UPB-MyTeam: What Happened, Khairy?

I know this sounds awkward, moreover I’ve just posted a Tazkirah, but I can’t help to see a news that I’ve just read.

I was browsing news getting updated when I saw news flash : “UPB-MyTeam mohon tarik diri Piala Malaysia akibat masalah kewangan“. Curiosity made me google more on the team that used to be talk of the town and I saw news stating Bojan Hodak quits UPB-MyTeam.

Suprised and shocked I am to see this team reported to be in financial mess, considering the person who’s heading the club is a very well known person – Khairy Jamaludin. He is the president of the club and by his image and status, I wonder how did this happen to his own club?

In the first years of the team set-up, it was told and shown from where the players came from. I supposed that the salary paid to these players are not that high as they are not as pro as other state players in Malaysian League. Within less than 5 years, this club in financial mess. What has happened?

Readers can read back my early postings on Malaysian football, and how I was suspicious and scpetical on his credibilty and his intentions towards developing Malaysian football. MyTeam was his effort and highlighted as his success. No doubt, MyTeam was a beacon of hope for Malaysian football to prosper once again. I guess, the highlight of MyTeam success that added to his sincerity and his passion towards Malaysian football and given the chance to win without any contest for Deputy President of FAM.

The rest is history. I do not want to repeat what I’ve written back then. None able to show and prove my arguments are wrong: that Malaysian rank was at the worst during his appointment as DP of FAM while the success of entering to the final of Merdeka Cup was credited to him. Some says that success all because of KJ and failure due to Sultan, Dato Soh Chin Aun and B Sathianathan.

Since there’s no international friendlies for senior squad since our last exit from AFF Suzuki Cup, I guess it is unfair to judge any of senior team’s activity, management and players.

With this latest news, I supposed that my previous concerns are getting more weighted. Who’s to blame this time? Jason Lo as the General Manager? Or Bojan Hodjak?

I know that other teams are facing such diffculties, but I supposed MyTeam as a baby project of Khairy should set an example to all local football teams. His Oxford knowledge and having said his passion for football should able to help MyTeam to stay out of problem, especially on the financial grounds. His wealth also being known, which I supposed that his ability to manage financial matters is excellent. Afterall, he is the Deputy President of FAM. I supposed that he should be able to learn one or two from other teams, be it avoiding the mistakes and learn whatever good for the team. Oh yeah, learn and act upon it. With both knowledge, financial reputation and access to other emore experienced managers, I should say that he has the advantages.

Since MyTeam web page is no longer updated (at this moment), I supposed we can read this for the club info.

In my earlier postings, one of the salient points is the intention of doing things, and for the article – intention on learning. Based on the same salient point, I have to ask Khairy’s sincere intention on Malaysian football. Remember he said this:

Sebagai peminat bolasepak tanah air, saya cukup bangga melihat kedudukan terbaru pasukan kebangsaan Malaysia dalam ‘ranking’ sedunia Coca-Cola FIFA naik sembilan anak tangga ke tempat 151. Sewaktu saya dipilih sebagai Timbalan Presiden Persatuan Bolasepak Malaysia (FAM), kedudukan dunia pasukan kebangsaan di tangga 172.

Menyedari hakikat ini, saya selaku orang yang dipertanggungjawab oleh KDYMM Tuanku Presiden FAM untuk menjaga pasukan kebangsaan menjadikan isu ‘ranking’ ini sebagai salah satu penunjuk aras pencapaian atau KPI utama dalam menilai status perkembangan bolasepak tanah air. Tidak keterlaluan jika saya katakan bahawa ‘ranking’ terkini pasukan kebangsaan menandakan sedikit sebanyak kemajuan kita, walaupun perjalanan FAM kearah kecemerlangan masih jauh lagi.


Back then, I argued that he was appointed earlier than that when Malaysia was at a better position. When Malaysia rose in ranks, he claimed success. When Malaysia went into the finals, glory was his.

However, when Malaysia performed badly, none pointed at him. Unfortunately, at the exit of AFF Cup, Dato Soh and Coach B. Sathianathan got the boot.

For now, I’m sorry to say that I’m still unconvinced with his intention to prosper Malaysian football as he failed to take care his own team at local scene. Can someone care to explain what went wrong.

Question on the street: MyTeam – a success or a failure?


7 thoughts on “UPB-MyTeam: What Happened, Khairy?

  1. Bro,

    I can understand your point when you bashing KJ on the “credit due to KJ and failure due to other people”. But in overall, the article shows more on personal attack of you towards KJ.

    I am not a fan of MyTeam but I have to admit that MyTeam has given the opportunity for our young boys to do what they want to do for life i.e play football. One of my staff is now with MyTeam and I would say he has improved his life with MyTeam. If he did not join the team, he would be just a banquet waiter for the rest of his life.

    It is very sad to hear that local football teams like Melaka, Penang, MyTeam, Sarawak and Kelantan have financial problem. This problem is not a new problem to our football teams and is not specific to MyTeam only. It is common problem to the other sports also (by the way, even F1 teams also got financial problem)..

    Managing a private football club like MyTeam, T-Team and Johor FC is much more difficult compared to state-team because they do not have a fan base and no financial support from the state government. Their financial is depending on the sponsorship. If the team failed to win any cup then no money for them la..

    Remember S’gor MPPJ who won Malaysia cup but the team is no longer in the M-League now. Same goes to TMFC who got the support from our country’s giant telco but failed to continue competing in M-League. And another one MK Land FC, the onwer was listed in 50 millioanairs of Malaysia.

    To be fair, MyTeam succeed in its first objective i.e identifying young football talent from nationwide. Then MyTeam has also succeed in its second objective i.e competing in Liga Perdana where the team got second place and promoted to Liga Super. Unfortunately, MyTeam failed to maintain its existence in the local football scene after promoted to Liga Super.

    In conclusion and to answer your question, MyTeam has succeed in its early objectives of its incorporation but failed to maintain its success.

    As for KJ, although he has done a good job getting MyTeam promoted to the Super League based on merit he unfortunately has yet to prove to the public that he has the “x” factor i.e the factor that one’s has that able to transform the malaysian football into a-world class football

    The problem in our football teams lies with the attitude of the team managers. To the glamour teams like Selangor and Negeri Sembilan, you are really jaguh kampung (both teams gave a lot of excuses including financial problem when they were asked to compete in AFC club championship). Johor FC, a private club, has taken the challenge and compete in the game. Kedah recently lost 2-8 to a vietnam club but at least they took up the national duty and managed to advance to the second round.

    Lastly, I hope that Liga Super should be limited to state-team only. The private teams should only compete in another championship and the competition is based on zones (South, North, Central, East Coast and East Malaysia). This will provide opportunity to young talent who are not selected to the state-team to continue playing football and at the same time reduce the cost of managing a private team.

    ODS: I’m sorry if anyone feel that I’m personally attacking Khairy. I’m only concern in his participation and effort on football. Remember what he mentioned back when he created MyTeam? He said:

    “When the show was introduced, our aim was to identify potential football players among our country’s youngsters. It was also to provide opportunities for untapped young talents. We were overwhelmed by the response and the interest shown by the public was motivating.”

    Now, the issue here, MyTeam is facing financial difficulties, which normally due to players’ salaries (and as stated in the news too). These young talents are not pros and thus, the salary should not be sky high. Unless you get players from other teams and paying higher salary. Lucky that the football business of buying and selling players here in Malaysia are not like in the western countries, where the clubs got to ready financially to pay the price besides having paying high salary for such players.

    I know that managing a football team especially in Malaysia is not easy. However, as stated in this very article:

    “I know that other teams are facing such diffculties, but I supposed MyTeam as a baby project of Khairy should set an example to all local football teams.”

    He potrait to be good and having the potential to be the best in the nation (like no other young talents in Malaysia), and his success was credited. His effort for bringing MyTeam was supported, and once, as I said, MyTeam was seen as a beacon of hope towards revitalising Malaysian football.

    Moreover my dear friend, I’ve mentioned the “resources” available for him to study what went wrong with other football clubs that faced the same problem. I stated:

    “I supposed that he should be able to learn one or two from other teams, be it avoiding the mistakes and learn whatever good for the team. Oh yeah, learn and act upon it. With both knowledge, financial reputation and access to other emore experienced managers, I should say that he has the advantage.”

    He is an Oxford grad and potrait to be brilliant. Should not be he use his knowledge to study and apply the best practice for his own club? Should then the solution he get can help and lead other teams not to be in financial mess?

    This is why I write this article because he has the brains and the ability. If he or any of his supporters read this article, take this as positive challenge. I outlined the ability he has that he has not used to the max on football management. I’m talking about his doings and his ability on the football pitch, not entirely his personal life or whatsoever.

    MyTeam is a new club, with supposedly no burdens to maintain high profile players to pay for their salaries while having talents from the shows held all around the nation with lower salaries to maintain. For a business minded like him and leadership he has, I supposed he should set an example to other clubs not to be in financial mess.

    Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  2. Hi Bro,

    Once there was a fruit garden, named “Kebun GLC”. The yield was at par, they said, need better management.

    “Anu” a traditional experienced farmer, was then appointed as the Head Man. True, enough this Kebun GLC needed new philosophy & approach on top of “lalang” growing here & there. “Anu”revamped the whole “Kebun GLC” and started new plantation. It took a while of hard works, but by then there were already “desas-desus”, there’s nothing new “Anu” did, except destroying old cultures. People likes to talk about “bad” things and like to overlook anything “good”. Nothing new!

    “Pucuk hijau segar” started to grow out from the fertile soil. This time the voices grew louder, claiming “Anu” was far too long as Head Man. Need new blood. “Anu” produced “no result” anyway! Step down now!

    “Ani”, a “pertanian” scholar, came to replace “Anu”. Nothing much to be done except making sure the “Pucuk hijau” grew into trees bearing fruits. After a while “Putik” started to appear. Kebun GLC was going to have a good harvest season soon.

    “Ani” did nothing much!. He’s not good in money making! Kebun GLC need corporate commercial man to reap profits! So they shouted. Nothing new again for there nothing “good”, except “bad” to shout aloud. There went “Ani”, out from Kebun GLC even before “times-up”.

    “Ana” the financial wizard who practically knew nothing about “plantation”, now head the Kebun GLC. By the time “Ana” was in, the trees bore lotsa fruits, a harvest time indeed. “Ana” waste no time. This was the best of Kebun GLC, the share price shot up through the ceiling. Fruit-picking was done rigorously, never mind the “prudent-fruit-picking programme”. The “yet-to-ripe” greens also picked up and boxed in for shipment.

    I must go now and leave this glorious Kebun GLC for another, because I have another “pumping-up” (“up actually sound more like “out”) to do at other “kebuns” which need my “tweaking for profits”.

    Off he went and a survey was conducted.

    “Anu” – terrible planter. He upset the traditions!

    “Ani” – Does nothing! Just sleep while the Kebun was on “auto-pilot” mode.

    “Ana” – the Hero! Kebun GLC was in glorious time! (the “bad” sayings changes to “good” sayings at least for once)

    But this time, the “bloke” who took over the Kebun GLC saw lifeless fruit trees with no fruit due to not-so-prudent-fruit-picking-programme. “Lalang” started to show again, here and there.

    The “Bloke” looked at the account, and believed there was so much more that Kebun GLC could have made, but why it isn’t showing on these financial statements?

    The cycle completed its round ready to begin again.

    The “Bloke” dare not say a word against the high-flying “Ana”.

    BTW, they dont play football in “kebun”.


    ODS: I’m already “pening” reading the story and only can found the word “football” at the end of the story. 😀

    Anyway, thanks for the “Ana”, “Ani”, “Anu” and “Lalang” story. 🙂

  3. Salam Tuan,

    Know what, given their way, they will somehow find a connection and put the blame on TDM ! 🙂

    Saya dah lama tak ikut local football, tak ada tarikan lagi. But then, kalau FAM have the guts to resign everybody 100% top to bottom, and have non politicians, non royalties on board…. I might support again. At least honesty and patriotism wins the game, no matter where our national team’s is ranked.

    ODS: Royalties tu rasanya ok lagi. Sebab, Sultan Ahmad Shah was there when Malaysia got the highest ranking in our history (75th in 1993). Even other royalties such as Sultan Azlan Shah for hockey has done good job.

    About the politician part, Tunku and Tun Razak was part of development in the early years of FAM. Even though they are politician, they have the spirit and the passion to see our football flourish. And they did well along with sets of players and management team who have the passion to see Malaysian football to be respected.

    In other words, I dare not to say that politicians are no good, but I am saying, if you are really sincere (moreover have the ability) towards developing Malaysian football, please do the right thing and make us proud once again. Tunku and Tun Razak played their part as politician ,whom I supposed also inspired Malaysian footballers to play hard and well in those good old days and as part of FAM management team.

    Thank you for your comment dinturtle. 🙂

  4. Salam ODS,

    You are still firing at KJ, so am I. My latest outing is on KJ’s number in FB, and guess what? Wenger turned up to defend his master. Wait a minute, did Wenger deny being a KJ supporter?


    ODS: Salam Mr Singh.

    I’m not exactly “firing” at Khairy. I’m just asking about his commitments on the football pitch. He and his supporters glorify him for his success and seem to be excuses whenever something bad happened. Remember back when our national football team got humiliated? Dato Soh Chin Aun and Coach B. Sathianathan got the boot (which earlier, with the same staff, Malaysia went to the finals of Merdeka Cup).

    Dear readers,
    MyTeam is his baby project. Should the team perform or not, I can understand it is more towards team manager and coaching staff (and the players).

    However, for management role, the funds, the financial management, I believe the personnel should be from the management side, including the President himself. In addition, as I mentioned in earlier comments, it is fortunate that our transfer players’ market are not as expensive as in western countries. And considering with our current level, I do not believe that such high cost should be incured in maintaining players, unless, you offer high pay for such players that have yet to prove they are worth such high value.

    Mr Singh,
    In regards to our dear friend, even though I see him flip flopping (and even accused me as accusing something he is not), his habits (or should I say his patern of acts) so far been predictable. In other words, old habits die hard. 🙂

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