My Malaysia: The Return of Chin Peng???

We can’t help to see headlines in Malaysian mainstream and alternative medias discussing on the return on Chin Peng to Malaysia for the past few weeks. Basically, I can catogarized 5 groups of people in giving their response to this issue – politicians that opposed the return; politicians that agreed with the return; civilians that opposed the return; civilians that agreed the return and; retired and still in service armed forces along with their families who opposed the return. Of course there will be a group of Malaysians who do not know what to say and remained status quo.

Despite of all responses given, with all due respect, I have to say, the 4 earlier groups mentioned have their own “light” weightage, considering their rationale of arguments can be questioned. Why?

By some of the comments given in this world wide web, some regard politicians’ statement could be driven by political mileage, but I’m sure some are sincere.

As for civilians, especially the young ones, they do not know what has happened during the old days. And of course, considering with today’s technology, ideas and reasons brought up by civilians can be spread around, without real weightage of own experience gained during the struggle except the generations who experienced it first hand. Some also maybe driven by political influence.

These 4 groups may have their own arguments, which I consider each have their own side of story(ies) they believe in.

The last group of giving such response – retired and still in service armed forces along with their families who opposed the return.  For this, I consider they have more weightage in giving out their opinion as they have their side of story, along with Chin Peng’s side of story

After stuffing my mind on this issue, I have to say I am more interested in Chin Peng’s side of story, which I have few queries that I hope can be answered by those who agreed on the retun of Chin Peng.

(ODS Note: Before proceed, kindly take a deep breath, inhale, exhale, sit back and relax. Please read with rationality and logic intact. Thank you)

It is stated by summary made by that:

Chin Peng is also quite clearly a striking character with an extraordinary story of self-sacrifice to tell. He became the CPM’s leader at the ripe old age of 23. Between 4,000-5,000 CPM fighters lost their lives in the struggle against British imperialism, while some 200 members of the party were hanged by the British.”

However, how about the deaths of armed forces of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu’s army (who clearly are not British) and civilians, especially the villagers (who were clearly the innocent party in this rebel against the British)? Moreover, Malaysia gained independence on 31st August 1957, why must Chin Peng and PKM continue the war against Persekutuan Tanah Melayu?

The victims during the Emergency were the very local people of Malaya (except for the non locals, such as Henry Gurney as he is British. I can consider as the understood tagline was to remove British from Malaya). Why should they be part of killings by CPM? Due to these questions, I have no doubt on why the army along with their family opposed the return of Chin Peng.

I cannot help but to agree that there will be casualities during any war. However, the casualities should be limited to parties/sides directly involve in the war, not the civilians. That’s the reason why, any party/army/side who  killed civilians in any war are being despised and criticized.

If the war was to serve the purpose of removing the British (the very same reason why Japanese being fought too), why should the local people also being killed? Can someone give a rationale answer to justify the killings?

Secondly, in the review stated this:

Significantly, Chin Peng comments on the linking of the struggle of his party to events in China. He was to become a supporter of the Chinese in the later Sino-Soviet dispute – albeit in a restrained fashion – and participated in the Cultural Revolution, which he approaches in this book uncritically. In that sense, despite the honesty with which he deals with the process of the struggle, as well as the CPM’S and his mistakes, he nevertheless was ideologically imprisoned, and still is to some extent, in Stalinist perceptions, both politically and organisationally. Members of the CPM who travelled to China, either to seek refuge from British repression or in solidarity, were effectively restrained in China by the new Maoist regime.

By this statement, leads me to another question – was his fights really for Malaya, Persekutuan Tanah Melayu or China?

If he is, can somebody explain the Bukit Kepong’s incident? If he is, why should Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Hashim and Tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong being killed? If he is, why should villagers being killed and burnt?

Now, let us move on the most famous reason of all – he should be able to return as he is too old and for paying final filial respects to his late father.

I could agree that he is old, but the weigh of his doings during those years that caused thousands killed, especially people of Malaya and Malaysia should be another point of view to think about. If the reason that he should be given, how about the respect to those who have been killed during the Emergency, especially to those who died in service and innocent villagers? How about the respect and feelings of the family whose their family members died caused by CPM during the Emergency? Should we not consider the feelings of thousands of those who lose their family members during the Emergency just to satisfy one man’s feelings?

Moreover, eventhough he is above 80 years old, but the statement made:

I am still a socialist. I certainly still believe in the equitable distribution of wealth, though I see this could take eons to evolve… In the Malaysian context, I have definitely dropped the idea of the dictatorship of the proletariat as the central concept for an administrative blueprint.”

which shows that the idea is still young at mind and heart. He maybe too old, but the words uttered can caused the so called “even communist giants China and Russia have transformed towards economy-based struggles and the extreme communist terrorism practised in the 50s is non-existent now” can be re-lived.

Afterall, we love to say “like the old saying”, which technically speaking, perhaps, one might use this old man’s words as part of “like the old saying”. Yes? No?

ODS Question: I could not help to ask this last question… Chin Peng’s supporters tend to say that he is too old and the idea is no longer practised (but still exist)..but how come TDM’s age and his ideas be regarded as “irrelevant” become an issue? Both are old and already past their prime time. I wonder..which one is more dangerous and can cause casualities? Which one has caused death in large number?


p/s: Kindly note that I don’t really agree with KMU’s postings on this. This idea imposed dangerous challenge and in my opinion do not consider the feelings of families who lost their family members caused by the Communist. It is like playing with fire that the writer may not be able to handle.

Please also read Pemuda Umno JB’s piece to get some events of Communist doings. Are those incidents justify as act to free this country from British?


13 thoughts on “My Malaysia: The Return of Chin Peng???

  1. couldn’t agree more with you.

    ODS: What to do. These chumps feel that the old man’s feeling is more important than the feelings of thousands of family members who lost thier family members during the Emergency.

  2. An update from a comment I left for penakiri:

    Saudara tulis:
    “Kita mungkin tidak sanggup untuk memberi gelaran tokoh kemerdekaan kepada Chin Peng dan komunis, tetapi tidak terfikirkah kita adakah Malaysia semaju ini jika tidak ada perjanjian damai tersebut? Adakah boleh kerajaan menumpukan kepada usaha pembangunan, pendidikan dan menerokai teknologi tinggi jika askar kita saban hari terkorban, rel keretapi diletupkan, lebuhraya timur-barat tidak dapat disiapkan? Tentu sekali tidak. Dan yang peliknya kita tidak menghargai punca keamanan tersebut.”

    Menarik, tetapi kurang menarik jika mengambil kira jumlah nyawa yang terkorban dek Chin Peng dan PKM. Kalau yang cuba dimerdekakan adalah Malaya dan jika British yang ditentang, mengapa orang tempatan juga menjadi korban? Mengapa nyawa yang tidak berdosa juga turut dikorbankan? Boleh saudara jelaskan?

    Jika mereka tidak mengorbankan nyawa dan harta benda awam semata nak menghalau British, mungkin ya mereka juga boleh dianggap pejuang kemerdekaan.

    Akan tetapi, angkara mereka sudah menjadi satu catatan dalam lipatan sejarah Malaya/Persekutuan Tanah Melayu/Malaysia.

    Andai mereka hendak dianggap sebagai tokoh kemerdekaan, apa pula harga nyawa mereka yang terkorban dek angkara mereka?

    Dan saudara,
    Setahu saya, pahlawan-pahlawan tempatan yang digelar pemberontak oleh British seperti M Kilau, Dato Bahaman, Tok Janggut, Rentap dan Mat Salleh, mereka menentang British, tetapi tidak mengorbankan rakyat tempatan semata untuk menghalau British.

    Ada perbezaankan?

    ~ OnDaStreet

  3. bro

    i have no specific thoughts and full story (real story) about what chin peng has done. as far as i am concerned, i am neutral for chin peng whether he comes back to malaysia or not.

    didn’t the quran also teach about forgiving your enemy and their sins? and if therefore god can forgive the sins of a human, who are we to choose not to forgive him? if he has to subject to criminal war charges, so be it if he is willing to subject to it. and i think it was Gerakan who started the ball rolling and hope ppl would not put the blame on opposition that they are supporting communism and want chin peng to be back.

    if those commentators in jmd blog are shouting on top of their voice to threaten the pro-chin peng, i rather chin peng not to come back to malaysia, lest give opportunity to those jmd’s extremists to exploit the situation. and you should give your fair view in jmd’s blog to remind those extremist commentators to not behave like gangsters/mob ready to attack.

    i presume the retired armies view on chin peng is similar to how they the cambodians look at pol pot. i think better for chin peng to come back to malaysia to be executed according to our law. at least that helps to close the chapter. i personally feel the blogospheres are giving too much attention to chinpeng, perhaps a good time for UMNO to rally support from malays to oppose chinpeng, DAP, opposition and chinese. great move by UMNO.

    ODS: Bro, what Chin Peng had done can be obtained in history of Malaysia. The casualities caused by MCP led by Chin Peng were thousands, which includes lives of armed forces, their families and civilians.

    In Islam, yes, we are taught to be forgiving. However, it is up to the involved party(ies) to forgive or not as it depends on what type of case it is. In Chin Peng’s case, it involves huge events of killings, which I believe he needs forgiveness from ALL family members of victims killed by communist. And do remember my friend, there are non-muslims killed by communist led by Chin Peng. The obvious example is the late Tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong. Will his family forgive Chin Peng? Will other non-muslim family members forgive Chin Peng?

    I am in opinion that it is not the issue of executing Chin Peng, but more towards the aftermath of his return in Malaysia.

    Firstly, it would be hard to be accepted by the families who lost their family members due to killings made by communist led by Chin Peng. Secondly, his return will create tension among those who do not want him to return and those who wanted his return. This will caused socio uncertainty and will be not good for our day-to-day operations and business. And thirdly, as mentioned in my very article, about his ideology. Yes, in this tech era, his ideology can be spread even he is not in Malaysia, but it will have different impact if he is here. The mood will be different.

    By all these probabilities, it is best for him not to return back rather than having him on trial, judged and high possible of execution.

    Bro, I guess it is not quite right to say that the blogospheres are giving too much attention to Chin Peng. This request of his return is started by bunch of bloggers and writers glorifying Chin Peng as hero that led to our independance.

    And bro, I’m not agreeable to your last sentence. The one who strongly oppose the return of Chin Peng is the retired armed forces and involved personnels from the era of Chin Peng’s act.

    If UMNO is to act, they should act only to oppose the return of Chin Peng and those who supported his return. UMNO should not using this cause to rally against DAP, opposition and chinese as we must remember, there were non-chinese in the communist organisation led by Chin Peng, and not all opposition is pro-communist.

    Kindly differentiate the group(s) that involved.
    Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  4. well, then to solve all these arguments over one person, the Govt should not allow him to come back to Malaysia. btw, i am not a communism sympathizer nor supporter of communism.

    if what Chin Peng and gang has done are just too brutal (similar to taliban) to be accepted by the future generations, then why can we accept the japanese when many malaysians are also killed and tortured by japanese.

    unless we are looking at and individual instead of a collective group.

    but personally, do you want him to come back?

    another question, how come some ex-communists were allowed to come back to Malaysia? different treatment?

    ODS: Well bro, that is exactly what the government has done and still stand firm on it.

    In regards to your second para, there’s a difference you see. The Japs who attacked and rule Malaya during WWII was led by General Yamashita who has been sentenced to death somewhere after the WWII ended. In other words, the person responsible has been punished. So, my question to you, should we punish the innocent Japs, especially those who have no influence in the decision to attack and order to kill?

    In regards with do I want for him to return, I do not want him to return. Better be he live in exile as his return would create tension and possible chaos.

    On your last question posted, those communists who have returned are those who have honoured the agreement between Malaysian Government and MCP back then (in late 80’s), when Allahyarham Tunku was around. Chin Peng on the other hand, do not honor it the way he should. He may accept the agreement, but do not follow the conditions set to honor the agreement. Kindly read here where it is stated that:

    “Its deputy minister Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop said 442 ex-CPM members applied to return to Malaysia, but only 406 attended the interviews and fulfilled the conditions to be allowed to return.

    “Chin Peng or his real name, Ong Boon Hwa, had submitted his application a day before the application period closed, but he did not attend the interview fixed for October 31, 1992.

    “After that he never submitted a new application but instead used the court to determine the status of his citizenship. His action clearly showed that he failed to abide by the conditions stipulated in the peace agreement and did not obey the laws of the country as required,” he told a news conference here, today.”

    By way of conduct, even if Chin Peng fights under contract law, the possibility of losing the suite is high considering Chin Peng failed to abide to terms and conditions set in the agreement. Chin Peng was given more than a year to attend, as I was made to understood the timeline given was one year. Frankly, what can be told when someone who made late submission, given prolonged time and chance but do not honor it accordingly?

    And that makes the difference to the communists who honor the agreement and those who are not, my dear friend. 🙂

  5. agreed. Let him receive the due punishment. If he wants to come back, he should adhere to all the laws set for him.

    thanks for the info as i didn’t spend much time reading about this person Chin Peng. Just curious to find out more about him since everyone is talking about him.

    He is the Malaysia’s taliban. Hope he realised how much pain he has done to the Malaysians.


    that’s one of my hope…… in the event if UMNO and BN lost in the next GE, hope they won’t resort to using violence like the MCP to rob the rakyat’s mandate 🙂

    ODS: Not being biased, but so far Barisan has lost 5 states, and I have yet to see they use any violance or hearing them accusing pengundi hantu issue.

    As for Chin Peng, he is in our history lesson bro..either you perasan ke tidak.. hehehe

    Have a nice weekend. 🙂

  6. penjenayah perang..tetap penjenayah.

    ODS: Akan tetapi mereka kata Chin Peng dan komunis pejuang kemerdekaan..?

  7. I think if Lee Kuan Yew is given a free reign to govern Malaysia for just a single term, Malaysia will double its GDP, poverty will be cut by 50%, corruption will spiral down and our jail will be filled with Tun, Tan Sri and Datuk.

    Of course it is just a dream but what a nightmare Malaysians are now suffering!

    ODS: Dear vesewe/yuking/cool man (I’m confused here..are you sharing same IP, or are you the very same person?),

    Thank you for your thoughts.

    However, I am in opinion that it is unfair to say that a leader of another country can get the same success if given free reign to govern another country.

    With all due respect, without of doubt, LKY has done his best for Singapore, but that does not mean he will get the same exact result if he is to lead Malaysia. Same goes to any other leader in the world. Different country have different foundation, different issues, different matters to be dealt with.

    I wonder if you are really a Malaysian, as I do not sense you are. Being reason that no one at all be able to lead Malaysia by a Malaysian?Not even Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guang Eng, DS Anwar Ibrahim, Hj Hadi?

    Are you saying that we should seek foreign leader to lead your own country?

    If you are, might as well you ask Obama (considering he is the ‘hot” leader in world’s view) to lead Malaysia, Singapore and any third world countries.

    Anyway, thank you for voicing out your thoughts. 🙂

  8. If the mindsets of the malay bloggers here actually reflect the general people then I am afraid there is no hope. Simply hopeless. Nothing much is going to change to the good.

    In fact it will be towards the extreme. What can you expect? We are simply good in blaming others for our problems. In fact we are world class in doing that. With a mindset like that, by year 2020 we should be toward Zimbabwe or probably worst.

    Thank you ‘Tun Mamak’ for all this. Because of your need to be more melayu and to remain prime minister, your 22 years of ruling had made the people to have such attitude and mentality.

    Sorry folks, I am one of those who don’t believe Vision 2020 can be achieved, and not be a long shot.

    Umno first consideration is not achieving Vision 2020 as what they are trying to tell us, but their paramount and top priority is to ensure that their ketuanan and NEP policies are intact in whatever goals they conceive.

    This is where the stumbling block lies. Never mind if third grade graduates become lecturers or professors, so long their ketuanan and special rights policies are adhered to.

    Even in business or industries enterprise, the business people have to satisfy Umno demands that these corporations/industries satisfy the NEP and special rights rules first.

    So, is it that difficult to understand Vision 2020 has never been a top priority, but the ketuanan policies are, and these override all else, even if it means that Vision 2020 is not achieved.

    ‘First class mentality’ for Malaysians? When most of them are spoon-fed by the government and they behave like the baboons in the UPM cafeteria? Not in my lifetime! And I am still relatively young!

    First class mentality starts in school. What chance does the young have when they are exposed to under qualified teachers? And a failed education system?

    Whilst in Japan, I witness a scene where a homeless man, in filthy clothes and hair, rummaged through a few rubbish bins, spilling their contents onto the ground. When he finally found what he wanted, he actually put the rubbish back into the bins! I was shocked!

    Back here in Malaysia, the educated and privileged don’t even bother to look for bins to throw their rubbish in! What kind of mentality is this, compared to the homeless man? It is a sad, sad world we live in, man……….

    The NEP will be a huge stumbling block towards Vision 2020. When leaders of business and industry are not chosen on the basis of meritocracy but purely on the basis of being a malay, how la?

    And it is only getting worse and worse as it has become a ‘right’. Can’t see it changing anytime in the next 12 years.

    Malaysia leaders always lamented that ‘we have first class infrastructure but third class mentality’.

    What they should actually say is that ‘we have first class infrastructure but third class leader’ – that is more like it.

    They can’t even ensure that computer lab for schools do not collapse after few months completed. Need more examples? What are they able to do then? Don’t try to get the answer from this third class people.

    All I can say is thank God or Tunku Abdul Rahman for giving away Singapore to Chinese rule! He was right otherwise Singapore will be in deep shit like us now!

    As much as we don’t like Singapore that much – we must agree that the Chinese did a damn good job in running their tiny island!

    The mega dictator started many mega projects and most of these projects became mega failures. We are left with mega problems to solve.

    Man, may I ask – is dividing Malaysians into bumi and non-bumi not racist in itself? So it likes the pot calling the kettle black! Well whether you like it or not, we are living in a racist society now! Especially in Malaysia!

    And plus, in case you are still in the dark – in Malaysia we practise racial politics! MCA for the Chinese, MIC for the Indians and Umno for the malays! So what is wrong if we are racist in our opinions? Isn’t everyone racist to same extend? Some more and some less!

    ODS: I’m sorry that I happened to notice you share the same IP with yuking and vesewe…and considering “three of you” (as I do not kow by coincidence or not) delivering message Singapore is way better than Malaysia.

    However, I don’t have to say that you should leave Malaysia and live in Singapore, for I have no idea whether you are really Malaysian or Singaporean or any nationalities, as I take your argument as good and for the betterment. A frank voice of concerns, so to speak.

    After reading your comments over and over again, I have to say that you put the blame on Tun Dr Mahathir (I understood as Tun Mamak as Tun Mahathir according to your description) for what ever is bad to Malaysia, even for the simplest attitude and behaviour. He is the cause, as if Malaysians were angels before he became the Prime Minister and suddenly act badly since then. Simply amazing.

    Just to ask, my dear friend, since you are very fond of Singapore and Singaporean, are all Singaporean angels in disguise? If you put all the attitude of Malaysians due to Tun Dr Mahathir, what about the bad examples set by people during the reign of Lim Kuan Yew?

    Moreover my dear friend, there are other leaders in this nation that can provide good examples that Malaysians can see, other than TDM. If TDM is a bad example, can’t Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guang Eng, DS Anwar Ibrahim, Hj Hadi, Karpal Singh (for example) set good examples during 22 years of TDM’s premiership? In addition, these guys are still in power. Should they have some good examplry set to neutralize “bad acts caused by any bad leaders”?

    For all I know, there are various factors and elements that determine the shape of attitude and behaviour of someone- parents, family, leaders, peers, education, experience etc. So, to put all bad examplries to one being, I think it is unfair. Afterall, each one of us do have brains to use, to think what’s right or wrong. Right, mr cool man?

    My dear readers, what have been voiced by Mr cool man here is notable, and we as Malaysians who have brains should be able to act better than outlined by mr cool man here.

    And my dear readers, you’ve should have noticed on how Mr Cool man put his sentence: “All I can say is thank God or Tunku Abdul Rahman for giving away Singapore to Chinese rule! He was right otherwise Singapore will be in deep shit like us now!”

    Some may say this sentence sounds racist, but maybe not. Up to you to interprete it. For all I know, I do not state in a way that can inculcate hate or racist views when I write as I do not encourage racism.

    (special note: When I wrote “If UMNO is to act, they should act only to oppose the return of Chin Peng and those who supported his return. UMNO should not using this cause to rally against DAP, opposition and chinese as we must remember, there were non-chinese in the communist organisation led by Chin Peng, and not all opposition is pro-communist.”, I am putting my points that IF UMNO is to act on Chin Peng issue, it should be on the grounds of against incidents caused by communist, not specific to any race or other purpose.)

    On the second note though mr Cool man, you stated:

    “And plus, in case you are still in the dark – in Malaysia we practise racial politics! MCA for the Chinese, MIC for the Indians and Umno for the malays! So what is wrong if we are racist in our opinions? Isn’t everyone racist to same extend? Some more and some less!”

    UMNO, MCA, MIC are not the only political party. We have Parti Keadilan Rakyat, DAP, PAS, PPP, Makhal Sakhti, Gerakan, etc. The difference between these parties are their purpose and common goal. In which, their goals should be to create better Malaysia. How long have you live in Malaysia, my friend?

    Thank you Mr Cool Man for your thoughts. 🙂

  9. That is why malay is the most arrogant, corrupted, racist and terrorist race in the world. To the world population, malay is only a minority. And yet, still keep on talking about Islam, Muslim, Syariah law. Shame on you!

    ODS: Shame on me??? Wow..

    Firstly vesewe/yuking/cool man,
    I would to say that your comment sound racist enough and by stating that “malay are the most arrogant, corrupted, racist and terrorist race in the world”, in which I do not remember ALL malays friend of mine are acting like one.

    However, that’s your thought and what you see from your eyes, and I cannot say that you can’t as you have right to say that.

    But needless to say, that when we state our views, should we be more responsible, more thoughtful and supported by valid arguments, not accusations.

    Secondly vesewe/yuking/cool man,
    Islam, Muslim, Syariah law are different ball game. It is about religion and beliefs. In which, are you saying that the muslim malays cannot discuss and talk about our own religion?

    I do not know your beliefs and religion, but if I may ask, do your religion forbid other religion to discuss and talk about their own religion? And which school of thought says that?

    Please indulge us. 🙂

  10. Chin Peng, Chin Peng, Chin Peng….

    tak abis2 cerita pasal dia ni. Biar la dia nak balik, dah tua pun dia, lahir kat sini, dah tentu nak mati gak kat sini kalau boleh….. Camni lah, ada beberapa soklan yang berbuku kat hati aku ni selama ini, kut2 korang boleh jawab, terutama yang betul2 perkauman melayu (walaupun nanti kat kubur, malaikat Izrail tak tanya pun korang ni bangsa apa):
    1) Pengasas PKM ni antaranya adalah Abdullah C.D., Shamsiah Fakih, Abdul Rashid Maidin, Musa Ahmad dan termasuk jugak Chin Peng ni…… Eh, kenapa yang lain boleh balik, tidak Chin Peng?
    2) Satu2nya komunis yang duduk dalam hutan kat dunia ni adalah komunis Malaya…. Kenapa yek?? Mana lak diaorg dapat senjata? sapa beri?
    3) Bukan ke ISA tu di tubuhkan oleh penjajah British dulu utk tangkap tanpa bicara budak2 komunis ni, dan di teruskan sampai sekarang? Sapa lak dikerah masa zaman penjajah British dulu utk memburu komunis kalau bukan pencacai2 askar British yang kebanyakkannya Melayu(kononnya, mati sebab mempertahankan kedaulatan negara, sebenarnya jadi pencacai penjajah)? (Patut la diaorg masuk utan, takut kena tahan ISA).
    4) Eh, zaman penjajah Jepun dulu lagi ganas apa, abis tok nenek kita kena pancong, ada yang kena siksa dibawa ke Burma tuk buat jalan keretapi maut lagi. Eh, boleh pulak kita sanjung sampai nak jadikan diaorg contoh. eh, tak paham aku la, malu pun ada! Dasar pandang ke timur konon…….
    5) Ni, penjajah British, ramai gak org kita yang mati. Abis tanah2 kita diaorg ambik. tu, Guthrie, Sime Darby dan segala bijih2, abis diaorg kaut. Ok je korang. Tak paham tul la…. apa ni!
    6) Ginilah, bukan ke masa zaman penjajah British dulu dah ditubuhkan ISA, mamat2 komunis ni terpaksalah menyelamatkan diri dari ditangkap, so msk la dalam utan…… bila dah Merdeka, kerajaan masa tu (apa lagi kalau bukan umphno) meneruskanlah dasar ISA (setelah berjanji dengan British). So terpaksa la diaorg kekal kat utan tu…. Dah kalau askar2 masa tu sibuk nak buru gak kat utan, terpaksala diaorg mempertahankan diri. Tu yang ramai mati tu. Cuba dulu korang cari jalan perdamaian ngan puak2 tu, aku rasa ok je. Soklannya, kalau ngan British laknat tu korang boleh buat perjanjian damai dan pas tu merdeka (walaupun kena ikut cara pentadbiran diaorg), kenapa dengan puak2 tu tak leh lak korang runding cara baik…… apa kes ni….. Dah korang buru dia, diaorg pulak terpaksa pertahan diri, korang mati pun nak salahkan diaorg jugak…. Eh, cuba korang tengok cita Bukit Kepung tu betul2…. komunis tu tak serang pun org kampung, diaorg serang polis2 je yang masa tu masih lagi pencacai penjajah….. yang mati pun polis je, bini2 diaorg tak kena usik pun. Lepas polis dah kalah, diaorg blah. Tak sorang pun org kampung mati, apatah lagi bini2 ngan anak2 diaorg. Ok apa, tak jahat mcm Jepun tu. Ni yang emotional sangat ni kenapa?
    7) Aritu cakap tak bagi Chin Peng balik takut nanti komunis punye idea berkembang kat Malaysia ni…. the next day boleh lak gi negara China yang dah tentu negara komunis… apa cerita ni? Eh bro, tak kuasa la budak2 sekarang ni nak ikut idea komunis…….
    8) Eh, setau aku budak2 komunis tu lepas perdamaian dulu yang tak boleh balik termasuk Chin Peng tu kena duduk kat perkampungan komunis kat Thailand tu, tak lak idea dia org berkembang kat sana… yang kita takut sangat ni apahal…. heran2…..

    So, sama2 la kita pikir.

    aku yang buta warna (kulit)

    ODS: Terima kasih Halim di atas komen saudara.

    1) Yang lain boleh balik sebab menepati syarat-syarat untuk mereka dibolehkan balik. Cuba baca balik kenyataan yang diberikan kerajaan Malaysia – daripada 442, 406 yang menepati syarat. Adakah Chin Peng seorang sahaja yang tergolong dalam yang tidak menepati syarat?

    2) Anda pastikah komunis Malaya sahaja yang duduk didalam hutan? Dan saudara pastikah mereka ini suka-suka duduk di hutan? Untuk saya, mungkin ada strateginya. Sama juga mana-mana strategi ketenteraan yang menggunakan pergerakan bawah tanah. Mereka memang suka-suka duduk bawah tanah kah? Oh ya, bukankah Viet-Kong bertempur secara gerila didalam hutan menentang tentera USA? Suka-suka duduk dalam hutan ye?

    3) Saya ingin bertanya, apakah saudara melabel Askar Melayu DiRaja pencacai British? Tahniah! Anda telah memperendahkan martabat Rejimen Askar Melayu DiRaja.

    ISA ada asasnya dan perlunya dalam memastikan keselamatan negara. Apakah anda suka kalau dah jadi baru nak menggelabah? Saya pasti, dengan nama saudara, anda adlah melayu, yang punya kata-kata peribahasa yang dalam maksudnya. Pernah dengar “Dah Terhantuk, baru nak terngadah”? Saudara suka dah terhantuk dulu baru nak mengadah?

    Akan tetapi, tak dinafikan, ISA tidak patut disalah gunakan.

    4) Saudara, Jeneral Yamashita yang memimpin tentera Jepun ketika zaman penaklukan Jepun di Tanah Melayu telahpun dihukum bunuh. Sebagai seorang muslim (yang mana saya percaya saudara juga seorang muslim), apakah adil untuk menghukum orang yang tidak bersalah?

    5) Cuba saudara semak balik Guthrie dan Sime Darby sekarang dimiliki oleh siapa? Britishkah?

    Memang, hasil bumi tanah melayu telah banyak diambil oleh bukan bumiputera, tetapi, itu dahulu. Apakah saudara mahu menuntut sebagaimana tuntutan HINDRAF? Apakah saudara mahu menuntut ganti rugi daripada Portugal, Belanda, Inggeris, Jepun dan mana-mana penjajah yang telah menjajah tanah melayu? Silakan bentang hujah-hujah saudara untuk menuntut ganti rugi tersebut.

    6) Saudara, Peristiwa Bukit Kepong turut mengorbankan ahli keluarga anggota polis Bukit Kepong. Cuba baca balik senarai yang terkorban. Kenapa perlu yang bukan anggota terkorban? Apa rasionalnya?

    Yang seterusnya, Rundingan Baling bukankah ke arah perdamaian?

    7) Saudara, adakah anda pasti tiada yang nak mengikut ideologi komunis? Saudara boleh jamin? Kalau ya, kenapa perlu ada usaha Chin Peng dibawa pulang? Boleh saudara jelaskan?

    8) Sekali lagi, apakah saudara boleh jamin? Untuk saya, tidak..kerana biarpun usianya tua, ideologinya masih “muda”.

    Atas perbezaan apa yang ada dalam pengetahuan kitalah yang membezakan keputusan dibuat. Anggota keselamatan bertindak berdasarkan “intelligence” yang mereka ada. Apakah “inteligence” saudara melebihi kekuatan “intelligence” Angkatan Tentera Malaysia?

    Saudara..secara keseluruhannya, saya dapati anggapan saudara anggota keselamatan yang berkhidmat pada waktu itu adalah pencacai British. Baik sungguh budi bahasa saudara.

    Tidakkah saudara fikir, dalam tempoh sebelum British kembali ke Malaya pada masa itu, apakah perlu komunis mengganas? Bukankah ruang waktu itu sepatutnya digunakan untuk meraih kepercayaan penduduk Malaya?

    Akhir sekali, komunis adalah ideologi..tiada kaitan dengan warna (kulit). Kenapa saudara menulis sebegitu rupa? Apakah saudara cuba membangkitkan isu perkauman dengan melabelkan “komunis = cina”? Jangan begitu. Tidak adil bagi kaum cina yang tidak turut sama dengan ideologi komunisme..dan lebih-lebih lagi ada bukan cina yang menyertai komunis.

    Cuba kita fikir-fikirkan… 🙂

  11. Oh ya saudara Halim..tentang Jepun dan “dasar pandang ke Timur”…

    Jika saudara rasa perlu orang Jepun dihukum dan kemajuan yang mereka capai tidak perlu dicontohi, saya cadangkan saudara jangan gunakan produk Jepun, terutama alat-alat elektronik dan juga kenderaan yang dihasilkan oleh Jepun.

    Jangan contohi kemajuan mereka dan jangan sekali-kali gunakan kemajuan yang dicapai oleh mereka untuk memajukan Malaysia..

    Dan, mengambil atas sebab yang sama (atas sebab mereka penjajah dan telah berlaku kejam ke atas penduduk Malaya dan Tanah Melayu), saya cadangkan agar saudara JANGAN mengikuti apa jua yang dilakukan oleh Portugis, Belanda, dan British. Paling mudah, JANGAN mengikut perkembangan Liga Inggeris, baik pasukan Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal mahupun Hull City kerana mereka adalah bekas penjajah kita dan pernah berlaku kejam ke atas penduduk Malaya dan Tanah Melayu (daripada apa yang saya fahami daripada hujah saudara).

    Sekian, selamat “membalas dendam” untuk kekejaman mereka (walaupun bukan mereka yang masih hidup itu sendiri yang melakukan kekejaman tersebut). 🙂

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