My Malaysia: Malaysia XI vs Manchester United (2:3)

Update: It seems we are going to see more live action of our Malaysian lads once again. Re-match with Manchester United this Monday, 20th July 2009! More news in Bernama. Malaysia XI, make us proud once again!!!

The final whistle is just being blown. What more can I say. The Malaysian XI has shown the best performance since final of Merdeka Cup 2008. The lads have finally shown us what they are made of.

Although this is just a friendly match, an opener to Manchester United’s season, they are playing at full strength squad, except for some missing stars like Vidic, and newly signed Obertan. You could see how Rooney, Berbatov, Anderson, Nani, Ferdinand and other Red Devils’ stars non-stop effort to win the match.

On the other side, Malaysian XI has performed way better than they used to. I would say more organized at the back, active midfield and unafraid strikers willing to challenge Manchester United’s back four. I saw a committed performance, non-stop effort, organized passing and positioning, tight marking and good goalkeeping from Malaysian XI. Suffice to say, the Malaysians who attended the match at the National Stadium, Bukit Jalil were the lucky ones to see our lads performed.

2-3 is an excellent result, considering the level of Malaysian football being assessed. The 2 goals scored for me are not by luck. They were scored by endless effort by the 11 players on the field, the coach, coaching staff, and thousands of fans on the stand.

As a football fan, I wish Malaysian team will not stop performing like this. See how the crowd reacted to this match and support they have given. This is the quality that we missed for such a long time. This is the type of play that suits the players’ professional status. This is what we want in every match played in M League and of course at international level.

Keep it up lads. Well done and as a proud Malaysian, I wish to see more positive development to our national football scene.

Here’s a yahoo sport live matchcast for your pleasure reading. 🙂

Hopes on the street: We want to see more quality football from Malaysian Football team and M League.


3 thoughts on “My Malaysia: Malaysia XI vs Manchester United (2:3)

  1. Salam ODS,

    Me neither supporter of both teams, but it doesn’t mean I’m a lone ranger, coz whenever I go,



    ODS: Salam Mr Singh,

    Hahaha.. Gunners fan I am, but never to let go my Malaysian team. Criticize I will if they play badly, credit to them if they perform.

  2. kecik hati bile ManU score, orang Malaysia bersorak girang…

    bile diorang jerit “OWEN! OWEN! OWEN!”
    aku jerit “AMRI! AMRI! AMRI!”

    ODS: Jika diikutkan hati, semalam warna kuning hitam bagaikan sungai kecil mengalir dicelahan lautan merah.

    Akan tetapi, semangat Malaysia itu kelihatan tiap kali pemain Malaysia dapat bermain dengan baik, terutama sekali ketika dapat menjaringkan gol.

    Mungkin Isnin ini warna kuning hitam dapat dilihat dengan lebih banyak lagi..atau warna baju kerja yang kelihatan? 🙂

    Terima kasih lordapes diatas komen anda. 🙂

  3. dulu bukan main kao hentam KJ sebab kao kata standard kita dah jatuh..he he he he
    biasalah kalau sekadar nak main tembak aje, tak ubah macam piggy singh tu pencacai kelas tiga!

    ODS: Dear Mr Kaga,

    I’ll credit when it is due. Afterall, for the last Saturday’s performance given, kindly read properly what I’ve written. I’m giving the credit to those PLAYERS on the field, the COACH, and the FANS.

    And Mr Kaga, do read back my hopes for Malaysian football. I criticise to for the betterment. That was just one match, and currently put into the test for second (Currently Man Utd lead by 2-0 when I’m writing this). They have to prove more in order to get more fans back to the stand. SEA Games will be their next test. There’s a long way to go.

    By the way, I do not mention KJ in this effort. Why? I verily believe, based on last reason given (when Dato Soh and Coach B Sathianatahn were sacked), he has passed the responsibility to other person. Which means, in other words, yes, KJ is still the DP FAM, but K Rajagobal is doing his job well for the team to perform on the pitch.

    Kindly read the article carefully, again.

    Thank you for your comment, Mr Kaga. 🙂

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