My Malaysia: Malaysia XI vs Manchester United (0:2). Do not stop, Malaysian Football Team!!!

Again, within 2 days, Malaysia XI tested Manchester United in their Asian tour. Lose both matches, but Malaysian got their moral victory. Tonight, we lose 2-0 to Man Utd, better than some has expected that Malaysian XI will lose in bigger margin.

To Malaysian Football team,

Congratulations for the performance given. I have to say, it has been quite some time that I have been left impressed with our national football team’s performance. Keep it up, and hope to see you guys can give the Malaysians quality football in years to come, even better than the last two performances.

To Coach K. Rajagobal (and his coaching staff),

Keep up the good job. Wronged me and other skeptical Malaysians that the team of yours can perform quality football and start winning. I believe, as much as you do,  the Malaysians want the team to be better, and bring back the glorious days of Malaysian football.


With the performance given, I supposed that FAM by now should already begun next plan in making our football better, internationally and locally. I believe that with recent news, I hope M League can be improved to get quality players for national team selection. I also believe that FAM have to work hand in hand with the state and club teams on the difficulties faced, especially on the financial management.

To Khairy’s supporters,

For the last two performances, I believe the players, coach and fans on the stand due more credit. Yes, you may say Khairy also giving his support, and so do other FAM management staff. And as my reply to Chairman Kaga, Khairy did let go his responsibilty to  manage the team to other person.

Don’t get me wrong. I just do not understand why when success is achieved, Khairy being glorified, but when failed, someone else got the boot.

To Hj Mahfuz and other politicians (be it Barisan or Pakatan),

Do not make this football match to be political. I don’t see any statements made by Barisan leaders relate the performance of Malaysian XI to Barisan or whatsoever. Even Khairy himself, as part of FAM Management, do not make such remarks to politics. Stop politicizing all matters in this country. Day by day, more are getting tired to hear political rethorics.


Hopes on the street: Malaysian football continue to prosper…There’s a long way to go, Malaysian XI…As the title suggest, DO NOT STOP, Malaysian Football team!!!



2 thoughts on “My Malaysia: Malaysia XI vs Manchester United (0:2). Do not stop, Malaysian Football Team!!!

  1. Bro,

    1. PM has commented on Malaysia team’s performance. So it is not true that no BN leader did not make any statement.

    2. KJ watched the first game with his wife and Jason Lo from the non-VIP/VVIP seat. The story was covered by Malay Mail. The story is not about KJ’s achievement but merely on KJ’s seat and jersey ie Malaysia jersey instead of MU jersey like certain VVIP wore .

    3. If you can recall, Malaysia lost to England in 1990’s by 2-4 yet the Malaysia team disspointed us in major tournements like SEA Games, World cup qualifying, Asia Cup and Tiger Cup. Malaysia also was beaten narrowly by big teams before like Chelsea.

    4. So based on past record, Malaysia team performed superbly in friendly match against big teams like England, Brasil, Chelsea and MU. But, when comes to the real tournement they lost to lousy teams like Laos and Philipine.

    5. Therefore, the politicions reserve their comment on the performance of Malaysia vs MU.

    6. The difference between this team and the previous team that played against MU is the players did not to excited to change jersey with MU players. The previous team, right after the game ended, rushed to David Beckham to exchange jersey. So attitude has changed.

    ODS: Bro,

    Perhaps our understanding on the political statement are in different view. It is not that politicians cannot make statement in regards to football, but in a manner that not to be politicized. Pemuda PAS did congrats the Malaysian team, which the content is okay and not political. And so do made by DS Najib. However, if you read properly what Mahfuz said, his statement is political. This what have been said:

    Oleh kerana pasukan Malaysia memakai jersey biru ketika bertemu MU semalam, Mahfuz berharap Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin tidak mendakwa bahawa sudah terdapat petanda kebangkitan semula “gelombang biru” melanda sukan bola seluruh dunia ketika ini.

    “Jangan pula kekalahan tipis itu menyebabkan para pemimpin Umno mendakwa bahawa pasukan bola Malaysia sudah memasuki era baru sehingga menyatakan pengurus dan pemain MU tidak lagi relevan serta tidak lagi sesuai dengan kemajuan serta perubahan semasa permainan bola sepak pada masa ini,” katanya lagi.


    I can’t see such statement from other politician sounded like that yet, be it from DS Anwar, DS Najib, Tun Abdullah, Tun Mahathir, Nik Aziz, Lim Kit Siang or even Karpal Singh. And my dear friend, the coverage on Khairy for that news was ok for me. At least none claimed that Khairy is the cause of such good performance by Malaysian team. Why? As far as I am concerned, the players, the coach and thousands of fans contributed for such performance.

    I admit, it is too early for high hopes, but as much as I have been criticizing the quality of Malaysian football, I do still hope and pray that Malaysian football to prosper. And yes, we can see change of attitude of our players, and I do hope it will continously improve.

    Thank you for your comment. 🙂

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