Happy voting Permatang Pasir voters!

Tomorrow will be like the other days in a year for some, but for those whose named as Permatang Pasir voters, you’ll be selecting your DUN representative. As far as I am concern, both candidates are leaders from each side. It is only to determine who will be the ADUN of Permatang Pasir for the remaining of the term.

For the past few days, both parties have been campaigning in such a way, trying to get Permatang Pasir voters to vote their candidate. Various efforts have been done, and I am sure, Permatang Pasir voters have more or less have a rough description on who is going to be voted. Only that, what irritates me is how the campaigns have been conducted. Although it is known that the voting will be done during Ramadhan, I see both ends having such a campaign that not really in line with the spirit of Ramadhan and what more Islam. Why?

During these few days, we heard of such allegations and “truth-to-be-told”, be it from PAS or UMNO camp. One candidate is alleged with corruption of corporations’ fund, with his old partner being brought forward. However, later, a document was then circulated stating the candidate is not corrupted (which then the old partner making statement that he is sorry for his statement and regretted that his statement has provide bullets to his own friend). After one another, he is later to alleged of having second wife. Not yet proven. Allegation from “father-in-law”, yes..but surat nikah? I’m pretty sure with surat nikah, a “check-mate” can be done. Right?

On the other hand, the other candidate is also alleged to be corrupted, which I do not know now how the story ends. Was he really did that or not? Well, I do not know. Proven? No clue.

For all I know, these candidates have been attacked on a personal basis. Not that I do not agree that a leader should be a good exemplary to the people (as it should be), but I see a pattern that do not show that this PRK have been campaigned in such manner in the spirit of Ramadhan or Islam. Both have allegation which yet to be proven true (and what more if then proven wrong!). Will the other party appologize for making such accusations?

And the sad part is, both are muslims and more attacks come from a party claimed to be more Islamic than the other one! A set of good example to muslims, especially done in Ramadhan? At this point of time, I have failed to find an article from Harakah apologising for accusing Barisan candidate corrupt for the corporation fund issue.

Readers might noticed that I’ve been taking Harakahdaily’s article as part and parcel of my writings lately. Not that I want to find mistakes as I do not want to. I just want the readers to read more from either side of the story. Read more before accusations is supported. Read not only one source, but the opposite source too. If some media alleged to siding Barisan, there are also some siding Pakatan. And I am not saying the medias are not telling the truth. They are telling the truth from their point of view.

For me, whatever the outcome tomorrow, the ruling coalition will still be Pakatan. It is not that in the event UMNO win, Barisan will rule Penang, or PAS wins, PAS will take over the state management.

Words on the street: The politicians saying the people are wiser now. So, be wise by reading more before making up your mind. And please, nothing is absolute, except what has been promised by Him.

OnDaStreet wishes happy voting to Permatang Pasir voters!


2 thoughts on “Happy voting Permatang Pasir voters!

  1. Salam ODS,

    Lari tajuk …mungkin ada kaitan dengan debat bersama penakiri dalam ‘siapa pengkhianat…’

    Berita terbaru mengenai perlantikan 4 pegawai masjid untuk menguatkuasa larangan minum, jual dan store arak keatas orang Islam di Selangor. Adakah ini yang dimaksudkan penakiri tempohari?

    Biar betul…

    ODS: Huh? Biar betul…. Dari manakah saudara mendengar/membacanya?

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