My Malaysia: 52 years of Independance

Jalur GemilangOnDaStreet wishes all readers Happy 52nd Independance Day. Let us put aside our political differences for one day and look back what have been done fro the yesteryears before Merdeka, right after and the past 5 years. What have we done for Malaysia and her people? What have we sacrificed for our country?

I believe for the past few days and today, lots of programmes have been arranged for our viewing. Watch and ponder. For new generations and youngsters alike, please take this opportunity to watch all the documentaries especially shown in Discovery Channels.

Malaysians Juniors
Malaysians Juniors

We say we are Malaysians, but how Malaysians we have been? A good one?

Selamat Hari Merdeka, Malaysians!



2 thoughts on “My Malaysia: 52 years of Independance

  1. Salam ODS,

    Semangat patriotik rakyat Malaysia terlalu kurang dirasai. Terlalu banyak politiking. Hinggakan untuk menyambut HariMerdeka pun dipolitikkan. Dianggap jika menyambut Hari Merdeka sepertinya menyatakan sokongan kepada kerajaan BN/Najib. Makanya tidak hairanlah sambutannya kali ini begitu hambar.

    That’s the feeling on my street..

    ODS: Ada benarnya juga apa yang saudara katakan, terutama bab terlalu banyak politiking. Terlalu banyak sampaikan macam tiada kerja lain…

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