PPSMI Saga: Uncountable Episodes

According to Berita Harian today, suggestions from round table discussion got to be revised as Cabinet is still unsatisfied with the findings. I just hope that the decision can be made thoroughly as some will get more and more impatient.

Here are some of the suggestions made by the round table:

  • Meneruskan PPSMI seperti sedia ada;
  • Menggunakan bahasa Melayu atau bahasa ibunda pada peringkat sekolah rendah tetapi meneruskan PPSMI di sekolah menengah;
  • Memulakan PPSMI dari Tahun Empat hingga sekolah menengah;
  • Menggunakan bahasa Melayu atau bahasa ibunda di sekolah rendah dan digunakan sepenuhnya di sekolah menengah;
  • Penggunaan bahasa pengantar untuk Sains dan Matematik ditentukan oleh sekolah;
  • Penggunaan bahasa Melayu atau bahasa ibunda pada Tahun Satu hingga Tiga, diikuti dwibahasa pada Tahun Empat hingga Enam; dan
  • Penggunaan bahasa Inggeris sepenuhnya di sekolah menengah atau memansuhkan mata pelajaran Sains pada Tahun Satu hingga Tiga tetapi mengajar Sains dalam subjek lain.

    By looking at the suggestions, I would say that the round table and research done by them still insist on implementing PPSMI as it will provide a better platform in when the students reach higher level education. The difference is, the initial approaches suggested are slightly different, whereby the basic understanding of science and math is being made by national language and mother toungue before getting the students for the next level.

    Whatever it is, I just hope the decision made will not jeopardise young Malaysians future in whatever they do that relates to science and maths in a long run. When the decision is reached, I keep my fingers crossed that there will be no more street demos on PPSMI. Since when street demos have been our culture, I do not know.

    p/s: I found this blog supporting PPSMI … interesting indeed when the url itself solely for PPSMI. Haha!

    Words on the street: “Plus, minus, substract, divide, multiply, campur, tolak, darab, bahagi, kurang, tambah” are the words learn in maths. To do it on paper, we can..but to “tolak ansur”..is it really carried out in our life?


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