thoughts on “Backing One School To Be Better Malaysian

  1. If I got 100 Malaysians of Russian decent can we have our school?

    ODS: 100 Malaysians of Russians or 100 Russians of Malaysians?

    Either way, I supposed that heritage of all ethnics in Malaysia except for chinese and indians in jeopardy as they are the only one having SJKs (using their “great” reason).

    Thanks for your comment, satD. 🙂

  2. The claims that Singapore Government closed the vernacular schools and have a single school for all are completely wrong

    1. Intake in chinese schools started to drop drasticly when parents saw that ENGLISH education led to better jobs. The Singapore government only closed the chinese schools when enrollment became negligible. Nanyang Universdity was closed because with the feeder primary and secondary schools were no more. THERE WAS NO COMPULSION. The choice was by the parents.

    2. There is NO SINGLE SYSTEM in Singapore. The Malays can and still choose to study in MADRASAHS. Only not too recently the goverment compelled them to teach English, Maths and Science in addition to religous lessons and Arabic. This was because madrsah graduates couldnt find jobs

    In conclusion it was the parents who closed the chinese schools while even today the Malays can isolate themselves in Madrasahs

    ODS: Thank you for dropping by, Danny.

    Just a note, I am not mentioning about any closure of schools in Singapore. This is about an effort to build a platform for Malaysians to forge better unity from the early days.

    1. It is indeed understandable if intake in chinese schools started to drop drasticly when parents saw that ENGLISH education led to better jobs in Singapore. However, it is quite different here in Malaysia. English is taught to all Malaysians, be it from National Schools or/and National Type School (which I have noted way much earlier – which “national” are they? Chinese Nation, Tamil Nation or Malaysian Nation?). One of the main difference is the usage and priority of Bahasa Malaysia as National Language. In National School (Sekolah Kebangsaan), Bahasa Malaysia is used in most of classes, but not for National Type School (Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan). With these kids not being taught well of Malaysian official National Language, how can they mixed and mingle around in later part if they cannot communcaite well in common language – Bahasa Malaysia?

    And I am pretty sure that there’s no such reason given as extinction of chinese and indian heritage due to national schools in Singapore.. right?

    2. As for Madrasahs in Singapore, we also have such schools that are religion based, not just Islam. However, for most of religious schools based on Islam – Tahfiz Academy, Madrasah, etc; these schools still carry out basic national school education policy and system, so that the students are well aware and taught of day-to-day subject and also specialize in what they learn in Tahfiz schools or madrasahs. And the best part is, subjects that not require Arabic language, they will be taught in Bahasa Malaysia.

    And yes, very much that we can say, one of the major influence of our children is actually the parents.. which I’ve covered here.

    Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  3. Arrrr, now I understand why you are so into this SSS and wants to strengthen the usage of BM. Especially blogger like yourself who came from a malay boarding school who will always think about your own race and language. That means, for at least a few years, all your life in school was just mixing with your own race and don’t even really understand and take the trouble to mix with other races.

    Then I can come to a conclusion that all these hoo haa about SSS is all about strengthening the position of the national language and feel good but using national unity as a reason to push through the SSS.

    If national unity is to achieve, perhaps it’s time to have one type of school and that is SMK, SRK. Should not have special school like SDAR, MCKK, UiTM and those elite malay boarding school. If it’s for a real good reason to achieve unity at all level of society, why do you still need an “elite” malay school? Maybe we should start to come out with elite Indian and Chinese boarding school. Religious school for the hindus and buddhists too.

    ODS: Malay boarding school? I don’t recall any school as “Malay Boarding School”. What we know is national boarding school. So, which part of the boarding school programme stated “malay”? And since when UiTM is a school? Kindly get your facts right, my friend.

    And my dear friend, I went to Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan, which enabled me to mingle around with other races and ethnics. And thank God, until today, I am able to mix and mingle around well with other races because I was taught well on how to mix and mingle with other Malaysians when I was a little kid. Even now, my work colleagues and sport buddies are not just Bumiputeras, but also from other races and ethnics.

    So, before you said “you understand” and made such conclusion, please have the courtesy to ask. Thank you. 🙂

  4. Hi ODS

    I remembered commenting in your previous article about this issue. Do away with race/religious schools and I will support SSS. And do away with BTN too. Is this the type of brainwashing BTN does?

    (BTN) Warisan

    Anak kecil main api
    Terbakar hatinya yang sepi
    Airmata darah bercampur keringat
    Bumi dipijak milik orang

    Nenek moyang kaya raya
    Tergadai seluruh harta benda
    Akibat sengketa sesamalah kita
    Cita lenyap di arus zaman

    Indahnya bumi kita ini
    Warisan berkurun lamanya
    Hasil mengalir ke tangan yang lain
    Pribumi merintih sendiri

    Masa depan sungguh kelam
    Kan lenyap peristiwa semalam
    Tertutuplah hati terkunci mati
    Maruah peribadi dah hilang

    Kini kita cuma tinggal kuasa
    Yang akan menentukan bangsa
    Bersatulah hati bersama berbakti
    Pulih kembali harga diri

    Kita sudah tiada masa
    Majulah dengan maha perkasa
    Janganlah terlalai teruskan usaha
    Melayu kan gagah di Nusantara (3x)

    ODS: It has been quite some time since your last comment. Alas, I note with your words, and I have stated such difference made between religious schools using National Language (Bahasa Malaysia) and those SJKs which do not use National Language.

    And as for this song, my understanding is just for Malays to build up confidence, the same goes songs in other races/ethnics’ language which I cannot understand (but I believe there is one because one race in a way will learn from other races). I wonder how you come to a conclusion that this sounds as if it is racist (while actually nothing on demonising others).

    Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  5. ODS

    What you need is to achieve unity right? The usage of national language in school is not the absolute determinant factor to unite all races. Don’t you see a bigger picture than just about using national language?

    The big picture is to have Satu Sekolah/Uni/whatever type of education level to be driven by a single stream.

    If that’s the case, we have to fight head on to ensure that SSS is not going to be in place as long as the implementation is one sided.

    ODS: jf,

    Yes, I support this idea as I forsee this idea as one of the tool in forging better unity. And of course, there’s NO ABSOLUTE measure in doing things.

    My rationale of supporting this effort is because I believe, if we teach and develop our younger generations to mix and mingle from the start, we do not need to go all the way until they reach 20’s. I’ve given my analogy to you in one of my response to you:

    “As a Malaysian, I believe we should be able to converse well in Bahasa. It is our national language and it is tauht in school. The language has been taught since standard 1 (age of 7 years old) until form 5 (age of 17 years old).

    Do tell me, does it sound logic that something that is taught for 10 years (at least), every single day, every single week, every single month for 10 years, you cannot do well in it? It is sad to see such reason for saying that we have left the school for years, that even something is taught for 10 years cannot be digested.

    And this goes to ALL Malaysian, with no exception to any ethnicity in Malaysia. Equip ourselves well as Malaysians, and then do what we can for the country, not the other way around.

    And my friend, do read my thoughts on some Malays who claimed to be “Middle Class Malays”, which in a way, I’m criticizing such views that sounded so selfish and living in their own world. Whatmore towards malays who can’t even speak Bahasa Malaysia properly.”
    ~ 20 July 2009

    If we taught well from the start, we no need to go all the way. If we are to do it until one are grown up, I’m pretty sure it will more sounded like a “brainwash” (to me).

    Thank you for your comment, jebat’s fren. 🙂

  6. ODS

    Judging from how SSS initiative started by a group of bloggers just a couple of months ago and now the govt is pushing hard for SSS, I can’t stop thinking that it’s not the work of UMNO in using bloggers (to avoid being seen as UMNO is pushing for it) to push for it.

    “If we taught well from the start, we no need to go all the way. If we are to do it until one are grown up, I’m pretty sure it will more sounded like a “brainwash” (to me).”
    Whenever it suits how you want to see it, you will defend the issue of not opening up secondary and tertiary institutions to non-malays. Then most UMNO malays will bring in the constitutions about the special privilege provided and thus, education is one of it and later economy, housing and what not. If you look at both ends how you wanted to defend your MCKK/religious schools/UiTM, do you realise that quite a number of UiTM graduates are quite extreme in their view over the non-malays. Do you you truly think that UiTM is doing more good than bad when it comes to churning out people who are more racists?

    Basically, UMNO hold the govt power and they can do what they want. No matter how we want to debate over the issue, it’s just a mere “show” to portray that they are willing to listen, but in fact they have decided to push for SSS in a lop sided policy. So, your group win and let’s see whether Malaysia will become a better Malaysia or not? Whether students are getting smarter or not? Whether students are able to speak better english? Whether this country is more united when you still have “all malays schools” still in place.

    What’s the difference even if you put BM in vernacular school and to run the syllabus similar to those of kebangsaan when you only have majority of that race enrolling in that school? Unless you totally force all the vernacular schools to change their name to SRK. Even if you could win in changing all the vernacular school into Kebangsaan, it still does not change the fact that a religious school is only catered for malays and with their limited mixing around with other races, it will still run in a circle.

    So, I hope you feel good for being one of those who pushed for SSS and definitely your govt will fulfill what you guys are asking for.

    If this is only how narrow SSS group can go, so be it when they don’t think about it in a bigger picture. From all that I could deduce from this initiative, it still comes down to “Ketuanan Melayu” and perhaps they are still very soar with the fact that non-malays control the economy. But please don’t forget, non-malays are as human as malays born with flesh and blood and they suffer too. If “Ketuanan Melayu” at the end of the day does give a lil booster to certain group of malays to feel good and they feel it’s their right, once again, sit down and read the Quran since when it propagates the idea of a race to be given higher treatment as they are the son of the soil. I don’t see any difference in “Ketuanan Melayu” concept with what slavery is all about. And before you start to reply to my comments, the so called “Social Contract”, think about it, is it a good concept to treat everyone fairly when all of us are malaysians in the first place? I am born in Malaysia, so automatically i am a Malaysian and I social contract is not applicable to me. I don’t see US doing this to the blacks by giving them citizenship and lord over them from then henceforth since the “blacks” are migrants and without a state.

  7. one more line to add….

    Whatever I am trying to deliver to you is almost similar to those olden days when I am trying to tell the Brits and Americans to stop slavery.

  8. jebat’s fren,
    I can’t help but to accept that there are some Malays are extreme in such views. Perhaps they have gone thru bad experience with other races or ethnics that made them to have such views as far as I notice, Bumis are very unlikely to start a fight with other races / ethnics. If it not because of such provocations, Bumis will live their own life.

    Track record? 13th May incident. If the celebrations made were not provocative, I’m pretty sure that 13th May incident would not happen.

    As for SSS effort, I prefer not to be one of those who pushed that hard. This blog is just petty in voicing out opinions and in any development of SSS, I don’t see that my views play so much role (considering who am I to Malaysians..haha).

    Therefore, the feeling of “winning” or “pushing” is not suitable to be addressed to me.

    In a large view, I still don’t see anyone is winning. This effort is still in discussions, and perhaps still a long way to go.

    However, if it is implemented, I don’t see this giving any extra advantage to UMNO or any race based politic parties. Why? Because at the point of better unity is forged between Malaysians, I see less chance for race based politics to survive with race based issues.

    In other words, SSS is not giving extra advantage to Barisan (as many said Barisan lived by race issues)…

    And further, you should not feel that you are feeling like trying to tell the Brits and Americans to stop slavery. 🙂

    On second note, when you said:

    “What’s the difference even if you put BM in vernacular school and to run the syllabus similar to those of kebangsaan when you only have majority of that race enrolling in that school?”

    My question here is simple.. if SJKs having different syllabus than SKs, do the SJKs actually condoning to National Education policy? Where’s the uniformity? As I asked, which “Nationality” are we referring to?

    Thank you for your comment and do have a nice weekend. 🙂

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