Ammah, Orang Gaji, Pembantu Rumah: ‘Autobots’ or ‘Decepticons’?

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen is storming cinemas all around the world. Even in Malaysia, this movie has been talk of the town (other than political issues that seems the power struggel never ends). Of course the kids got excited and so do some adults. Maybe, for male adults, Megan Fox is one of their main attraction.

Ads thorugh media use this movie as part of their promo plan. Among all ads, I’m more attracted to one radio promo, whereby the guy asking Optimus Prime to transform into ice cubes or cooler (I think so). However, when Optimus refused, the guy said: “This is what you say serving mankind?”

Seriously, there are some things that made my brain to think on the advert. One – I cannot imagine Optimus Prime transform to ice cubes. From truck to ice cubes? C’mon!; Two – I have to say, whoever wrote the line “serving mankind” by transforming into ice cubes just to satisfy one needs, either he/she is thinking outside the box, he/she just exploiting the movie aura just to get people to buy the product, or he/she see/giving the impression “serving mankind” in his/her own interpretation to satisfy his/her own needs. C’mon. If Optimus transformed into ice cubes, it will melt soon enough and no more Optimus!

In which, the second thought “connected” me to last few days hot issue – about maids in Malaysia. Suddenly, once again maids’ issue become one of the attention of Malaysians. We can read it in news, either about no changes on giving one day off to maids, options to get maids from China or anything related. Thanks to radio talk shows, we are able to hear the good part and the worse part of maids serving ing Malaysia. I have to say, Pak Nil’s topic “Anugerah Pembantu Rumah Terbaik” is the best discussed topic as it allows us to hear the maid employees giving good points in creative manner. I also have a good laugh at Din Beramboi’s Drama Sebabak dialogue with one of the listeners, playing as maids comparing their employees and who’s having better.

As now, you can see how my mind travelled in regards with this issue – “serving”. Malaysians hired maids to help them in whatever tasks and jobs they requires. From one perspective, they are worker who are hired to help with houseworks. From another point of view, they are worker, working for either unprofessional employee or professional employee.

To determine the pro and non-pro employee, is very subjective. Due to the fact, there are employees that treat their maids well, and the maids reacted the same way; employees terating well, but the maids reacted badly; employees treat badly, maids just follow until they cannot bear anymore and runaway; and employees treat badly and get “what you give, you get back” type of maids.

For such issues in regards to maids, I have to say, we as the employees have to act brilliant and behave better. Most of Malaysians who hired maids are professionals with brains and knowledge. I know, we expect them to have the know how on any house keeping related, but in between human skill/soft skill is required. Perhaps, this article from Tranung Kite can give us some idea.

However, for those who have such maids like this, I can understand (even though kind of awkward to see maids able to blog while working..well, we have seen some maids doing business while we are not at home). Still, the more educated should be able to handle well.

The maid issue should be in-house issue, and do not really need the governments of nations involved have to sit down and talk. If business can run without much interferences on employers issues, why don’t the employers at work but employees at home work something out. I am in opinion, government’s intervention is not really needed in solving maids issues (except for the formalities).

Autobots or Decepticons?
Autobots or Decepticons?

Question on the street: Should government being dragged into maid issues? Visa issues, permits – Yes. Maids poor service, employee’s bad treatments? Just the relevant authority please, no need the MPs addressing the issue. It is your in-house issue. No need to shout out to the whole world about your maid’s issue. 

What more day off for maids. Aiseh, maids are still human, not robots (I guess this should answer the title). Kindly use our own brain to sort things out.

And to maids, if your employees treat you well, please do provide the best service based on terms and conditions set in the agreement and arrangement. (Kepada orang gaji/pembantu rumah, jika majikan kamu melayan kamu dengan baik, layanlah majikan kamu dengan cara yang terbaik kamu boleh berikan, berdasarkan terma dan syarat kamu bekerja sebagai orang gaji. )


2 thoughts on “Ammah, Orang Gaji, Pembantu Rumah: ‘Autobots’ or ‘Decepticons’?

  1. Saudara,

    Maaf kerana saya tidak menjawab soalan cepumas Saudara.

    Tapi saya tertarik kepada berita bernama yang Saudara selitkan di sini.

    1. “Pembantu rumah dari negara China?”

    2. “Majikan berketurunan China yang mempunyai masalah penderaan? Disebabkan berlainan bahasa, budaya dan agama?

    3. “Pembantu dari negara China pernah dicadangkan dahulu dan antara salah satu sebab bangkangan adalah, suami digoda pembantu rumah?”


    (1) selepas China adakah pula dari Tamil Naidu nanti? Sedangkan Imigresen Malaysia pun agak pening untuk pin-point yang mana satukah datang dari Tamil Naidu, yang datang dari China dan yang mengatakan “Aku memang orang Malaysia” dengan menggunakan khidmat jurubahasa apabila mereka tersekat di sempadan masuk. Apa kata kalau “Aku memang orang Malaysia” dengan jurubahasanya tu, sememangnya bukan rakyat Malaysia, tapi dapat myKad sejurus selepas melepasi sempadan? Itu boleh cerita bang! Asalkan ada ongkosnya!

    (2) bukan majikan dan pembantu saja yang mempunyai masalah yang berpunca dari bahasa, budaya dan agama. Sebahagian besar rakyat Malaysia pun menghadapi masalah yang berpunca dari pelbagai bahasa dan budaya ini. Agama sensitip bang! Tapi kita bangga dengan ungkapan “Malaysia Truly Asia” yang caca merba tu. So apa masalahnya?

    (3) Berketurunan sama pun, goda-godaan ini pun satu masalah yang besar? Sungguh banyak masalah keturunan ini!

    “Negara ini ada Tuannya”

    Semerah Padi

    ODS: Terima kasih diatas komen saudara.

    Tentang dari mana sekalipun pembantu rumah itu, yang penting tahu bahasa, adab dan tatasusila penduduk negara ini. Dalam pada itu, majikan pun kena tahu juga cara-cara jadi majikan yang baik dan bijak.

    Jangan salah satu jadi timun dan durian. Menggolek kena, digolek pun kena… 🙂

  2. The PRC has 1.3 billion people,
    51 % are women = 751 million women.
    Base on age say 5 % are below 25 years old, we have a potential of 35 million maid supply potential.
    Wah Lau more than total human resident in malaysia of 27 million!!!
    Each household can have 1.5 maids !!
    I oso wan ma.
    THE USA must be thanked as it has waked up and woken up the authorities.
    Question is who wants to b waken up .
    The open sky policy,cheap airfare online booking and 23 million target tourists (by all the ministers of touring from Kadir Azlina and NYY) have been blinding everyone with bright glittery to the obvious risks.
    We are the most naive people when dealing with foreigners…
    We get weak knees and dizzy when a senior member of the a foregn government insults us while on malaysian soil and goodwill.
    And no one in the national security council wants to take a swipe at d 3.1 million foreigners in the country.
    No last man standing in the home ministry.
    700 iranians students insulted us by doing a demo against their country elections result.
    I say to the Iranians students bug—- off.
    Time and time again we read abt african with black money scams.Time and again we read about GROs from China getting caught doing selling business at night.
    The new wave of Maids from China can come under NYY tourist visas, sell at nite for 30 days, go to singapore and return on 32nd day.
    See Petaling street KL, Pudu KL,Selayang KL,Chow Kit KL,big problem.
    DBKL is looking the other way for 3 decades whenit come to this problem .
    we all know why.
    Senator Minister of Wilayah Perseketuan Nong CHik said we need foreigners who will work becus no Malaysian want certain jobs.
    He is naive becuz foreigners, are carpet sellers, shop assistants, black money, “permanent students”,con men and con women.
    Some folks from Madras jest come to Ampang Point to look for jobs in curry house etc..
    From Ampang Point to Bukit Belacan and its surroundings there so so so many foreigners, many of whom are jobless but shop at hypermarkets
    The KL buses are full of loud foreigners who dont respect locals.
    Foreigners who dont work .
    1malaysia is actually a hogepoch of Indons,Banglas,myanmars,indians,Pakistans,Chadian,Nigerians,Ghanaian,yemenis,Iranians,Iraqis,Chinese,Vietnamese,Thailand,Kazakhs,Kenyans(for Kl Maraton overstay in kL)
    I call on The PM to be realistic.
    The “new economic model” will send all unwanted foreigners home ? or bring more foreigners in by the 3rd bridge.?
    But 90 days wont cure the problems we created ourselves.9 years or more to hit 2020.
    Mah Ngah Tong.

    ODS: Thank you Mah Ngah Tong for your comments.

    Interesting enough when you mentioned the ratio of one Malaysians to 1.5 maids. It is like having 6 maids for family of 4. However, I really doubt every family of 4 can pay 6 maids. 😀

    Just curious though. When you mentioned “1malaysia is actually a hogepoch of Indons,Banglas,myanmars,indians,Pakistans,Chadian,Nigerians,Ghanaian,yemenis,Iranians,Iraqis,Chinese,Vietnamese,Thailand,Kazakhs,Kenyans(for Kl Maraton overstay in kL)”, are they the “RAKYAT” of Malaysia?

    For all I know, 1Malaysia with its tagline refers to Malaysians. And in regards to economic model and opportunities, I would say it is up to ALL Malaysians to grab it, be it by professional or non-professional work related.

    Thank you. 🙂

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