Reminder: RON 97 & RON 95

It is a holiday today.. and I do hope people on the street can still remember the news on price RON 97 and RON 95. Appended below the news which was out sometime ago:

August 18, 2009 19:16 PM

Kerosene Price Now RM1 Per Litre In Sabah, Sarawak Interior

KOTA KINABALU, Aug 18 (Bernama) — Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob on Monday announced a subsidised price of RM1 per litre for kerosene in Sabah and Sarawak interior, effective immediately.

The price of kerosene without subsidy is RM1.95 per litre.

“The government understands that the need for kerosene among folks in the rural areas is very high and we do not want them to be burdened with a high kerosene price,” he said.

A total of RM3 million has been allocated for the subsidy with RM1.3 million for Sabah and RM1.7 million for Sarawak, he told reporters after announcing the new price during the launch of a Shell petrol station in Telipok here.

Among the areas to enjoy the subsidy will be Telipok, Tuaran, Tamparuli, Kundasang, Ranau, Sipitang, Beaufort, Tenom, Keningau, Kudat, Kota Belud, Kota Marudu, Sandakan and Tawau.

The quota will be based on the petrol stations in the areas. Telipok, Beaufort and Kudat will have the highest quota with each supplied 10,000 litres per month and the others 5,000 litres a month.

A total of 21 petrol stations in Sabah will be selling the subsidised kerosene with 19 being Shell stations and two Petronas stations.

On the RON 95 petrol which will replace the RON 92 beginning September 1, Ismail gave the assurance that the selling price will not exceed RM1.80 per litre.

The RON 97 petrol will meanwhile become a premium product effective September 1 and the retail price of both RON 97 and RON 95 will be announced before the date.

In his speech earlier, Ismail also said that Malaysia will not be facing a problem from the sugar shortage in the world as reported.

“Sugar importing companies already have long-term agreement with the sugar producers and the price has been also fixed as the government subsidises it,” he said.


<!–By: Ramjit–>

And accroding to one postings in STAR Online:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

 It’s OK to use RON 95
Posted by: greatday
             I see some people that are not happy about the rise in RON 97 petrol and the introduction of the cheaper RON 95 petrol. Honestly I do not think there is anything wrong with it.

             It is absolutely all right to use RON 95 petrol. Most of us could only afford cheap and low performance cars. Using RON 97 petrol is actually ” low grade cars using high grade petrol ” . In US, there are even lower grades petrol such as RON 90 and 88.

             So, for small cars like what most of us use, switching from RON 97 to RON 95 will not cause any serious effect. In fact the effect(s) is/are barely noticeable.

Frankly speaking, I do not know really how this will impact my car’s performance.. but for surely, since my pocket ain’t that deep, I’ll go for RON 95…

Potential scenario on the street: I predict that we are going to have hectic political news for the next few days.. because of some people who forgotten this news will surely jump the gun!

Or should it be: Brace yourselves, those who are in this petrol thingy… 😀


4 thoughts on “Reminder: RON 97 & RON 95

  1. Salam ODS,

    Previously dekat Shell station ada another petrol – tak silap nama dia super, whereby its grade should be higher than 97. Pernah cuba tapi kalau setakat drive kat bandar couldn’t tell the difference, kat highway yes improve pick up and saving as well.

    Now with the new one, the difference I guess is on the octane level, and small car possibly cannot tell the difference whether it’s burning octane or hexane.

    Try first and talk later, but do expect not nice things about RON 95 be heard from other side.

    Selamat Menyambut Merdeka and Wassalam.

    ODS: Salam Mr Singh. Well, since I rarely use Shell.. maybe I can’t tell what’s the real difference.

    Well, it’s still early..only that I hope people won’t get “naik minyak” later on… especially trying to politicize the issue.. 🙂

  2. hopefully the new ron 95 has a good quality and will not affect the car’s performance!

    ODS: Hopefully doc. I am more reliefed when my friend at Petronas RON95 will just be fine (because I am Petronas customer 😀 )

  3. Salam ODS,

    For someone driving a 11yr old Iswara, whatever RON number is the least of my concern. Just the price !

    ODS: Yup. Mee too.. I wonder how much I’m going to spend for my Proton car. 🙂

  4. R.O.N stands for Research Octane Number, a rating used to measure a fuels knocking resistance in spark-ignition internal combustion engines. RON rating has nothing to do with the ENERGY content at all.

    Fact: RON refers to the ability of the fuel to resist knocking and nothing else.

    Do you really know what knocking is all about?
    Knocking is what happens when parts or all of the air-fuel mixture prematurely ignites before the flame from the spark plug can reach it. This can be caused by ignition timing that is too early [advance] or overheat where the heat from the cylinder itself causes the mixture to combust before the spark plug can burn the mixture. This causes a decrease in performance and might also harm the engine. Only in such situation the engine needs higher RON fuel.

    RON is NOT power rating for the fuel. In fact higher RON number means the fuel burns less easily and less efficient for the engines desiged to run on lower RON ratings! By pumping the RON97 into a car which engine only requires the RON95, all you are going to get is an emptier wallet yet hardly counts for performance gains.

    Previously we do not have RON95 fuel in our market, we have no choice but to use RON97 fuel for the engine. No harm using higher RON on modern cars though – the ECU will make ignition timing to fire spark plug early, but u r paying more for the fuel.

    Some engines which have higher compression ratios however, need higher knock resistance to withstand higher compression. Hence higher RON rating is required.

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