Satu Sekolah for Malaysian Children’s Development

It seems Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua Campaign is not a play or rethorics afterall. It has reached the attention of our DPM, our government, main stream media (like here and here ), alternative media, Malaysian Bar (?),  coverage from our neighbouring country, blogs (like here, here, here and here..well, needless to say, the campaign started in blogosphere. What to be suprised of..haha) and even facebook!

Of course, this proposal made by Demi Negara Community (“For the Nation” Community) has been widely debated and discussed from various points of view. Some even call it a racist idea, and even political idea. The blog where the proposal started is a non-political blogger for what I have read and believed, he has bashed both sides of Barisan and Pakatan. If he is one of UMNO, should he have been criticised and banned by UMNO for his critical posts and comments, especially during Tun Pak Lah’s premiership (like how some UMNO members criticized Tun Dr Mahathir for his critics in his blog)?

Of course, being part of one who supported this idea (based on the reasons I have stated here), I have followed interesting comments and thoughts of Malaysians who agreed, opposed and interesting from those agreed with terms and conditions (consider not 100% agreed). For most, points taken from political thoughts and experience views. Most opinions given from the point of adults, who think like adults, talk about the system and the kids, but do we really set good examples for the kids?

The reason I posed that question is in regards on how we expressed our thoughts and ideas in regards with their future. Some made good arguments which can lead towards good discussion and the betterment of Malaysian intergration and some do not. I guess some of us do not realise that someday, our kids will read what we write, and this would somehow set an example to them. Be it good or not, it depends how the kids grow. Ponder this for a moment:

Children Learn
Children Learn

This was forwarded thorugh e-mail to me, and I find it rather logic, considering some views and comments that given based on experience.

I wonder who instill hatred among racial lines if it were not for some of us. Who would instill racist views, if it not for some of us as the adults?

Please do note that I do not specifically mention parents, as I believe, the surrouding factors also include adults – teachers, parents’ friends, community, etc. Also not to mentioned their own friends under the influence of other factors.

We play a role in our children development, and thus, by our views, thoughts and actions will influence our children’s development. We influence their growth and psychology.

If we are to inculcate Bangsa Malaysia, instead of Bangsa Melayu, Bangsa Cina, Bangsa India, Bangsa Iban, Bangsa Kadazan, etc, we ought to have a basis of One Bangsa Malaysia which can contribute as united Malaysians. First place would be our school system, as 6 years of of their lives before reaching their puberty will be spent in school. They will mingle around as one as they could and should.

And the way I see it, Satu Sekolah does not abolish 100% of usage of other languages, such as mandarin and tamil. It proposed the languages will still be taught, but not as primary medium of communication in school education. The primary language will be our national language – Bahasa Malaysia. Why should one be worried on language? Why should the main medium of transfering language should be an issue when we already have NATIONAL LANGUAGE to use? Are not we should be able to communicate in National Language well, as one of criteria to be a good Malaysian? Should not we use one common language to unite all Malaysians?

I supported this campaign in view of thinking of our children’s development to have a better and stronger foundation of Malaysia. They should be able to mingle and learn in one school at young age. Have not you’ve seen how Americans potrait it through their films to inculcate unity among skin colours – Remember The Titans, Friday Night Lights,  and Glory Road for examples. What are the background of the stories? Racial disunity among American and school, ain’t it?

Malaysians love to watch movies, and some loves to take USA as example (remember when Obama is appointed as President, how many raise issue of how matured are the Americans were?), but some failed to see how and what to is the basis of such foundation.

Please do consider the development of our children and their psychology build up if we are to shout Bangsa Malaysia, One Malaysia, Negara Islam and Malaysian Malaysia. They are future leaders, and if we fail to develop a common ground, a strong base, they will continue what we are doing right now.

Appended below articles for your reading pleaseures:

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It seems, Kijangmas and Mat Cendana have their own thoughts on feedbacks of Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua campaign. I would say “hmm..interesting…

Question by OnDaStreet: Why resist when one effort that can lead towards unity and harmony being voiced and proposed? One Malaysia, Negara Islam, and Malaysian Malaysia are the ideologies played on uniting Malaysians (only with different sets of ideology).. Is not Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua is a tool towards unity?



22 thoughts on “Satu Sekolah for Malaysian Children’s Development

  1. Bro Ondastreet,

    And if the children of Malaysia mingle with one another in “One School”, speaking among them using a common language, that is the National Language; they will learn to unite in its true sense of Unity.

    This great Nation will then be gifted with one strong united Bangsa Malaysia.

    Now I wonder, there are some people who want these children to mingle with their “own kinds” speaking their “own languages”. What kind of people are these? Certainly they are NOT MALAYSIANS!

    Semerah Padi

    ODS: That have been our problem in creating united Malaysians. However, it is unfair to say them “they are not Malaysians” as they are Malaysians. It is just the matter of perception and reception.

    We do allow each ethnic to practice their own religion, language and culture, but to condone the basic principals and foundation of the country (I believe the very same approach of Islam when the formation of 1st Islamic country – Madinah).

    The problem that arise is due to inability to respect and condone to the foundation and basic principals of Malaysia. One by one issue arises due to lack of understanding and started with mastering National Language.

    I’ve just watched “Science and Islam” shown at History Channel (Astro Channel 555) whereby it came across that during the glorious day of Islamic Empire, the common language is Arab, but the use and study of other languages is still as important for the purpose of knowledge and studies. The key point here is the language as form of common communication. Without mastering it, messages conveyed can be undelivered and lost.

    Same goes with us. In creating better and united Malaysians, how can it possibly be we communicate if one cannot understand another and vice versa.

    If yes, why there are some who are ignorant enough to accuse the Malays said “Daulat Melayu”, instead of “Daulat Tuanku” and Cina Komunis, whereby it should be just Communist for example..

    These kids are the future of Malaysia. Let them start a new better leaf of Malaysia, while we try to reduce misinterpretation and misunderstanding..starting with common language as communication – Bahasa Malaysia.

    Thank you Semerah Padi for your comment. 🙂

  2. ODS

    Firstly, for DemiNegara’s blog to reach the govt and DPM is no surprise to me as either he or the readers are close to UMNO and the govt. For all you know, DemiNegara might be a closet racist but the end justify the means. it’s so clear that if you want to be perceived as fair, you have to attack both sides and later on bring the arguments to the side you have initially planned. It’s nothing new with this strategy.

    The thought indeed is noble but it takes balls for the govt to carry out.

    1. Abolish all vernacular schools
    2. Abolish all religious schools
    3. Abolish elite MCKK and the rest similar to it(i think MCKK is a race based school, right?)
    4. But national language does not mean that it will be the most prominent language to be used. Perhaps should consider english to be the main language to be taught for competitiveness purpose.
    5. 1Sekolah can be either govt or private (Sri KL, Sri Cempaka). I don’t see any issue with it because both are multi-racial school. It’s mainly for segmentation purposes.
    6. Since 1sekolah is so important for unity, it’s also time to open up all uni for all races. This exercise should be from A-Z. No exception in tertiary.

    What you think about my thoughts?

    ODS: Thank you for your comments and thoughts. 🙂

    For who is the real Demi Negara, frankly, I have no idea whether he is close with UMNO or government officials. Moreover to say him as “a closet racist but the end justify the means” because I don’t get it if the person who is trying and support the idea to unify Malaysians can be labelled as racist.

    Unless unifying Bangsa Malaysia is considered racist. If it is, then I guess, we should consider those who propose unity among Malaysians can also considered as one. 😀

    Based from my point of view, the SSUS idea works on what have been constituted in Malaysian Constitution. The way I see it, it “enforces” the elements in Malaysian Constitution. And do bear in mind, SSUS just for school level, not varsity level. In addition, what to fuss about our tertiary when most local varsities accepts all Malaysians except for UiTM (if this what you meant by your thoughts). Please read in which act in the Constitution does UiTM stands in. 🙂

    If not mistaken, MCKK is part of SBP. And based on my understanding is SBP has opened up spaces for Malaysians, not just to Malays. I myself has witnessed and having friend of non-bumis in Sekolah Dato Abdul Razak, Seremban (one of the SBPs).

    As for religious school (if SARs is what you’ve meant), I think it should be not an issue, as it is religious school and still, part of it, they adopt national school system and uses National Language as medium of communication (which is way differs from medium of communication used in SJKs). For me, as long as the school adpot and condone to what have been constituted as per Malaysian Constitution and using our National Language as medium of communciation, the school should have no problem, right?

    Whatever it is, your feedback and thoughts is appreciated. I hope the DN Community will note your thoughts.

    Thank you. 🙂

  3. ODS

    If you want to build national unity, no exception. UiTM and the rest of varsities should promote that. don’t you think it defeats the purpose when a group of people start to isolate themselves when they go to tertiary level. Why can’t have it all the way? I don’t think it is an unreasonable proposal.

    1. As for religious schools, if it is really for unity of all races, I really don’t agree with religious schools as most non-muslim wouldn’t want to go into a religious school, and hence the move will not be a great success. What if other religious bodies start to have their own version of Sekolah Buddhist Kebangsaan, Sekolah Hindu Kebangsaan, Sekolah Kristian Kebangsaan but they will still use national language to teach? More problematic right?

    2. Not that i know of about MCKK admitting non-malay students. Perhaps, I hope someone could enlighten me on this. So should also abolish this SBP. Why not a truly national school and which i don’t even know what is this SBP is all about.

    3. Does that mean if SRJK were to use more national language, they can be integrated as 1Sekolah concept. Because based on my understanding of your explaination, it’s the % of the medium used and not the name of the school. very easy, just change the name and abolish the (J) and (C) and (T). ie; SRJK (C) Chee Wen can now be called SRK Chee Wen but used more national language.

    But personal preference, to have more time allocated based on the following importance:

    1. English
    2. BM (national language)
    3. Mandarin, Tamil, Japanese, French (optional)

    So muhibbah man, you get to study english and be good in it and sure very competitive in other countries. Yet at the same time, our BM will be good too. If those like to study languages, they can also choose Mandarin and Tamil or other languages, if possible.

    ODS: Thank you for your thoughts, jebat’s fren.

    First and foremost, as I mentioned, the idea revolves around “school”, which does not taking into tertiary education (yet). This proposal emphasize the development from school stage. Perhaps, when things going well, some of us (perhaps you too) can do some add-ons to this proposal.

    Secondly bro, if there is any other religious school to be opened (actually there are some – Sekolah Menengah Katholik, Sibu and Sekolah Tinggi Katolik for example) and they use national school education policy and use National Language as medium of communication, so be it. That’s one of the purpose of SSUS. If they do adopt proper conduct according to Constitution and using Bahasa Malaysia as medium of communication, I have no qualms over it.

    jebat’s fren, if you just abolish the (C), (T) and (JK), but not using what national school used, there’s no point. It will be just a re-branding of school, but not the concept.

    Anyway, when you mean by increasing the usage of national language, what do you mean by that? Just certain subjects? Why not use it as medium as communication as a whole? SSUS do not propose to abolish Mandarin, Tamil or Cantonese.

    In regards with your suggestion of ranks of language, I wonder why do you put English as first choice, not as second? Are you not proud of your own Bahasa Malaysia? Should not it be your primary language, considering you are a Malaysian? Moreover, can you justify your thoughts on which subject should be taught in English and which ones by Bahasa Malaysia?

    The importance here is to put forward this SSUS proposal as initial step towards moulding more united Malaysian. Along the way, I supposed that SSUS will be improvised through time. Afterall, Great Wall of China is not built in one night. Right?

    The question is – do you agree with SSUS as a tool as uniting factor for Malaysian? 🙂

  4. ODS

    I am of the opinion if you want to start with SSUS, it should not only be confined to “school” but to broaden the term of reference to primary all way up to varsities. Since we are going to have such a radical change, might as well do it once and for all and that shows how serious we are talking about unity. You just can’t do bits and pieces here and there. I totally agreeable with SSUS concept BUT not the details outlined in it. ie; what I have proposed earlier.

    I still think let’s separate religion and education and we should not mix it together. If you have a few schools here and there with very strong religious values advocated inside, I am afraid it will come back to square one. Religious classes can be taken after the official school hours. Religious classes should be taught in mosques, temples, religious associations and so forth. Let’s make the school a place to study and improve in race relations.

    What i meant by abolishing the (C) and (T) is that reduce the subject taught in C or T and use more national language and english for subjects and conversation. However, having said that, you can’t stop the students from talking to each other in their own preferred language. Say for me, I am more comfortable with english, therefore i will speak English with everyone but if i encounter people who can’t speak english, then BM lah. is a convergence process. To me, whether to keep this type of school is really optional. I personally view that all should be made SRK / SMK all the way.

    so therefore in school, all students are encouraged to speak in english or BM as I see it will benefit everyone at the end of the day. You need english, that it’s a reality.

    bro, to put english as first choice does not mean I am not proud of my country and national language. Is this what nationalist always think about when we as “malaysian” must be super fluent in BM? I can’t even speak a few words of mandarin does that mean I am not proud of “Chinese” and “mandarin”?

    As for what subjects to be in English, the equation is simple if you don’t look at it in the lense of nationalism or political. Those subjects that you need to use when you come out to work and you know when you have to study the same subjects again when you come out to study in uni, those will be the subjects to be taught in English. justification is for a better comprehension for that subjects so that kids won’t have problem when they go to uni. when it comes to statistics, not too sure you agree or not, in every Malay like you who are so fluent in english (and can do well in overseas uni), there are many more malays in local uni who struggle to understanding subject matters in english, let alone able to speak and write decently. i won’t be surprise that many chinese are struggling too when it comes to english.

    deep down in your heart and your own conscience, if you are an employer and to choose between an employee who is okay in BM + excellent in english or an employee who is excellent in BM + terrible english, which one would you choose.
    (assuming that both are equally talented)

    i have interviewed not many but i just can’t take in one that is poor in english.

    1. Which mnc advertising agency would employ a non english speaking person?
    2. Which major banks (other than those govt banks) would want to hire staff who can’t communicate fairly okay in english? Would you like to have a General Manager who can’t give a speech in English?
    3. When you become a Cabinet Minister, do you think you can get away with poor english?

    Why not i ask you, can you justify why not english to be emphasized other than the fact that you stated BM is national language? Give the rationale of pros and cons of making BM the primary language to be taught instead of english.

    ODS: Thank you for your active and good thoughts.

    Firstly bro, SSUS is – Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua; in which has a definite target – School. It is not Satu Pendidikan untuk Semua, where, the argument on tertiary would be included. Moreover, the proposal is a simple one, and to work it out will consist the cooperation from all, starting from the top to bottom, right to left.

    When the foundation at school level is ready and strong, then perhaps, as your view, further level can be looked into. I have to say, if you jump to early, you will sound like TS Muhyiddin, as highlighted by JMD in his latest article. I have to say that I’m agreeable for TS Muhyiddin should settle PPSMI issue, then followed by proposal to make English compulsory to be passed by the students. We strenghten the very foundation first, then we talk about later parts. 🙂

    Bro, the medium of communication in Bahasa Malaysia of course to be used during classes. If want to enforce during chit chats, it sounds like SSUS is an extreme proposal. You are free to converse in what ever language you want outside the class and school time, just like what have been constituted in Malaysian Constitution.

    As for English, I know it is important. However, Bahasa Malaysia is also as important as the language is part of our national language which makes up part of Malaysia identity. If one Malaysian cannot converse well in Bahasa Malaysia, how should we classify them? Imagine, even though English is main in world transaction nowadays, do French not being fluent at their own French language? Do Chinese (of China mainland) not being fluent at their own language? Do Arabs not being fluent in their own language?

    As much as English is important, National Language should not be treated less important. Indonesia can be proud of Bahasa Indonesia, and Thais can be proud of their Thai language, even though English is widely used. Why should we not be fluent at our own language?

    Once again, thank you for your thoughts and ideas. Really appreciate it. 🙂

  5. Bro OndaStreet,

    Let me just touch a bit on MARA.

    The colonial british had established RIDA (Rural Industrial Development Authority), in 1951. This is to provide economic assistance and support to Malay farmers and rural inhabitants.

    RIDA was expanded to MARA by a Parliament act on 1st March, 1966.

    MARA was formed to aid, train, and guide Bumiputra (Malays and other indigenous Malaysians) in the areas of business and industry. This is a part of Special Privileges for the Malays and Indigenous Malaysians under the Social Contract.

    Now UITM and MRSM come under MARA. This special privilege has been dented by the sleeping gomen in 2004 when BN made pledge to open MRSM to non-bumiputera in PRU 2004. Subsequently, you see non-bumis have been accepted into MRSM.

    Quid for pro. The Special Privileges for your free citizenships. By right, since this non-negotiable Special Privileges has been dented by BN (the tungging buntut ones) , the Malays & Indigeneous people also has the right to demand the tungging buntut leaders to make some avenues to lower the BLUE I/C status to RED, if some of mykads holders keep on barking profusely against this Special Privileges. Fair and square?

    If they keep on barking, have some law to banish them from this Tanah Melayu unless they are willing to get their heads ‘aligned’ in Kamunting or BTN courses.

    Remember what DYMM Sultan Perak said recently (being the former Lord President).

    Questioning the Special Privileges of the Malays & Indigenous Malaysians is SEDITIOUS!

    So need I elaborate further on MCKK (which was formed even before Merdeka) or the status of Bahasa Kebangsaan (read Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah here and the rest?

    “Di mana bumi di pijak, di situ langit dijunjung” – Rehearse this proverb over and over. Understand it inside & out, less you become makhluk perosak yang tidak tahu mengenang budi! Diberikan betis hendak peha! Cisssss!!!

    Negara Ku – segala anasir subversif mesti dihapuskan!

    Semerah Padi.

    ODS: Thank you Semerah Padi for your comments and references. 🙂

  6. Semerah Padi

    Helooooo …… We are talking about how best to make change to improve things and you are still harping on privileges. RIDA is formed then for a purpose but does it explicitly implicate that it will exclude other races? “Rural inhabitants” means a specific race?

    Padi, where is the Social Contract? Care to PDF and let me have a look? Does it really matter blue or RED ic when the government took in millions of outsiders and put them in strategic places? How come newcomers also get their “blue ic”? So now want to use Kamunting and ISA to threaten people who want to exchange ideas? If you can’t think properly, you should send your head for some washing instead of being brainwashed by BTN. And you should also suggest to your beloved government to turn Kamunting into a holocaust camp so that we won’t come back and challenge your Nazi propaganda.

    You can quote whoever who warns others not to say this or that but is Lord President or chief judge infallible? Are they God and will they not make mistake? Total joke for you to think along Nazism way.

    You should revive Nazi party in Malaysia and spread propaganda of superior race and annihilate others who question the Nazi regime. Sound alike?

    You should read more about Nazi propaganda and you will find similarities between yourself and Adolf Hilter too.

    Heil Padi !

    Oh yeah Padi, and for your very 1st comment, you label those who mingle and speak their own kind of language, they are not Malaysians. Isn’t that extremism that you are pushing? Are you saying that if those Malays who mingle with their own kind is considered non-Malaysians?

    How many non-Malay friends do you have and when was the last time you spoke to one non-Malay?

    I can’t stand the way you think like an extremist. Definitely, PAS is way better than you because even though they are a religious party, but they have a more open heart to receive others and to champion equality for all races, unlike you Nazi Padi. Now you do really know why Malaysians are not supporting UMNO anymore?

    ODS: Similar like “Nazi”? Aiseh bro..sounds quite too harsh la bro…be cool bro..if Semerah Padi’s comment do not preferable and provoking to you, I hope you can counter him/her with intelligence and elegant argument…

    Thank you 🙂

  7. To jebat’s fren, Semerah Padi, and readers…

    After reading a couple of times, I consider both of opinions by jebat’s fren and Semerah Padi were given in their respective view, which points and elements potrayed are matters and concerns played in the minds of Malaysians.

    What have been given by jebat’s fren are good challenges to the idea of SSUS – Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua. In the meantime, some highlights in comments given by Semerah Padi are based on foundation of Malaya, then Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and then Malaysia.

    I appreciate on points given and I do hope for positive outcome from points elaborated.

    Thank you.

    ~ OnDaStreet

  8. The fellow says, “We are talking about how best to make change to improve things and you are still harping on privileges.” Is he saying that to make change, we must always be the ones to be giving up things, keep quiet when they question our rights, can’t even tell them that these are sensitive issues? Ridiculous fellow.

    Doesn’t the fellow know that the “privileges” are Hak Istimewa Melayu that was agreed in exchange for the Malay leaders agreeing to citizenship for the non-Malays who were stateless at Merdeka time? That it should not be linked with the SSS proposal which is a noble, non-partisan effort at bringing about unity and the creation of a cohesive Bangsa Malaysia? That if they question it or suggest aspects of the Hak Istimewa be put aside, the Malays could do the same regarding their citizenship right? That the Malay rights stated in the Constitution cover both economic and educational aspects. That RIDA, MARA, MRSMs, MCKK and such institutions come under those?

    I support Semerah Padi up there linking the special Malay rights to the non-Malay citizenship right. That simply was the case when Malay and non-Malay leaders agreed before Merdeka time. Special Malay rights were the consideration, the quid pro quo, or in exchange for non-Malay citizenship right. No two way about it. Loud and clear. And written into the Constitution, too.

    And the fellow is naughty in saying that RIDA was not meant to exclude other races, that “rural inhabitants” does not mean a specific race. Mischievous when he asked to “see” the Social Contract between the races pertaining to those rights. Is he so dumb not to understand such things?

    I think this is not a case of dumbness, but of unreasonableness. I’ve seen his similar comments elsewhere and he keeps plying these issues. I can be lenient on those who genuinely do not understand but those unreasonable fellows need to be told what Tun Tan Siew Sin said in 1969 that the Malays have been “generous enough” in agreeing to non-Malay citizenship at Merdeka and in relaxing citizenship rules for non-Malays after Merdeka. More than that, Malay leaders agreed to 10% quota for non-Malays at MARA College in 2004. Now don’t tell me that he does not agree with what the non-Malay leaders did or agreed at Merdeka time because the Malays can also do the same and that won’t be good for any of us.

    This kind of fellows need to learn history, get the correct historical facts, not the subversive kind that, for example, tries to say Chin Peng and the MCP communist terrorists were nationalists. Be told and learn to accept that the Malays suffered badly during British colonialism, that the bloody colonialism was the result of Hai San Secret Society Kapitan China and 44 of his gangsters in Larut signing a Petition for the British Resident in Penang to help recover their tin mines from the Ghee Hins gang. That the British helped the Chinese in business by giving mining leases, lottery and gaming licenses and, later, licenses for rubber trading etc. That the British built enough schools at primary and secondary level in the towns where most of the Chinese lived and benefitted. That no help or encouragement at all for Malays to do business, only a few schools in the kampongs, and even so, only at primary level. That by Merdeka time, the Chinese had progressed tremendously in wealth and education. Now don’t start pointing out nonsensical reasons for the vast disparity because I can do the same and, again, it’d be no good to anybody.

    There must be give and take, a two-way street. Above and beyond the “generous enough” that Tun Tan Siew Sin spoke about in 1969, the Malays had given the 10% quota in 2004. It’s now time for the non-Malays to give something in return. If they don’t give, for goodness sake, don’t ask the Malays to give up what they have. It’s called selfishness of the extreme kind. It’s called plain unreasonableness.

    Remember, the SSS proposal does not even ask the non-Malays to give anything. Malay is the language spelt out in the Constitution, it’s the Official Language, the National Language. It must be the medium of instruction for SSS. Mandarin and Tamil cannot be, because they are the official languages of PRC and Tamil Nadu, India, respectively.

    The SSS does not even seek to do away with those languages; they can be studied as elective subjects. There’s really no reason not to support the SSS proposal. Certainly no reason, in fact sensitive, to link it with the Malay special rights that are written in the Constitution. True, the Sultan of Perak said on 14 Jun 2009 that it is seditious to question, let alone suggest setting aside, those rights that are protected under Article 153 of the Constitution. And he is very learned in law – he was no less than a former Lord President or Chief Justice himself.

    ODS: Wow! A very lenghty comment indeed (even can be considered as an article itself!). Thank you sepadu for your comments.

  9. Anyway, just to share some knowledge that I have came across in my field of studies, which relatively relevant with this “Social Contract” – Kohlberg’s Moral Theories.

    In his theory, Kohlberg has outlined stages where human reacts (this is one of ACCA Professional Paper on Ethics.) 6 stages with 3 levels. The stages accordingly: –

    (Level 1)
    Stage 1. Obedience and Punishment Orientation;
    Stage 2. Individualism and Exchange;

    (Level 2)
    Stage 3. Good Interpersonal Relationships;
    Stage 4. Maintaining the Social Order;

    (Level 3)
    Stage 5. Social Contract and Individual Rights; and
    Stage 6: Universal Principles.

    It seems “Social Contract” has been long acknowldged by theorist and studies. In Kohlberg’s theory, it stated:

    “At stage 4, people want to keep society functioning. However, a smoothly functioning society is not necessarily a good one. A totalitarian society might be well-organized, but it is hardly the moral ideal. At stage 5, people begin to ask, “What makes for a good society?” They begin to think about society in a very theoretical way, stepping back from their own society and considering the rights and values that a society ought to uphold. They then evaluate existing societies in terms of these prior considerations. They are said to take a “prior-to-society” perspective (Colby and Kohlberg, 1983, p. 22).

    Stage 5 respondents basically believe that a good society is best conceived as a social contract into which people freely enter to work toward the benefit of all. They recognize that different social groups within a society will have different values, but they believe that all rational people would agree on two points. First they would all want certain basic rights, such as liberty and life, to be protected. Second, they would want some democratic procedures for changing unfair law and for improving society.”

    It seems that we “accidentally” have followed this theory and stages. And eventually, we have reached 6th stage for years (based on description of 6th stage).

    Overall, I do feel that it has been good discussion and intellectual indeed.

    But of course, ideas are welcome to strenghten SSUS idea which from my point of view, play within the Constitution, not reducing or giving harm towards any ethnicity other than bumiputeras and provide means for more united Malaysians.

    ~ OnDaStreet

  10. Bro ODS,

    On Social Contract and Special Privileges of the Malays:-


    The Social Contract

    The best example of Alliance compromises is to be seen in their representations to the Constitutional Commission on what basis the Federation of Malaya was to be established and what its nationality was to be. Given the precedents set up in the Federation of Malaya Agreement of 1948, the terms could not vary much. For UMNO, the trappings of a Malay state had to be preserved. The Malays had to be given political primacy. On the other hand, for MCA and the MIC, the terms of citizenship had to become as open and loose as possible to the non-Malays and their rights had to be protected.

    The Alliance memorandum to the Reid Constitution had, in fact, agreed to all the features of a Malay state – “special position of the Malays”, “Malay as the national language”, “Islam as the official religion” and the Malay Rulers as “constitutional monarchs”. There were also “Malay land reservations” and “reservation for Malays of a certain proportion of jobs in the civil service”. But the controversial questions of citizenship and nationality had been left vague. The MCA had pressed for the principle of jus soli for all those born before, on or after Malaya’s independence, but UMNO’s demand was that only those born in the country “on” and after the declaration of independence” should become nationals of the country. UMNO’s demand was accepted by the Reid Constitution.


    (The Social Contract page 36 & 37 – Malaysia : The Making of A Nation by Boon Kheng Cheah – Published by Institute of Southeast Asian Studies 2002 – ISBN 9812301755, 9789812301758)


    Even though the UMNO’s demand was accepted by the Reid Constitution, the Malays had been utmost generous as evidenced here:-

    (Source : KijangMas –

    Quote from a speech by MIC President and Works, Telecom and Posts Minister, V.T. Sambanthan in the Dewan Rakyat on June 1, 1965:-

    … in 1955 we won the elections with a great majority. Then we obtained freedom in two years time. During this period, we had to discuss citizenship and various other things. Now what did the Malays do — since we are speaking on racial lines — what did the Malay leadership do? They had 88 percent of the electorate still with them. What did they do with citizenship? If we look around in Asia and East Asia, particularly, you will find that my race the Indian race, is not welcomed in Ceylon, is not welcomed in Burma.
    Look at my brother Chinese race, it is not welcomed in Thailand, in Vietnam, in Cambodia, in all the other areas. What help do they get for citizenship in all these territories? In Burma, as we know, Indians have been send packing, in Ceylon they refused them citizenship and in Burma it is likewise. I know it, you know it. And yet in Malaya what happened? Here we found that the Malay leadership said, “We shall take them unto ourselves as brothers, we shall give them full opportunity to live in this country, we shall give them every opportunity to become citizens.” And so, in 1957, for the whole year, we waived language qualifications, and tens of thousand of Indians, Chinese, Ceylonese and others became citizens …

    As I said, it has been my great good fortune to have been born in this country. Where else can you find a more charitable, a more polite, a more decent race than the Malay race? Where else can you get such politically decent treatment for any immigrant race? Where else in the history of the world? I ask you. These are the facts. Who are you to safeguard us? I am a 10 percent minority race here. But I am happy here.

    (Source: Tan Sri Khalid Awang Osman, Malaysia – An Anthology, Vantage Press, New York, p. 60)

    Quote of statement by Tan Siew Sin, MCA President and Finance Minister in a local daily titled, “Tun Tan Answers Critics on Special Previleges” dated April 30, 1969:-

    The Malays, through UMNO, were generous enough to relax the citizenship laws of this country to such extent that within 12 months of independence, 90 percent of the non-Malays became citizens. This was different to the situation before Merdeka whereas 90 percent of the non-Malays were still non-citizens after nearly 100 years of colonial rule in the Malay States. In return for this major concession. the MCA and the MIC agreed to continue the policy of preserving the special position of the Malays while at the same time upholding the legitimate interest of other communities.

    (Source: Tan Sri Khalid Awang Osman, Malaysia – An Anthology, Vantage Press, New York, pp.38-39)

    So much on Social Contract and Special Privileges of the Malays.


    RIDA was established specifically for MALAY farmers and rural inhabitants in 1951. RIDA was later expanded to MARA (thus a continuity).

    Now people with brain can read the word “MALAY”, (RIDA case above) and can easily guess who were the people deemed as “rural inhabitants” way back in 1951 in Malaya. So what races this brainless people was talking back in 1951 then? (brainless for calling me Nazi! Quid for pro)

    A greedy stray dog (Nazism quid for pro) is so greedy that its even bite the hand that feeds it. It blames (bites) UMNO, the political party responsible for giving them citizenships way back in the Reid Commission days. It is also lazy wanting a free pdf lesson on Social Contract, throwing tantrums when directed to BTN to straighten its head and learn a bit about the history of Malaysia. In its barking tantrums, it growls “Nazi” and sees DYMM Sultan Perak, who was the former Lord President and the former Yang Di Pertuan Agong (the Head of the two utmost branches of Power, beside the Executive) as infallible. Nothing will satisfy this greedy stray dog (Nazi quid for pro) if thing does not fall in its way, not even God. Everyone and everything else is infallible when things don’t go their ways. Typical attitude of sore loser isn’t it?

    Ok la ODS. Since you said its not fair to label them as non-Malaysian and since the UMNO also gave them citizenship way back in the Reid Commission days – I will oblige. I will label them “faked” Malaysian instead, the kind of Rolex you bought at Petaling Street, not from the legitimate original Rolex dealer.

    When I tried to give this fake rolex to my pet monkey, you see how his face reaction here.

    Even a pet monkey does not like fake. A faked Malaysian is someone who holds a myKAD but not making any sincere effort to become a true Malaysian. They covertly went against the Rukun Negara and Perlembagaan, (calling the former YDP Agong/Lord President as infallible and barking against the Malay Privileges carved in the Perlembagaan, when things dont go their way).

    They uphold the values of foreign mother lands (menjunjung langit negeri orang asing) whilst they set foot on this land Tanah Melayu.

    It got its head so mis-aligned, when I so condemned the gomen for losing their pants in PRU 2004, giving up the Malay’s right on MRSM (could not stand the profuse barkings coming from these stray dogs?), this Tg Rambutan species (Nazi quid for pro) got the cheek to label the gomen who lost its pants as my beloved gomen!

    This gomen must answer to the Malays when they lost their pants on MRSM case.

    But then again, why I should waste anymore time giving free lesson to this lazy bump, brainless, inconsiderate, greedy stray dog? (again Nazi quid for pro, even though Nazi is much more degrading to me than a lousy pathetic stray dog).

    I will leave you, Bro ODS with stray dogs barking into your ears. I will move on on to something else of more value rather than wasting my time listening to these profuse barkings.

    Negara Ku – Tanah Tumpah DARAH ku!

    Semerah Padi.

    ODS: Thank you for another reference on social contract. What I have given more on general understanding on social contract (even acknowledged and studied under professional perspective..which means, in my point of view, “social contract” is not just used and understood just in Malaysia).

    Dear readers,
    What have been given by Semerah Padi and sepadu is more relevant and close to the facts and points that made into consideration in the process of setting Malaysian Constitution. My views are made of more towards general ideas and other perspectives, which still linger around human factors and Malaysian Constitution.

    But I have to say that I have a good laugh when Semerah Padi used “fake Malaysian” as I find it quite amusing (as if Malaysians can be substituted as Rolex..hahaha)…

    Anyway, thank you for the comments and looking forward to more positive input so that SSUS proposal could provide better output. 🙂

  11. Salam,

    Sudah banyak orang Melayu memberi,dan terus memberi walaupun selepas 50 tahun merdeka.

    Memberi kerakyatan percuma,Jawi dikorbankan dan banyak lagi.Apa lagi mereka nak?
    mereka cuma tahu meminta-minta(ingat suqiu?)

    Tak habis-habis mereka ni meminta-minta,macam pengemis pun ada.
    Tapi bila kita minta sedikit daripada mereka,bukan main lagi kita ditentang.

    Kita cuma meminta SJK diserap kedalam SK,mandarin dan tamil masih lagi diajar.Itu pun dah cukup
    untuk membuatkan golongan ni menggelupur dan membantah.Cadangan ini bertujuan untuk perpaduan,bukan menhapuskan budaya mereka.

    Bila digelar pendatang,mereka marah.Tak reti-reti cerminkan diri,berperangai macam pendatang dan kiasu.
    Tu pun nak marah,dah betul kan?kenapa nak marah?
    Mereka mempersoalkan segala-galanya.Melayu dicaci dan di maki hamun.Naik tocang nampaknya golongan ni.
    Senang cakap memang, biadap dan melampau.

    Saya Sokong Satu Sekolah untuk Semua..

    ODS: Terima kasih di atas komen anda, Cenderawasih. 🙂

  12. how come my pet monkey face doesn’t appear?

    Try this?

    BTW, “infallible” should read “fallible”.

    So Bro ODS – you like that fake rolex ah? The fake one I bought for my pet monkey came from China.

    Demi Negara!

    Semerah Padi

    ODS: I was not expecting the comparison/analogy done by you, but had a good laugh though. 😀

  13. Well, if this is how you and many are taking the stand for the SSUS, it won\’t be a success. All this justification about Malays have given much and non-malays haven\’t given at all sounds more like a group of people (not representing malays) who are pushing this with a personal agenda. You can scream until 2020 and it won\’t come true.

    You can twist however you like about me going against rukun negara or constitution and it\’s not new with UMNO type of mindset who put words into others mouth and get them put into ISA.

    It\’s only narrow minded racists that will be calling non-malays migrants and kept harping over giving us citizenships and what not. And with your group of people around, now I truly understand why so many racial issues are being fanned out of control.

    There is no point in giving a view when all that is concerned is \”Special Rights\”. No one is interested in taking away the special rights. Is opening up UiTM equals to taking away special rights? If you have more and more UiTM campuses and more students can be enrolled into \”all\” campuses considered taking away rights? I can\’t understand why you choose to look having all races in all varsities is considered taking away privileges?

    Isn\’t it if the genuine goal of achieving unity is really by having more interaction amongst all races, how would then what I shared is considered going against rukun negara?

    the way i see it, there is no way out for this SSUS as everything has be somehow falls back on race protection. It\’s more of which party takes over the government, then they can dictate what they want to do.

    ODS: My dear friend, from my point of view, which have been reiterated few times by me is that SSUS works within the Consitution and not even reducing and giving harm to any ethnicity. The foundation of this idea is to create unity among races. It proposes that the medium of language to be in Bahasa Malaysia.

    What have been given by Semerah Padi, Sepadu and Cenderwasih perhaps were the areas where you asked me before (on issues especially in regards with Bumi’s thingys).

    Now, in between, you propose that English to be used as medium instead of Bahasa Malaysia. And in between, you asked about MCKK, and some issues that indirectly related to Bumi issues. Of course, by way of your proposal, have invited responses which may sound provoking to you. Perhaps, when there are a lot of opportunities that have been given, you “accidentally” touched on specific area, which by numbers, is not that big. Plus, perhaps, by way of your points, have triggered some points that should not be an issue.

    For example: Out of all schools in Malaysia, you asked about MCKK. You’ve also asked about Sekolah Agama, which found out, there are Sekolah Katholik (in which I doubt that Muslims will send their children there). Those schools (MCKK and Sekolah Agama) used Bahasa Malaysia as medium of communication in classes, which is in line with what is proposed in SSUS and works within the Constitution.

    However, for SJKs, I have doubt over the medium of communication in classes and I wonder why. Even English is widely used, do French not use French as main language in their classrooms, do Indonesians not not use Bahasa Indonesia as main language in their classrooms? Do Thais not not use Thai as main language in their classrooms? Do Chinese of China not not use Mandarin or Cantonese as main language in their classrooms?Why should not us, use Bahasa Malaysia as medium in of communication in our classrooms?

    For all I know, you have been a good commentator. You’ve given good arguments so far, until Semerah Padi showed up. I do hope I still can still can get your intelligent argument and in professional manner (as potrait by you prior to the arrival of Semerah Padi.

    If you feel that their view is wrong, I hope you can show how things should be done and in manner that your opinion can change their views…

    Thank you. 🙂

  14. This message goes to jebat’s fren and those who may wrongly interprete about my comment on “social contract”,

    For much discussions and debates that happened, especially post GE12, this two words sounds so “racist” and somehow just being potrait only happen in Malaysia with the Bumi’s defining it.

    I guess the perception is not quite right, especially the words arises from theories and studies done by non-Malaysians and even mentioned in professional papers.

    That is why, I feel it is not quite right to jump and being “offended” when those two words being mentioned.

    Should there are any dispute and if anyone find it is not done in the right context, please do show in a manner that those words has its match.

    And for all I know and understood, SSUS not asking anyone to sacrifice their ethnic identity, their language. SSUS asks the medium of communciation in classroom to be in Bahasa Malaysia and having customized curriculum.

    In other words, why seperate SJKs and which “K” are we referring to when there’s only on Kebangsaan (National) – Malaysia? We do not see Kebangsaan Melayu, Kebangsaan Iban, Kebangsaan Kadazan, Kebangsaan Dusun, Kebangsaan Dayak etc.

    This is a proposal that comes from a group of Malaysians which I personally support as SSUS can be a tool in working towards more united Malaysians. They are not the government or Opposition which have the resources to do thorough work…

    The idea is there…Let the one representing us do the work..afterall, they are our leaders and supposed to lead us…

    Are you going to support SSUS to be a tool towards unity?

    ~ OnDaStreet

  15. ODS

    I have alway been pointing the fact that speaking BM in classes may not necessary means there is unity. And similarly, those who can’t speak BM or studied in chinese school does not mean they are disloyal to the country. As you are aware both side of the politicians, some of them came from SJK schools and yet they are serving the country in one way or another.

    But the issue is really not whether they are loyal or not. I am sure most malaysians are loyal to the country, and hence being so proud to be one and it’s just that we are very disgusted with the fact that these nationalists (not all Malays, some mamaks have become nationalists too) kept on harping on “they are migrants, take their ic away, and all sorts of accusations that are unfounded” which clearly just want to raise the spectre of sentiments of hate and suspicious over one another.

    If we one to achieve unity and racial harmony, using BM is just one of the tool but not holistic enough. How do you achieve unity with your siblings? Is by staying under one roof and get to know each other more.

    If you need to achieve that, all that I am sharing is to have all schools compulsory to have multi-ethnic. But of course when the idea to have all schools/unis to have multi-ethnic came about, immediately people will jump over why should we give up malay rights and so forth. The question, then i want to ask, having more or similar MCKK, UiTM, which at the end of the day able to have everyone to study in these schools/unis, what rights have we taken from the Malays?

    I stand by my view and if the SSUS is not holistic, I won’t support and I will oppose till the end because I know it’s just another effort that will not bring unity but instead more negative sentiments than now. It will give the perception to others that everyone is “forced” to give up SJK but the initiator is not willing to give up their race elite school.

    About what padi and padu talked about the Malays have given so much but the non-Malays have not given in return. I don’t think this statement is correct. We can argue this point till we die but there won’t be any conclusion as each side is defensive over their contribution.

    Both sides have given but do we want to raise this giving to achieve a better nation?

    Keep on taking is not the solution.

    ODS: Thank you Jebat’s fren for your input. I’m glad that you still provide good suggestions and comments.

    Your point on “speaking BM in classes may not necessary means there is unity” is well noted. That is why SSUS proposes that the schools and the students to be intergrated into one, just like what you’ve said “Is by staying under one roof and get to know each other more. If you need to achieve that, all that I am sharing is to have all schools compulsory to have multi-ethnic.” SJKs are more in numbers than one MCKK.

    You see, when the SJKs uses other medium of communication, this is the first stumbling block for the students to intergrate. If all speak in one common language, the later part of national intergration will be much more easier. For example, let say this very blog, I use language that is “alien” to you. Even though you have good idea and have brilliant thoughts, we would not be able to communicate your idea well.

    Secondly, this is why I write in English, even though SSUS proposed Bahasa Malaysia to be main medium of communication, in order to get the idea across Malaysians, which some are not being able to speak, read and understand well in Bahasa Malaysia (and not to mention some are not interested with any ideas that come in Bahasa Malaysia).

    jebat’s fren,
    Since we have been in discussion for many times in various topics, I feel that you are a rationale person and have brilliant thoughts.

    Can I ask you, what makes you holding back on for not supporting SSUS based one school – MCKK? We have various elite schools other than MCKK – Victoria Institution, St John, Penang Free, the SBPs (like Sekolah Alam Shah, Sekolah Tun Fatimah, Kolej Tunku Kurshiah, Sekolah Tunku Abdul Rahman, Sekolah Dato Abdul Razak, Sekolah Menengah Sains Selangor etc) and even MRSMs already accepted non-bumis enroll in as students and be part of the school. Why must one school stops Malaysians to support SSUS for a greater good?

    Although you’ve voiced on UiTM, which is for me not in the Satu “Sekolah”, same goes the posted question. Why one matter stops us from a greater good when others (UKM, UPM, UUM, UM, UTM etc) have opened up to all Malaysians?

    SSUS is just one element in uniting Malaysians. There are more, which it will be sorted out through time. Like I said before, Great Wall of China ain’t complete within one night, right? There would be first step at any conquest, and hopefully SSUS could be one towards more united Malaysians. 🙂

  16. ODS wrote
    “SSUS is just one element in uniting Malaysians. There are more, which it will be sorted out through time. Like I said before, Great Wall of China ain’t complete within one night, right? There would be first step at any conquest, and hopefully SSUS could be one towards more united Malaysians. 🙂 ”

    a very good point mr.ODS

    ODS: Thank you and I do hope you’ve already sign the petition..and I do hope DN Community and dear readers will come accross the words use and understand why I support SSUS. 🙂

  17. As for Great Wall of China, yes, it wasn’t built over night but it was well planned to be built at a go.

    same here, the SSUS (Satu Institusi Untuk Semua SIUS) require a thorough blueprint and well planned holistic approach whilst it will still take years to see the result.

    I don’t see one day the emperor, say let’s build section A. then next few years let’s build section B but alamak A can’t join to B, let’s hack a bit of A and make a way of joining back to B.

    I see Great Wall of China came from a brilliant mind who could see through and through to have it in place.

    That’s the very same reason i hope SSUS is not planned without in-depth understanding and a short sighted vision. we don’t have many years to waste as it concerns:

    a. Unity and integration of race to promote racial harmony
    b. To raise the level of education. Our education is now in jamban and the students (some) are more knowledgeable and smarter than teachers.

    Perhaps, you might think i am cruel, if these teachers can’t buck up, just sack them. (sorry, digress a little bit)

    ODS: Dear jebat’s fren,

    I would say that your concern is noted (consider who am I? Just a petty blogger trying to get views and thoughts from people I can get!) and we do share the same view that if SSUS to be implemented, a more thorough view and studies should be in place. And as meant in my previous comments, I believe the DN Community who proposed this idea do not have as much resource to do proper studies and researches.

    That is why, from my point of view, it is the government to look into it as the proposal can be considered as complete yet not that thorough. At the very least the proposal has it purpose, studies based on their limited resources and recommendations (the last time I read). The plan is there, but not that deep or thorough based on limited resources.

    In my point of view, all the development, the attention, discussions took place surrounding SSUS shows that the proposal is still at planning stage or at drafting the blueprints. Otherwise, the proposal should have reached DPM already!

    I supposed, what we have discussed can provide some views for SSUS people or anyone that is close to the group who bring up this idea. I supported the initial idea and its cause. Although you mentioned you do not support it, I guess your views can contributed and considered by them.

    By the way, the proposal is focusing on Sekolah, not the whole education institution.

    Thank you for your comment and have a ncie weekend! 🙂

  18. Jebat’s fren,

    Sorry for the correction but the Great Wall was not planned to be built at one go. It was built by more than one Emperor, in more than one generation; in fact, there are even two walls, one the inner and another the outer.

    The point here is that what the promoters are proposing is merely that an in-depth study or review be made by the Government on the existing education system or systems. They gave out the reasons why the study should be made.

    I imagine that once the Government decides to make that study, they will select well qualified, experienced and independent people to form a Committee to do the study and review. Then this Committee will carry out the tasks of finding out the good and bad points, verify the claims made in the Memo submitted by the SSS promoters, determine what and where the weaknesses are from the point of view of bringing about national unity and the creation of a strong and united Bangsa Malaysia. Then, and only then, will they think out and recommend actions to rectify weaknesses and solve the problems that exist – plan the “blueprint” that you talk about.

    So, why object to it now? When the Study is not yet done, the Committee is not even formed? Don’t you see that it is aimed at bringing about national unity? That the SSS proposal should not be linked with politics and other issues.

    Of course it will take years to implement. Even the Study itself may take 1-2 years because it should be properly and thoroughly done, to be fair to all parties, so that, for example, we just don’t blame the teachers only, that other reasons like textbooks problem, etc, must also be studied.

    But, until an in-depth study is done, we can’t really determine the actual problems and think of how to solve them. The Committee of “experts” will be the ones who will finally determine the weaknesses. If we don’t have the study done, whatever weaknesses there are will continue to be there.

    Surely you are not saying don’t even do the Study? Don’t even try to find out what the actual weaknesses are and take action to remedy them?

    ODS: Thank you for your comment Maju. Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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