Will Mukhriz Get The Boot?

I’m really sorry. The actual title should be “Will Rafa Get The Boot?”. Why I wrote “Mukhriz” instead of “Rafa”? I don’t know..maybe simply because my “crazy and playful” subconcious mind projecting the image of these two individuals:

Look A Like in My Mind
Look A Like in My Mind During The Moment of "Crazy" Projection

They surely having the same pattern of moustache, beard and nearly balded head. However of course, their life and current situation is not the same.

This posting is actually mainly on what’s going on to Liverpool for the last few matches. As a Gunners fan, I am sympathetic towards KOP fans on their current situation.

Let’s have a look at their current form (taken from Yahoo Sport):


2 Aug, 20:00 RCD Espanyol – Liverpool Friendly Match    
5 Aug, 18:00 FC Lyn Oslo – Liverpool Friendly Match    
8 Aug, 15:00 Liverpool – Atlético Madrid Friendly Match    
16 Aug, 16:00 Tottenham Hotspur 2 – 1 Liverpool Premier League    
19 Aug, 20:00 Liverpool 4 – 0 Stoke City Premier League    
24 Aug, 20:00 Liverpool 1 – 3 Aston Villa Premier League    
29 Aug, 15:00 Bolton Wanderers 2 – 3 Liverpool Premier League    



12 Sep, 15:00 Liverpool 4 – 0 Burnley Premier League    
16 Sep, 19:45 Liverpool 1 – 0 Debrecen Champions League    
19 Sep, 17:30 West Ham United 2 – 3 Liverpool Premier League    
22 Sep, 19:45 Leeds United 0 – 1 Liverpool Carling Cup    
26 Sep, 15:00 Liverpool 6 – 1 Hull City Premier League    
LIVE! Fiorentina 2 – 0 Liverpool Champions League    



4 Oct, 16:00 Chelsea 2 – 0 Liverpool Premier League    
17 Oct, 15:00 Sunderland 1 – 0 Liverpool Premier League    
20 Oct, 19:45 Liverpool 1 – 2 Olympique Lyon Champions League    


And these are the results from last season ( taken from Yahoo Sports too):


13 Aug, 20:05 Standard Liège 0 – 0 Liverpool Champions League    
16 Aug, 17:30 Sunderland 0 – 1 Liverpool Premier League    
23 Aug, 15:00 Liverpool 2 – 1 Middlesbrough Premier League    
27 Aug, 20:05 Liverpool 1 – 0 Standard Liège Champions League    
31 Aug, 16:00 Aston Villa 0 – 0 Liverpool Premier League    



13 Sep, 12:45 Liverpool 2 – 1 Manchester United Premier League    
16 Sep, 19:45 Marseille 1 – 2 Liverpool Champions League    
20 Sep, 15:00 Liverpool 0 – 0 Stoke City Premier League    
23 Sep, 20:00 Liverpool 2 – 1 Crewe Alexandra Carling Cup    
27 Sep, 12:45 Everton 0 – 2 Liverpool Premier League    



1 Oct, 19:45 Liverpool 3 – 1 PSV Eindhoven Champions League    
5 Oct, 15:00 Manchester City 2 – 3 Liverpool Premier League    
18 Oct, 15:00 Liverpool 3 – 2 Wigan Athletic Premier League    
22 Oct, 19:45 Atletico Madrid 1 – 1 Liverpool Champions League    
26 Oct, 13:30 Chelsea 0 – 1 Liverpool Premier League    

The Kops were excellent last season. The results speak for themselves. They did not lose any game and even beaten Manchester United at Anfield and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge!!!

However, they do not look good (so far!) this season. They’ve lost 4 Premiership matches and 2 Champions League matches. They even lose at their home ground.

Much contribution is said to be the too dependent on Torres and Stevie G. Also not forgetting some Kop fans that I know of mentioned about Kop missing Xabi Alonso.

Although I am a Gunners fan, I’m not agreeable to the chances of The Reds bouncing back. As far as I can remember, Xabi Alonso injured couple of times, yet they finished second behind Man Utd. Technically speaking, I would say that Liverpool actually still can challenge this season.

It is just, as a football fan, I’ve been wondering Rafa’s tactics in putting Stevie G as attacking midfielder right behind Torres. Gerrard’s creativity, passes and stamina actually suited more as attacking midfielder that plays behind two strikers. More like a very central midfielder.

In other words, if Rafa plays conventional 4-4-2, with Gerrard taking center role and Mascherano as holding/defensive midfielder, their attackers and wingers will get good passes.

I don’t know if any Liverpool fans agree with my line up for Liverpool, but here goes my ideal 4-4-2 for Liverpool (based on current fit players they have):

Reina – Johnson- Carragher- Agger- Insua Kuyt – Masherano (holding) – Gerrard – Aurelio – Torres – Babel.

I know Torres is injured, but at least put pacey Babel up front. I remembered it was because of Babel’s run, Arsenal lose out to Liverpool in Champions League match last two season. And since, I’ve been wondering, why Babel is not one of the regular starting line up?

Whatever it is, Rafa got to do something. His time is running out. His differing opinions with Club Owner also contribute to such pressure. Losing against Man Utd this weekend will put more termendous pressure on him and the team.

I would like to see Liverpool back on track. Why? It will be more fun and excitement. And of course, if in the event Liverpool manage to win against Man Utd, it will open up more chances for more teams to win Premier League.

Again, this posting nothing to do with Datuk Mukhriz. Just having crazy comparison by their looks and more on thoughts of what is happening to Liverpool right now. That’s all.

If you are Tom Hicks and George Gillet, what will you do?



2 thoughts on “Will Mukhriz Get The Boot?

  1. If you are Tom Hicks and George Gillet, what will you do?

    I want to be Peter Hill-Wood instead 😀

    ODS: Wah!!! I must be dreaming.. since I woke up this morning, Liverpool fans “assimilating” to be Gooners.

  2. ODS,

    Kalau dah “crazy” kat Liverpool tu, memang semua nampak macam Rafa. Jangan khayal semata, kawan. Jaga jaga masa dreben tu, mikeme! Nanti tiang letrik nampak macam goal post, nak score!!!

    Teman minat Chelsea. The Russian billionaire owner tak kira apa. Tendang terajang Manager dia asalkan boleh dapat jadi Champion. Berjuta-juta gaji Manager, sebab insecurity of tenure, boleh pikior short-term aje.

    Teman udah silap pilih keroja dulu. Kalau pilih jadi Manager Kelab Bola kan baguih. Tapi kampong teman padang bola apakejadah pun takde!!

    ODS: Isa,

    Masalahnya teman peminat kipas-susah-mati Arsenal, bukan Liverpool. Cuma “nakal” terbayang Rafa dengan Mukhriz. Al-maklumlah, peratusan artikel-artikel yang saya tulis di blog ini agak tinggi.

    Terima kasih diatas komen saudara. 🙂

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