No More Free Water in Selangor?

This was in the news (according to Bernama):

September 07, 2009 15:50 PM

Selangor Government Told To Review Free Water Policy

PUTRAJAYA, Sept 7 (Bernama) — The Selangor Government’s policy of providing free water to the people should be reviewed as it did not benefit the target group, according to the energy, green technology and water ministry.

A ministry spokesman told Bernama on Monday, the 20 cubic meters of free water every month was not reaching the poor who lived in low-cost, high-rise flats and squatter areas.

The water was, in fact, being supplied more to those who needed it least, particularly in posh residential areas and commercial premises.

The spokesman said Selangor was paying RM12 million a month to the water concessionaire, Syabas, for the water.

Meanwhile, the Water and Energy Consumers Association of Malaysia (Wecam) said the state government should instead, follow the system adopted by Perak and Negeri Sembilan where only the needy were given such privilege.

Those in need of free water should formally apply to the authorities and once they obtained the green light, they could enjoy the benefit, said its secretary-general, S. Piarapakaran.

He said, savings from the water subsidy could easily be utilised for more urgent uses such as improving public transportation and traffic system in the state.


By: Ramjit

OnDaStreet’s thoughts: I consider this news as interesting development in Selangor. Interesting in sense of “easier to say than done”. Why?

I supposed that all Malaysians are made to know that Selangor is one of the developed states in Malaysia. Although I know that there are some that are in needs and live in poor, the numbers should not as big as other states in Malaysia.

The offer of free first 20 cubic meters of free water every month is good for Selangor citizen which in first instance.. I was impressed with such effort and signs shown by new Selangor government. Surely they have a lot of money in the bank to “sponsor” Selangor citizen 20 cubic of water every month!

However, if this latest news become a reality and no more 20 cubic meters of free water every month for Selangor citizen.. I have to ask this.. what happened? Where have the confidence in giving 20 cubic meters of free water every month to Selangor citizen’s gone? I’m sorry but to ask…Is the 20 cubic meters of free water every month was actually no more than a populist decision?

I do not know the readers impression.. but for me, even this matter is considered petty, but it ain’t that petty. Only now they are considering the RM12 million a month paid to the water concessionaire, Syabas, for the water. RM12 million is not a small amount.

Whatever it is.. I supposed Selangor citizen should have no problem in settling their water bills after this. Perhaps just a small change to some…

What say you?

Question: If Selangor citizen got to pay for their water bills… what will be the rate charge?


One thought on “No More Free Water in Selangor?

  1. Firstly, water is considered basic necessity and should not be privatised at all.

    There is no right or wrong when it comes to the charges whether being subsidized or cost recovery as long as the operator does not squeeze the consumer at the end of the day.

    If for commercial use, a variable rate can definitely be applied on them.

    Personally, I am not supportive of free water because it does not teach consumer to be prudent and environmental friendly. I don’t think the decision was a populist decision but they are trying their best to help the Selangorians. One of their effort is to buy up water assets and manage it with as little leakages/corruptions as possible to minimise cost to consumer.

    Talk to more water treatment and Syabas people and you know how leakages are being passed over to consumer.

    Principle, is not about the amount charged, it’s about whether the administration is acceptable to the citizens or not. Things can be expensive but the crux of the matter is really about how it’s being managed.

    But of course, i will be very selfish to say that i am totally not affected at all with whatever water rate and those who are affected, too bad.

    I just hope with the water assets being managed by the State govt to be more efficient and have a heart to help the rakyat. UMNO, on the other hand, korek , korek, korek.

    Listed co. -> Water consortium -> Talixxxxx(outsource water treatment) -> water company -> consumer

    And when they can’t manage efficiently, every one in the value chain makan some money, then they want to raise the price.

    ODS: Thank you for your comment. 🙂

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